706 SPENSER'S Poetical Works, comprising the Faerie | 721 STRICKLAND'S (Agnes) Original LETTERS of MARY

Queene, Shepherd's Calendar, and Miscellanies, with Me. ' QUEEN of Scots, illustrative of her Personal History, now moir by Masterman, Notes, Glossary, &c. 5 vols. post 8vo. first published from the Originals, with an Introduction and

cloth, new, (the large edition), £1. 128. Pickering, 1825 Notes by Miss Strickland ; new edition, with important Ad. 707 SPIRIT of the British Essayists, comprising all the most

ditions, portrait and facsimiles of Autographs and the War. valuable Papers of Addison, Steele, Johnson, Goldsmith,

rant for Execution, 2 vols. post 8vo. new cloth, 68 (pub. at £1. 18)

1845 &c. in the Spectator, Tatler, Rambler, &c. 4 vols. sm. 8vo.

“The best collection of authentic memorials relative to the Queen of calf, neatly gilt, 78


Scots that has ever app ared."- Morning (hronicle. "Undonbtedly the 708 SPORTSMAN'S CABINET, or a correct Delineation of most valuable, and by iar the most interesting work illustrative of the the various Dogs used in the Sports of the Field, 28 very life and character of Mary Stuart ever given to the world."--Edinb. Eren.

Post. "A work deeply interesting in every personal respect and of high beautiful and highly finished line engravings, by Scott,

historical value."--Lit. Gazette. after ReinagLE, 2 vols. royal 4to. in 1, russia, marbled 722 STRUTT'S (J.) Sports and Pastimes of the People of leaves, fine copy, £l. 123


England, from the earliest times, with 40 FINELY COLOURED 709 SPOTISWODE'S (Abp.) History of the Church and

PLATES, containing upwards of 200 representations of an. State of Scotland, from the year 203, fine portraits of Spotis- |

cient popular diversions, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions, wood by Hollar, and of Charles I. by Faithorne, folio,

&c. 4to. elegantly bound in red morocco gilt, gilt leaves, call, 12s 6d

beauliful copy, £2. 18s

Bensley, 1810 710 STANFIELD'S (CLARKSON) Coast SCENERY, 40 highly | 723 STURM'S Reflections on the Works of God and of his

finished and beautiful engravings by Finden, Cooke, &c. Providence, fine fronts. by Stothard, &:c. 3 vols. 12mo. calf, comprising Vieu's in the British Channel, and on the Coasts neatly oilt, 78 6d

. : 1794 of England, France, &c. from Drawings by Stanfield, with 724 SUE (Eugène) Le Juif Errant, ILLUSTRATED EDITION, Descriptions, roy. 4to. new hf. morocco, 168 (pub. at with many hundred spirited engravings by Louis Huard, £2. 108) 1836 &c. 3 vols. imp. 8vo. sewed, 188

1846 A beantifol work, well worthy a place beside the celebrated Coast | 725 SUE (Eugene) Le Juif Errant, 18 vols.-Les Mystères SCENERY by TURNER.

de Paris, 10 vols. ; together 28 vols. 12mo, neatly and uni711 STANLEY'S History of Philosophy, containing the formly bound in 11, hf. calf, 188

1844-5 Lives, Opinions, Actions, and Discourses of the Philosophers 726 SWAMMERDAM'S Book of Nature, or the History of of every Sect, numerous portraits by Faithorne, folio, Insects, with Life by Boerhave, translated with Notes by calf gilt, fine copy, 188

Flloyd and Hill, 53 plates, exhibiting many hundred figures, 712 STATII OPERA, cum Notis et Interpr. in usum Delphini, folio, calf gilt, fine copy, £1. 88

1758 Var. Lect., Notis Variorum et Indice, 4 vols. royal 8vo. Best Edition, ibe Notes from Reaumur and other naturalists are of

much value. LARGE PAPER, bds. £1. 18 (pub. at £8. 88) VALPY, 1824

727 SWIFT'S (Dean) Works, with Historical and Critical 713 STATE TRIALS, a Complete Collection of, and Pro. ceedings for High Treason, from the Reign of Richard II.

