57 Geo. S. c. 36,

names, capacities, and descriptions of all persons embarked or intended to be embarked on board such vessel, and all arms on board or intended to be put on board the same; nor shall any such vessel be admitted to entry at the said island or port, until the master of such vessel shall in the like manner have made out and exhibited to the principal officer of customs, or other person thereunto duly authorized, upon oath, a true and perfect list, in form to be settled as aforesaid, specifying the names, capacities, and descriptions of all persons on board, or who shall have been on board such vessel, from the time of the sailing thereof to the time of arrival, and of all arms on board or which shall during that time have been on board such vessel, and the several times and places at which such of the said persons as may have died or left the said vessel, shall have so died or left such vessel, or such of the said arms as may have been disposed

of, have been so disposed of. Transmission Rule 29. Such governors or lieutenant governors shall cause every of lists, $ 7. such list, which shall be so received at the said island or port, to be

transmitted with all reasonable dispatch to the court of directors of Former acts. the said company; and all such vessels trading under the authority of

this act shall, on their arrival at any place under the government of the said company in India, be subject to all the regulations precribed by the said acts (a) of 53 Geo. 3.; and all trade with all places upon the continent of Asia, from the river Indus to the town of Malacca inclusive, or any island under the government of the said company lying to the north of the equator, or the said company's factory at Bencoolen and its dependencies, shall remain subject to all such regulations, as shall from time to time be in force in relation to trade, at any such places under the authority of any of the governments of

the said company at their several presidencies in India. Discharge of Rule 30. 'It shall be lawful for the said company, and for any

other of His Majesty's subjects, to trade (in ships navigated accordGibraltar,

ing, to law, and proceeding upon any voyage between any places $ 8. within the limits of the said company's charter and the United King

dom) to and at the said island of Malta and port of Gibraltar, and for

that purpose to discharge the whole or any part of the cargo of any Other places, such vessel at such island or port, and in the prosecution of such cir

cuitous voyage to take on board any other goods, which can be legally carried from such places within the limits aforesaid, to such island or port; and in like manner to trade in any such vessel, in any voyage

from the United Kingdom to any places within the limits aforesaid, to Kingdom. and at the said island of Malta and port of Gibraltar: that all such

vessels shall be subject to all the regulations to which vessels carrying on trade circuitously, between the United Kingdom and the limits of the said company's charter, are by the said acts of 53 and 54 Geo. 3.

made liable. Goods re- Rule 31. All goods so imported into the island of Malta or its deexported to pendencies, or into the port of Gibraltar, from any places within the United Kingdom,

limits of the said company's charter, may be re-exported from the 19. said island of Malta or its dependencies, or the port of Gibraltar, to

the United Kingdom, and imported at any of the ports where such goods may lawfully be imported, in like manner, and subject to all such regulations, as if such goods were imported directly from the

cargots at Malta and



(a) So in the act, but query, should not 54 Geo. 3. have been also mentioned.

C. 86.

place of their growth, production, or manufacture; and in vessels of 57 Geo. S. such tonnage as is prescribed by 53 Geo. 3. c. 155. (a) or as may be prescribed by any act hereafter to be passed, for vessels carrying on trade between the United Kingdom and the places within the limits of the East India Company's charter.

Rule 32. For the purposes of this act and for all other purposes Earope, $ 10. whatever, the island of Malta and its dependencies shall be deemed to be in Europe.

Rule 33. Nothing in this or in any other act shall extend to Goods Into prevent the introduction (under the provisions of this act) into the Malta, $ 11. island of Malta and its dependencies, or into the port of Gibraltar, of any articles being of the growth, produce, or manufacture of any of the countries between which and the said island and port, trade is allowed to be carried on by this act, which may now or may hereafter be imported into the United Kingdom.