Notes by Sheridan, revised by J. Nichols, fine portrait, with Alphabetical Tables, 6 large vols. folio, calf gilt, fine

24 vols. 12mo. hf. calf neat, £2. 28

1803 copy, £1. 158


728 SWINBURNE'S Travels through Spain in 1775 and 714 STATUTES AT Large, from Magna Charta to 41

1776, with numerous engravings of ancient Roman and · Moorish Architecture, 4to. calf, 48 6d

1779 George II, with copious Index, and an Appendix of Obsolete

| 729 SWITZER'S (S.) Introduction to a General System of and curious Acts by Ruffhead and Runnington, 14 vols.

Hydrostatics and Hydraulics, Philosophical and Practical, 4to. calf, £3. 33


with 60 interesting plates, comprising a profusion of beau. 715 STEBBING'S (Rev. H.) Lives of the Italian Poets, in

tiful designs for fountains, grottoes, g'c. 2 vols. in cluding Dante, Petrarch, Tasso, Boccaccio, &c. illustrated

1, 4to. calf gill, fine copy, 123

1829 with medallic cuts, 3 vols. post 8vo. calf gilt, 158 1832

| 730 TACITUS' Works, translated, with an Essay on his Life 716 STEEL'S Shipmaster's Assistant, a Digest of all Laws and Genius, Notes, Supplements, &c. by A. Murphy, maps, and Regulations relating to Shipping, Insurance, &c. edited 8 vols. royal 8vo, hf. russia, uncut, 188,

1811 by Willmore and Clements, front. thick 8vo. cloth, 128 731 TAMERLANE'S (the great Mogul legislator) Institutes, (pub. at £1.88)

Political and Military, translated from the Persian by Major 717 STEPHEN'S New Commentaries on the Laws of Eng. Davy and Dr. White, with the Persian version on the oppo.

land, partly founded on Blackstone, edited by J. Stephen, site page, front, 4to. calf extra gilt, marbled leaves, 10s 6d 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 12s 6d 1848

Oxford, 1783 718 STERNBERG'S (T.) Dialect and Folk-lore of North- / 732 TASSO'S Jerusalem Delivered, translated into English

amptonshire, with Illustrations of Shakespeare's Fairy My-/ Spenserian Verse, by J. H, Wiffen, with Memoir of the thology, post 8vo. cloth, 58

1852 Poet, fine portrait and vignettes, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. 158 1826 Comprising a Glossary of Northamptonshire Provincialisms, shewing | 733 TATTERSALL'S Sporting Architecture, with numerous their derivation from the Anglo-Saxon, Danish, &c, with a collection of

and Fairy legends, Popular Superstitions, Ancient Costoms, Proverbs, &c. illustrating in remarkable manner tbe native Mytbology of Shake peare.

spirited vignettes, 4to, cloth, 78

1841 719 STERNE'S (L.) Works, complete ; Tristram

| 734 TAYLOR'S (Bp. Jeremy) Practical Works, comprising Shandy,

the Sermons, Rules of Holy Living and Dying, Liberty of Sentimental Journey, Sermons, Letters, &c. with Life, por.

Prophesying, &c. with Memoir, 2 vols. imp. 8vo. cloth, 168 trait and engravings after Hogarth, 10 vols. sm. 8vo. calf, 168


735 TAYLOR'S (Jeremy) Great Exemplar of Sanctity and 720 STOTHARD'S (Mrs.) Tour through Normandy, Bri

Holy Life, described in the History of the Life and Death of tanny, &c. in 1818, with Remarks on the Manners and Cha.

Jesus Christ, fine portraits of the Evangelists and engravings racter of the People, numerous plates after drawings by

by Faithorne and Lombart, folio, calf neat, 148 Stothard, 4to. cloth, 108 6d 1820

1667 820 | 736 TAYLOR'S (W. Cooke) Memoirs of the House of Or. 720*STRUTT'S (J. G.) Sylva Britannica, or Portraits of Forest Trees distinguished for their Antiquity, Majesty, or

leans, including Sketches and Anecdotes of the most dis.

tinguished Characters in France during the XVIIth and "Reauty, 50 fine plates, on INDIA PAPER, LARGE PAPER, ; 8vo. cloth, 18s (pub, at £3. 38)

XVIIIth Centuries, portraits, 3 vols. Svo. uero cloth, £1. 18 1830


and S


IL - No A.


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737 THELYPHTHORA; a Treatise on Female Ruin, in its 754 TURKISH Spy.-Letters written by a Turkish Spy, who

Causes, Effects, Consequences, Prevention, and Remedy, lived Five and Forty years undiscovered in Paris, 8 vols.

3 vols. 8vo. CALF GILT, FINE COPY, SCARCE, 10s 6d 1781 12mo. calf, 88 738 THEOPHRASTUS, Gr. recensuit J. Wilkes, printed This work is extolled by Disraeli. The author (J. P. Marana) by in fine large type by Nichols, fine portrait inserted, sm.

this ingenijus contrivance, gave the History of the last age. Sto. hf. morocco. 38 6d

Privately printed, 1790 755 TURNER'S (Sharon) History of the Anglo Saxons, from 739 THOMSON'S Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs, the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest, 3 vols. 8vo. with Symphonies and Accompaniments for the Piano Forte, l bds. £1. 128

1823 &c. by Pleyel, Kozeluch, and Haydn, 5 vols. folio, in 3, 736 Tyndall, Frith anð Barnes, (English Rebound, £2. 28

Edin., 1799-1818 formers,) Workes, with their Lives and Martyrdoms, 3 vols. In this excellent work appeared for the first time upwards of One folio, in one, calf, (wants title to Tyndall, and otherwise Hundred Sung by BURNS; besides many others by celebrated writers. 740 THOMSON'S Select Collection of Original Welsh Airs,

slightly imperfect) £1. 58 Imprinted by John Daye, 1572

| 757 UNDERWOOD'S (Dr.) Treatise on the Disorders of united to characteristic English Poetry, never before published,

Childhood and Management of Infants, 2 vols. 12mo, hf. with Symphonies and Accompaniments, chiefly by HAYDN, folio, bound, 108

calf, neat, 38


7758 USSHER'S (Archbp.) Whole Works, and Life of the 741 THOMSON'S (Jas.) Poetical Works, with his last Cor

Author, and Account of his Writings by Professor Elrington, rections and Improvements, with Life by Dr. Murdoch, fine

fine portrait, 13 vols. 8vo. cloth, f6. 68 portrait and numerous beautiful plates by Slothard, Burney,

1759 VAILLANT (J.) Nummi Antiqui Familiarum Romana&c. LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, nice copy, 148

rum, perpetuis interpretationibus illustrati, 152 plates exhibit.

1802 742 THOMSON'S (Dr.) ANNALS of PhiloSOPHY; a com

ing many hundred coins, fine original impressions, 2 vols.

Amst. 1703 plete Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics,

760 VALERIANI (P.) HIEROGLYPHICA, sive de Sacris Natural History, Architecture, and the Arts, numerous en.

Ægyptiorum aliorumque gentium gravings, 28 vols. £2.28 (pub. at £21.) 1813, &c.

Literis Commentarii ; A register of the doings of the scientific World for fourteen in

acces. Hori Apollinis lib. 11. Gr. et Lat. Emblemata portant years, comprising an immense mass of valuable information upon Medica, &c. numerous singular woodcuts, thick folio, hf. all the Arts and Sciences, with original biographical sketches of eminent calf, red leaves, 128

1626 Naturalists, Chemiste, &c. 743 THORNHILL'S (R.) Shooting Directory, with fine

761 VALENTIA'S (Lord) Voyages and Travels to India,

Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, 60 fine plates original coloured plates, and portrait by Medland, 4to, calf,

by Landseer, Storer, Greig, &c. 3 vols. 4to. calf, fine copy, neatly gilt, 10s 6d