Rule 34. It shall not be lawful for any vessel engaged in any voyage Lascars or under the authority of this act, from any place in the East Indies to Aslatic the said island of Malta or port of Gibraltar, and not destined to any

sailors, 5 12. port in the United Kingdom, to take or have on board any Lascars or other Asiatic seamen: provided, that it shall be lawful for any

of the governments of the East India Company in India, or for any governor or lieutenant governor of any colony, territory, or island belonging to His Majesty within the limits of the said charter, on application made by the owner or commander of any vessel, and after having ascertained by due inquiry that a sufficient number of British seamen cannot be procured for the crew of any vessel sailing from India within ten days from such application, to certify the same, and license such vessel to sail with such proportion of Lascars or Asiatic seamen as may be specified in such certificate and licence; and the governor-general in council at Fort William is hereby authorized and required to make regulations, that all such Asiatic sailors, Lascars, or natives aforesaid, shall be duly supplied with provisions and clothing, and other necessary accommodation, while employed and while absent from the countries or places to which they respectively belong, and until they shall be carried back to India or any other country or place to which they respectively belong, and from whence they were respectively brought, and for the conveyance back of such Asiatic sailors, Lascars, and natives, within a reasonable time, to be specified in such bond, or ascertained by such regulations.

Rule 35. No vessel so licensed to take on board Lascars or Asiatic Bond as to seamen shall be permitted to clear out from any place within the Asiatic limits of the said company's charter, unless and until the owner or

sailors, $ 13. captain or master of such ship shall have first given security by bond, in manner directed by 54 Geo. 3. (a) and subject to all the provisions of that act, for the maintenance and conveyance back to India, or for the conveyance to England and maintenance while in England, and return to India, of such Lascars or Asiatic seamen which may be received on board of such ship.

(a) See TITLE 87.


Treaty between Great Britain and Sardinia, signed at Vienna, the 20th May, 1815.

His Majesty the King of Sardinia, &c. being restored to the full and entire possession of his continental estates, in the same manner as he possessed them on the 1st of January, 1792, and to the whole of them, with the exception of the part of Savoy ceded to France by the treaty of Paris of the 30th May, 1814 ; (a) certain changes have since been agreed upon, during the congress of Vienna, relative to the extent and limits of the said states.

[Here follow particulars not affecting the object of this book.]
Done at Vienna, the 20th May, 1815. THE PRINCE DE METTERNICH,

The Count Rossi.

Slave trade.

Extract of a Decree issued from the Royal Council of Admiralty at Genoa, by order of

His Majesty the King of Sardinia,
It is also hereby ordered, that none of our subjects, of whatever class or condition
soever, shall, directly or indirectly, take any part in the Slave Trade, under penalty
of heavy punishment, and forfeiture of all protection from our government. It is also
further ordered, that any vessel bearing our flag, which shall enter into the above
abominable traffic, shall be subject to capture if met by any of our ships of war, and
to immediate seizure and confiscation on entering any port in our dominions. In fur-
therance of the above order, we have issued our commands to our consuls resident in
foreign countries.
London, July 6, 1818.

J. B. HEATI, Sardinian Consul General.



8th March, 1713,

Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between His Britannic Majesty and the King of the

Two Sicilies, together with a separate and additional article thereunto annered,

signed at London, September 20, 1816. Privileges

ARTICLE 1. His Britannic Majesty consents that all the privileges and exemptions abolished. which his subjects, their commerce and shipping, have enjoyed, and do enjoy, in the

dominions, ports, and domains of His Sicilian Majesty, in virtue of the treaty of peace and commerce concluded at Madrid the of May, 1667, between Great Britain and Spain ; of the treaties of commerce between the same powers, signed at Utrecht, the 9th of December, 1713, and at Madrid the 13th of December, 1715; and of the Convention concluded at Utrecht the 25th February, 1712, between Great Britain and the Kingdom of Sicily, shall be abolished ; and it is agreed upon in consequence, between their said Britannic and Sicilian Majesties, their heirs and successors, that the said privileges and exemptions, whether of persons or of flag and shipping, are and shall

continue for ever abolished. Future

2. His Sicilian Majesty engages not to continue, nor hereafter to grant to the subprivileges. jects of any other power whatever, the privileges and exemptions abolished by the

present convention. Examination 3. His Sicilian Majesty promises that the subjects of His Britannic Majesty shall

not be subjected within his dominions to a more rigorous system of examination and scarch by the officers of customs, than that to which the subjects of His said Sicilian

Majesty are liable. Commercial 4. His Majesty the King of the Two Sicilies promises that British commerce in footing.

general, and the British subjects who carry it on, shall be treated throughout his dominions upon the same footing as the most favoured nations, not only with respect to the persons and property of the said British subjects, but also with regard to every species of article in which they may traffic, and the taxes or other charges payable on the said articles, or on the shipping in which the importation shall be made.