1804 744 TIM BOBBIN'S Miscellaneous Works in the Lancashire

£1.118 6d (pub, at £9. 98)


These interesting Travels in the East were chiefly written by Mr. Dialect, in Prose and Verse, with Glossary, portrait and en. Salt, Secretary to Lord Valentia, whom be accompanied. gravings, sm. 8vo. hf. calf, neatly gilt, 58

1803 | 762 VALERIUS Flaccus, cum notis Variorum et Burmanni,

1803 | 745 TIRABOSCHI, Storia della Letteratura Italiana, complete

front. 4to. cf. gilt, 68

Leidæ, 1724 in 11 vols. 8vo. hf. calf neat, £2. 28 Firenze, 1805-12

| 765 VATTEL'S Law of Nations, greatly enlarged and im“In one country of Europe, and only in one, we find a national

proved by J. Cutty, Barrister, Best Edition of this imhistory so comprehensive as to leave uncommemorated no part of its literary labour--ibis is the work of Tiraboschi."- Hallam.

portant work, roy. 8vo. calf, fine copy, scarce, 168 1834 746 TODD'S (H. J.) Illustrations of the Lives and Writings

766 VAUGHAN'S(Dr.) John de Wycliffe, a Monograph, of Gower and Chaucer, portrait and plates, 8vo. hf. cals,

with some Account of the Wycliffe MSS. in Oxford, Camneatly gilt, 58 6d


bridge, the British Museum, Lambeth Palace, and Trinity 747 TOPLADY'S (Rev. Aug.) Complete Works, portrait,

College, Dublin, with port. and woodcuts, thick square 8vo. 6 vols. 8vo.calf gilt, morocco backs, fine copy, £1. 108 1794

new cloth, antique style, red leaves, 158 Seeleys, 1853 748 TOULMIN'S (G.) History of the Town of Taunton,

767 VAUGHAN'S Memorials of the Stuart Dynasty, incluSomerset, engravings and map, 4to. hf. calf gilt, 48 6d

ding the Constitutional and Ecclesiastical History of England, Taunton, 1791 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, marbled leaves, 88 6d

1831 749 TRACTS and Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, collected

| 768 VEGA (LOPE de) COLLECTION de las OBRAS sualtas assi en and bound in 2 vols. folio, hf. calf, 158

1696, &c.

Prosa, como en Verso, fine portrait, 21 vols. sm. 4to. italian Comprising-Dryden's Ode on the Death of Purcell, with the Music,

vellum, fine copy, scarce, £3. 38 1606-Tryal of Spencer, Cooper, and others for Murder, 1699 – Thomson's 769 VELLY (Abbé) Histoire de France depuis l'Etablisse. Winter, a poem, Original Édition, 1726_-The Lord Knows What by ment de la Monarchie jusqu'au règne de Louis XIV. 14 vols. the Loril Knows Who-God's Revenge against Punning, 1718- Ursa Major and Minor, an inpartial enquiry respecting Popery and Arbitrary

12mo. calf, neatly gilt, 128

1761 Power, 1681- Vindication of the Rights of the Commons, &c. &c.

770 VENN'S (Rev. J.) Life and Selection from the Letters of 750 TRANSACTIONS of the Society for the Encouragement

the Rev, Henry Venn, author of “ The Complete Duty of of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, from the Commence

Man," &c. thick 8vo, bds. 58

1835 ment in 1783 to 1844 inclusive, many hundred engravings, '

771 VÉNUTI et AMADUTII VETERA MONUMENTA, quæ in 55 vols. 8vo. bds. £5. 58


Hortis Cælimontanis et in Ædibus Matthæiorum adser751 TREW (Dr.) Hortus nitidissimis omnem per Annum

vantur, Adnotationibus illustrata, 270 fine engravings of superbiens Floribus sive Amonissimorum Florum Imagines,

Statues, Busts, Bas-Reliefs, Altars, Sarcophagi, Urns, &c. LATIN AND GERMAN, 179 large and finely coloured plates

| 3 vols. folio, vellum,, fine copy, Ł2. 28 Rome, 1776-9 of flowers, &*c. 3 vols. imp. folio, in 2, russia, fine copy,

| 772 VERTOT (l'Abbé) Histoire des Chevaliers de Malte, £l. 48 (priced formerly at £2. 128 6d) Nurnberg, 1763-72

Best EDITION, fine paper, 7 vols. 8vo. calf, neatly gilt, 158 752 TRIALS for High Treason, as taken in Short Hand by

Paris, Didot, 1819 Gurney, 6 vols. 8vo. bds. 108 6d


773 VIEWS IN GREAT BRITAIN.—Watts' Seats of the No. Comprising the trials of Thistlewood, Ings, Brunt, Tidd, Davidson, bility and Gentry, with Descriptions. 34 beautiful engravings Brandreth, Turner, Ludlam, Weightman, Watson, &c.

from Drawings by Hearne, Sandby, &c. fine original im753 TRISSINO (G. G.) Opere, non piu raccolte, fine paper, pressions, oblong 4to. hf. morocco, uncut, 108 6d 1779

portrait, 2 vols. royal 4to, in 'one, calf gilt, 128 Verona, 1729 774 VIRGIL, in Latin and English Prose on the same page. Trissino is considered the Father of Italian blank verse; in the above with the Ordo and English Notee from the host Common


Colburn's New Monthly Magazine and

Bargains in Sir Walter Scott's Works. HUMOURIST, complete from the commencement in 1821 to April 1845, numerous engravings, forming 72 vols.

Waverley Novels, the SPLENDID ABBOTSroyal 8vo. new in cloth, only £7. 158 (pub. at 60 guineas)

FORD EDITION, embellished with 120 beautiful engravings 1821-1845

on steel, and 2000 fine woodcuts, 12 vols. royal 8vo. This popular work includes some of the best Novels, Tales, Sketches. handsomely bound in cloth gilt, £7.78 (pub. at £16. 168) and Poems, written by Captain Marryat, Counters of Blessington, Mrs. - the same edition, handsomely bound in half morocco, Trollope, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Hon. Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Hemaps, Miss Landon, Eliza Cook, Theodore Hook, Leigh Hunt, J. Poole, R. P. Ward, Lady gilt leaves, £8. 188 Morgan, Lord and Lady Nugent, Douglas Jerrold, c.

Waverley Novels, 48 vols. fcap. 8vo. the Foreign Quarterly Review, a Journal of

Author's favourite edition, with his last Notes, &c. large the best Foreign Literature, from its commencement in

type, with 96 engravings, bound in cloth, ONLY £5. 108 1827 to 1847, 37 vols. 8vo. new in parts, £4. 108 (pub. at £12.)-the same edition, 48 vols. bound in half Another copy, new half calf gilt, £7. 108 (pub. at £22.)

morucco, marbled leaves, very neat, £7. 158

1827-46 The above is a journal of the bighest reputation, and contains nume

Waverley Novels, complete in 25 vols fcap. rons articles by Mr. T. Carlyle, and other authors of first-rate ability.

8vo. with 25 vignettes, bound in cloth, ONLY L2. 188 United Service Journal, by the most emi

(pub, at £5.)-the same edition, 25 vols, bound in half nent Naval, Military, and Civil Writers, complete from

morocco, marbled leaves, very neat, £4, 48 the Commencement in 1829 to 1845, 46 vols. 8vo. new in Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, cloth, £8. 10$ (pub. at £36.)


with 24 illustrations by Turner, 12 vols. foolscap 8vo. “ This truly national periodical is always full of the most valuable

the Author's favourite edition, with his last Notes, &c. matter for proiessional men. It abounds with excellent articles, the personal memoirs of distinguished officers of both Services, results of bound in cloth, £l. 88 (pub. at £3.)-the same edition, valuable military and naval experience, fragments of intetestiny travels, bound in half morocco, marbled leaves, very neat, £2. 28 and light tales of adventure, all of which are well blended, and form a most harmonious ensemble." - Morning Herald.