5. With respect to the personal privileges to be enjoyed by the subjects of His privileges.

Britannic Majesty in the kingdom of the Two Sicilies, flis Sicilian Majesty promises that they shall have a free and undoubted right to travel, and to reside in the terri

(a) See TITLE 69.

and search,


tories and dominions of His said Majesty, subject to the same precautions of police, which are practised towards the most favoured nations. They shall be entitled to occupy dwellings and warehouses, and to dispose of their personal property of every kind and description, by sale, gift, exchange, or will, and in any other way whatever, without the smallest loss or hindrance being given them on that head. They shall not be obliged to pay, under any pretence whatever, other taxes or rates than those which are paid, or that hereafter may be paid, by the most favoured nations in the dominions of His said Sicilian Majesty. They shall be exempt from all military service, whether by land or sea; their dwellings, warehouses, and every thing belonging or appertaining thereto for objects of commerce or residence shall be respected. They shall not be subjected to any vexatious scarch or visits. No arbitrary examination or inspection of their books, papers, or accounts, shall be made under the pretence of the supreme authority of the state, but these shall alone be executed by the legal sentence of the competent tribunals. His Sicilian Majesty engages on all these occasions to guarantee to the subjects of His Britannic Majesty who shall reside in his states and dominions, the preservation of their property and personal security, in the same manner as those are guaranteed to his subjects, and to all foreigners belonging to the most favoured and most highly privileged nations.

6. According to the tenor of the Articles 1 and 2 of this treaty, His Sicilian Ma- When privijesty engages not to declare null and void the privileges and exemptions which leges to be actually exist in favour of British commerce within his dominions, till the same day, void. and except by the same act, by which the privileges and exemptions, whatsoever they are, of all other nations, shall be declared null and void within the same.

7. His Sicilian Majesty promises, from the date when the general abolition of the Reduction of privileges according to the Articles 1, 2, and 6, shall take place—to make a reduction duty. of ten per cent. upon the amount of the duties, payable according to the tariff in force the 1st of January, 1816, upon the total of the merchandize or productions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, her colonies, possessions, and dependencies, imported into the States of His said Sicilian Majesty, according to the tenor of Article 4 of the present Convention—it being understood that nothing in this article shall be construed to prevent the King of the Two Sicilies from granting, if he shall think proper, the same reduction of duty to other foreign nations. 8. The subjects of the Ionian Islands shall

, in consequence of their being actually Ionian isles. under the inimediate protection of His Britannic Majesty, enjoy all the advantages which are granted to the commerce and to the subjects of Great Britain by the present treaty—it being well understood that, to prevent all abuses, and to prove its identity, every Ionian vesset shall be furnished with a patent, signed by the Lord High Commissioner or his representative.

9. The present convention shall be ratified, and the ratifications thereof exchanged Ratification. in London, within the space of six months, or sooner if possible. In witness whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed it, and thereunto affixed the seal of their Done at London, the 26th of September, 1816. CASTLER EAGH.



Separate and Additional Article. In order to avoid all doubt respecting the reduction upon the duties in favour of Reduction of British commerce, which His Sicilian Majesty has promised in the 7th Article of the duty. Convention, signed this day between His Britannic Majesty and His Sicilian Majesty, it is declared, by this present separate and additional article, that by the concession of ten per cent. of diminution, it is understood, that in case the amount of the duty should be twenty per cent upon the value of the merchandize, the effect of the reduction of ten per cent. is to reduce the duty from twenty to eighteen; and so for other cases in proportion. And that for the articles which are not taxed ad valorem in the tariff, the reduction of the duty shall be proportionate ; that is to say, a deduction of a tenth part upon the amount of the sum payable shall be granted.