Miscellaneous Prose Works of Sir Penny Cyclopædia of the Society for the

WALTER Scott, 28 vols. fcap 8vo, with 56 Illustrations, Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, the articles contributed bound in cloth, £3. 10$ (pub. at £7.78)—the same edition, by the most eminent Authors, complete with the Supple. bound in half morocco, marbled leaves, very neat, £4. 108 ment, 29 vols. folio, in 16, containing 14,000 pages, and many hundred woodcuts, bound in cloth, only £7. 78

Life of Sir Walter Scott, by Lockhart, (pub. at £11. 58 )- Another copy, bound in half calf,

10 vols. fcap. 8vo. with 20 Illustrations, bound in cloth, very neat, £8. 188 6d

£1. 58 (pub. at £2. 108)—the same edition, bound in hf. A work of the greatest authority and ralue.

morocco, marbled leaves, very neat, £l. 128

BOOKS WANTED, For which a fair price will be given. Reports sent by Private Gentlemen or Booksellers will be thankfully received. Murchison's Silurian System, 2 rols. 4to.

Transactions of Royal Society of Literature (1st Series), Vol. 2, Knight's Life of Colet, uncut

| Part 2, and Vol. 3. Schonborneri (G.) Politicorum libri septem.

History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, Vols. 1 and 2, Genevan Bible, 1568 or 1570, printed by Crispin.

Nos. 1 to 11. Tom Raw, the Griffin.

South African Quarterly Journal, Cape Town, (any Vols. or Britton's Gloucester Cathedral, large paper.

Nos.) - Bristol Cathedral, large paper.

London Labour and London Poor, Parts 5 to 10, 13, and 15 Hogg's Jacobite Relics, 2nd Series.

to end. Catalogi Librorum Manuscriptorum Angliæ et Hiberniæ in Journal of Royal Agricultural Society, Vol. 1, Part 1.

unum collecti. Oxon. 1697, folio. With book plate or Transactions of the Geological Society, second series, Vol. 1,

otber marks indicating it to have belonged to a College. Part 2, Vol. 4, Part 1. British Poets, Chalmers' edition, 21 vols.

Strickland's Queens of England. 12 vols. post 8vo. Vol. 5. Canning's Speeches, 6 vols. 8vo.

Ariosto, Opere, 12 vols. 32mo. Firenze, Ciardotti, 1825. Chitty on Bills, 9th edition, 1840.

Vol. 4. Goldsmith's Works by Prior, 4 vols. 8vo.

Ansted's Geology, Vol. 2. Lysops's Devonshire, 2 vols. 4to. Large Paper.

Baker's Northamptonshire, Vol. 2.
Wilkinson's (Sir G.) Modern Egypt and Thebes, 2 vols. 8vo. Buckland's Bridgewater Treatise, Vol. 2.

Burnet's Own Times. Oxford, 1823. Vols. 1 and 2.
Odd Volumes-Periodicals, &c.

Geological Society's Transactions. First Series. Vol. 5, part 2.
Thelyphthora, or a Treatise on Female Ruin. Dodsley, 1781. Hassall's British Freshwater Algæ, Vol. 1.
Vol. 2.

Inchbald's British Theatre, 25 vols. Vol. 24. Hasted's Kent, Vol. 10, 8vo.

Loudon's (Mrs.) Flower Garden : Ornamental Perennials, Shakspere, by Knight, the Library edition, 12 vols. 8vo. Vol. 2. Vol. 2, 4to. Hall's Ireland, Vol. 1.

Macklin's Bible, folio, No. 2, 48, and after, Corolly's Journey to the N. of India, 1838, Vol. 1.

Pope's Works, by Warton, Vol. 9, 8vo. 1797, in boards. Madras Journal of Literature and Science, first nine vols. Prose Writers, published by Sharpe, 21 vols. Vol. 11. Burke's Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 3. Rapin's England, by Tindal, 8vo. Vols. 16, 18, 20, 1744.

Printed by GEORGE NONMAN, 29, Maiden Lane, in the Parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, in the City of Westminster,

in the County of Middlesex, Printer; and published May 25, 1853, by the Proprietor, George Willis, of No. 42, Charing Cross, in the Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, in the City of Westminster, Publisher, at No. 1, James Street, in

Parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden in the City of Westminster.

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Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Durand et Legrand, Recueil et Parallele

Britain and IRELAND, GENEALOGICAL and HERALDIC des Edifices Remarquables, anciens et modernes, 110 DictioNARY of the, for 1853, comprising Particulars of

large plates, exhibiting upwards of 1000 examples of upwards of 100,000 Individuals, 3 large vols. royal 8vo.

Buildings, Details, Ornaments, &c. accompanied by an (including Supplement, Addenda, &c. and a complete Explanatory Volume in 8vo. sewed, £4. 48 (pub, at Index), new cloth, £1. 188

£10. 108)

Bruz. 1839-42 "The Peerage' and the Landed Gentry' are two works of public This celebrated work exhibits representations, on a uniform scale, of utility, -constantly to be referred to by all classes of inquirers, and every celebrated edifice ancient and modern, including the Temples of rarely opened without being found to supply the inforination sought, and Balbec and Palmyra ; Mosques, Pagodas, and Gothic Churches; Bazaars, not unfrequently matters of moment meriting remembrance."

Town Halls, Porticues and Exchanges; Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Turkish. AD

Persian. Romi: Tombs : Triumpbal Arches, Bridges and Aqueducts,

etc., Harbours, Towers, Fountains, Arsenals, Prisons, Hospitals, Baths, Burke's Royal Families of England, Scot

Theatres, Castles, Palaces, &c. land, and Wales, with their Descendants, as well Subjects Shakspeare's Plays and Poems, Valpy's as Sovereigns, 2 large vols. imperial 8vo. new cloth, £1. 18 Cabinet Pictorial Edition, with Life, Glossarial Notes, (pub. at £2. 28)

• 1851

Historical Digests, &c. illustrated by 171 outline engracJust Published

ings after pictures by great English Painters, 15 vols. Burke's Peerage and Baronetage of

fcap. 8vo. bound in cloth elegant, £l. 188 (pub. at

£3. 158) - Another copy, hf. morocco gilt, £3. 38 1843 · the United Kingdom. New edition for 1853. Entirely

A very excellent edition, unitorm with the popular editions of Scou, rewritten and considerably enlarged. One very large and Byron, Moore, &c. thick volume, royal 8vo. cloth, £'l. 168


Bewick's Select Fables, with a Memoir and Gruner's Specimens of Ornamental Art. Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick,

selected from the best Models of the Classical Epochs with several portraits of Bewick, and upwards of 350 (RAPHAEL, &c.) 80 very large plates, most of which are engravings on wood, original impressions, 8vo. cloth most SPLENDIDLY EXECUTED IN GOLD AND COLOURS, lettered, 10s (pub. at 158)— The same, IMPERIAL 8vo. atlas folio, new hf. morocco, with a 4to. vol. of Descrip cloth, 158 tions, £8. 88 (pub. at £12. 128 )

Blake's Illustrated Edition of Blair's Grave, Published with Government assistance, 1850

with 12 fine engravings by this remarkable Artist, A MORE MAGNIFICENT VCLUMB than the above has never been produced in any country. It is difficult to conceive the gorgeous yet har

original impressions, atlas 4to. cloth, kl. 18 (pub, at monious effect of the colours, which could only have been produced by £5. 58) the Lithochromotographic process. The plates are of a very large size, “Full of feeling and delicacy, and looked on with wonder and respect and present some of the most tasteful specimens of Decorative Art of by the world." every description by the greatest Masters, including RAPHAEL, GIULIO ROMANO, PRIMATICCIO, HOLBEIN, GIOTTO, &c.