The present separate and additional article shall bave the same force and validity as if it had been inserted word for word in the convention of this day-it shall be ratified, and the ratification thereof shall be exchanged at the same time.

In witness whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have there-
unto affixed the seal of their arms.
Done at London, the 26th of September, 1816.


Extract from a Royal Decree dated 30th March, 1815. Article 1. The diminution of 10 per cent. upon the amount of the duties on the merchandize and produce of the kingdoms of England, France, and Spain, and of their respective possessions, which shall be admitted into our dominions on the other side of the Faro, shall be provisionally carried into effect according to the tariff now in force in that part of our dominions, in such manner, that upon the sum total to be paid upon the quantity of the merchandize described, there shall be allowed to the importer the diminution of 10 per cent.

2. But after the publication of the new regulations, and the new tariff to be established in Sicily, in uniformity with those in force in this part of our dominions, the above-mentioned diminution of 10 per cent. in both parts of our dominions, shall be made on the amount of the duties payable according to the taritf which was in force in this part of our dominions on the 1st January, 1816. But for the present it will be necessary to comply with what has been fixed by the preceding article.

3. Our councillor, secretary of state, minister for the finances, and the ministry assisting near the person of our lieutenant general in our dominions on the other side of the Faro, are charged with the execution of the present decree.




British protection.



Treaty between Great Britain and Russia, respecting the Ionian Islands, signed at

Paris, the 5th November, 1815.
Independent Article 1. The islands of Corfu, Cephalonia, Zante, Maura, Ithaca, Cerigo, and

Paxo, with their depeudencies, such as they are described in the treaty between His
Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias aud the Ottoman Porte, of the 21st March,
1800, shall form a single, free, and independent state, under the denomination of the
United States of the Ionian Islands.

2. This state shall be placed under the immediate and exclusive protection of His Majesty the king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, his heirs and

The other contracting powers do consequently renounce every right or particular pretension which they might have formed in respect to them, and formally guarantee all the dispositions of the present treaty.

3. The United States of the Ionian Islands shall, with the approbation of the proorganization. tecting power, regulate their internal organization; and in order to give to all the

parts of this organization the necessary consistency and action, His Britannic Majesty will employ a particular solicitude with regard to the legislation and the general administration of those States. His Majesty will therefore appoint a lord high commissioner to reside there, invested with all the necessary power and authorities for this

purpose. New consti- 4. In order to carry into execution, without delay, the stipulations mentioned in the

articles preceding, and to ground the political re-organization which is actually in force, the lord high commissioner of the protecting power shall regulate the forms of convocation of a legislative assembly, of which he shall direct the proceedings, in order to draw up a new constitutional charter for the States, which His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland shall be requested to ratify.

Until such constitutional charter shall have been so drawn up, and duly ratified, the existing constitutions shall remain in force in the different islands, and no alteration

shall be made in them, except by His Britannic Majesty in council. Occupation of 5. In order to ensure, without restriction, to the inhabitants of the United States of fortresses. the Ionian Islands, the advantages resulting from the high protection under which these

States are placed, as well as for the exercise of the rights inherent in the said protec

tion, His Britannic Majesty shall have the right to occupy the fortresses and places Military of those States, and to maintain garrrisons in the same. The military force of the said

United States shall also be under the orders of the commander-in-chief of the troops of

His Britannic Majesty. Maintenance 6. His Britannic Majesty consents, that a particular convention with the government of fortresses, of the said United States shall regulate, according to the revenues of these states, Garrisons, &c. every thing which may relate to the maintenance of the fortresses already existing, as

well as to the subsistence and payment of the British garrisons, and to the number of men of which they shall be composed in time of peace.

The same convention shall likewise fix the relations which are to exist between the said armed force and the Ionian government.

tutional charter.


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