Davy's (Sir Humph.) Collected Works, Don's General System of Gardening edited with Life, by his brother, Dr. John Davy, portrait AND BOTANY, containing a Complete Enumeration and

and plates, 9 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 12. 28 (pub. at Description of all Plants hitherto known ; with their

£4. 148 6d)


Contains his Agricultural Chemistry-Lectures on Geology, ElecGeneric and Specific Characters, mode of Culture, Uses

sestricity, &c.-Salmonia, or Days of Fly-Fishing, plates-Consolation in in Medicine and Domestic Economy, &c. numervis wood. Travel, &c. &c. cuts, 4 vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 48 (pub, at £14. 88) 1831-38

Grant's (Mrs. of Laggan) Letters from The above excellent work is offered quite a bargain.

- THE MOUNTAINS; being the Correspondence with her Lyell's (Sir C.) Principles of Geology,

Friends between the years 1773 and 1803, Sixth Edition, or the Modern Changes of the Earth and its inhabitants

edited, with Notes and Additions by her Son, J. P. Grant, considered as illustrative of Geology, Eighth and entirely

irely I.. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 98 (pub. at £1. 18) Lond. 1845 revised edition, with maps, plates, and woodcuts, thick |

The engaging volatility of youth, apparent in the early part of the 8vo. cloth, 168

Murray, 1850 | correspondence, and the goud sense of more ripened years are here equally

pleasing. The sentiments of the author when occupying the varions rlaLyell's (Sir C.) Manual of Elementary

tive situations of a daughter, wife, mother, and pro'e ,ée, are truly praiseGEOLOGY, or the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its worthy ; wbile the display of a warm and lively imagination, correct and Inhabitants, as illustrated by Geological Monuments,

aniinated language, and strokes of real genius, with which the letters

abound, present still further title to our approbation."- MONTHLY fourth and entirely revised edition, with 520 cuts, 8vo.

REVIEW. cloth, 128_Or, calf gilt, 158

ib. 1852

Grant. Memoir and Correspondence “ Although," says tbe author, " the subjects of both treatises relate tu Geology, as their titles imply, their scope is very different; the Priu

of Mrs. Grant, of Laggan, from 1803 to 1838, Second ciples' containing a view of the modern ebanges of the earth and its Edition, edited by her Son, J. P. Grant, portrait, 3 vols. inhabitants, while the Manual' relates to the monuments of ancient post 8vo. cloth, 108 6d (pub. at £1. 118 6d) Lond. 1845 changes."

" Apart from their literary merit, Mrs. Grant's Letters have a value Irving's (Washington) Complete Works, of no inconsiderable kind in the piely and devout fortitude they inculnow first coilected, 10 thick vols. post 8vo. with frontis.

cate by example."--EXAMINER.

“ Mrs. Crant's Letters are the calm, healthy effusions of a mind replete wieces, new cloth, £1. 148—Another copy, 10 vols. neib with good sense, tinctured by puetie sentiment, and of a soul entirely dehf. calf gilt, £2. 58

1851 voted to the consolatiors and hopes of Christian life. They abound in Containing Salmagundi, Knickerbocker, Sketch Book, Life of Gold anecdotes of many celebrated persons, well tuld, novel, and full of smith, Bracebridge Hall, Newstead and Abbotsford, Tales of a Traveller, interest." Tales of the Alhambra, Cunqnest of Granada, Conquest of Spain, Life of

Turner's (J, M. W.) Southern Coast of (Columbus and Companions of Columbus, Astoria, Tour ou the Prairies, Life of Mahomet and his Successors, Conquest of Florida, the Adventures ENGLAND, or an Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour by of Capt. Bonneville.

Land and Sea, round the Southern Coast of England, Dickens's (C.) Works, comprising Pickwick, illustrated by 84 beautiful and highly tinished engravings

Nickleby, Chuzzlewit, Barnabý Rudge, Old Curiosity after Drawings by TURNER, COLLINS, DEWINT, PROUT, Shop, Sketches by Boz, Oliver Twist, Christmas Carol, &c. by Cooke, Finden, $c. a large handsome vol. 4to. Chimes, Cricket on the Hearth, Battle of Life, Haunted new half morocco, £2. 28

The “Suthern Coast” has always ranked as TURNER's Fanto en

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