in elegant new bindings. Ages of Female Beauty, edited by F. Mon Gallery of Byron Beauties, 39 high

tagu, 10 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PORTRAITS illustrating finished and beautiful Portraits of the Heroines of Lor the Seven Ages of Woman, with Select Verse and Prose, Byron's Poems, by Finden, Cooke, &c. from Drawings ! by Barry Cornwall, Hon. Mrs. Norton, &c. 4to. new cloth the most eminent Artists, roy. 8vo, morocco gilt, new, 11 gilt, gilt leaves, 108

(pub. at £1. Ils 6d) Bible Portraits.-Our Saviour, with Prophets

Gallery of the Graces; or, Beautie and Apostles, 18 very beautiful and highly finished Por.

of British Poets ; 36 beautiful Female Portraits by Lang traits, with Descriptive Letterpress by American Divines

seer, Boxall, F. Stone, &c. illustrating Tennyson, Cam imp. 8vo. new morocco extra, gilt leaves, 188

bell, Rogers, Landon, &c. with Poetical Selections, roy: New York, 1851

8vo. morocco gilt, new, 188 (pub, at £1. 118 6d) 185

Gallery.-Heath's Waverley Gallery Book of Beauty, or Court Album for

36 highly finished and beautiful Portraits of the princip 1850.-Fourteen highly finished and beautiful Portraits Female Characters in the Writings of Scott, royal 8vi of the Female Aristocracy, by the best Artists from Ori. splendidly bound in morocco, gilt leaves, new, 188 (puł ginal Drawings by Hayter, with Descriptive Letterpress, at £1. 118 6d)

18: 4to, new cloth extra, gilt sides and leaves, 128 1850

BOGARTH'S TABLEAUX, a Series Book of Beauty, or Court Album for Graphic Scenes, illustrative of National Character, Beaut 1851.- Fourteen highly finished and beautiful Portraits

and Costume, edited by Mrs. Alaric A. Watts, 51 fi of the Female Aristocracy in the same style as the

steel engravings, 2 vols, imperial 4to. cloth, £2. 2s (pu above, from Original Drawings by Hayter, with De at £4. 48) scriptions, 4to, new cloth extra, gilt sides and leaves, 128

Keepsake for 1850, edited by the Counte

of Blessington, with 12 highly Anished Portraits and Ei Book of Beauty, or Court Album for gravings by eminent Artists, under the superintendeni

1852.-Twelve highly finished Portraits of the Female of Mr. Heath, royal 8vo. cloth, elegantly gilt, 10s Aristocracy in the same beautiful style as the above, from

(pub. at £1. 18)

183 Drawings by Hayter, with Descriptions, 4to. new cloth extra, gilt sides and leaves, 128 63


Keepsake for 1851, edited by Miss Powei

12 beautifully executed Portraits and Engravings by tł English Pearls, or Portraits for the

first Artists, royal 8vo. cloth, elegantly gilt, 108 6d pul at £1. 18)

18: Boudoir, 10 very beautifully engraved Portraits from Drawings by Hayter, with Original Poetical Illustrations, Keepsake for 1852, edited by Miss Powel sm. folio, new cloth, gilt leaves, 128

1853 12 beautifully executed Portraits and Engravings by t]

first Artists under the superintendence of Mr. Heat Finden's Beauties of Byron, 39 highly

royal 8vo. cloth, elegantly gilt, 108 6d

18: finished Engravings of the Heroines of Lord Byron's

These beautiful works comprise original contributions in prose ai Poems, by and under the superintendence of W. and E. verse by the most popular writers of the day. They are quite new, an Finden, 4to. morocco gilt, gilt leaves, new, 18s (1850) as elegant as when first published.

These beautiful plates are from Original Paintings by M'Clise, F. Landscapes by Turner, Callcott, Con Stone, Chalon, Meadows, &c. with poetical selections to each.

STABLE, &c. 20 beautiful Engravings of the most Chi

racteristic Works of English Landscape Painters, by] Finden's Portraits of the female Marvy, with Descriptive Notices by W. M. Thackera

Aristocracy of the Court of Queen Victoria, 100 very royal 4to. new cloth gilt, gilt leares, 188 (pub. : beautiful and highly finished Engravings after Drawings £1. Ils 6d)

185 by HAYTER, CHALON, GRANT, Sir W. Newton, A beautiful and interesting volame, comprising choice specimens THORBURN, BOSTOCK, and other eminent Artists, with Callcotl, J. M. W. Turner, Harding, Na myth, Cooke, De Wint, Co a Memoir of each, 2 vols. imp. 4to. new half morocco, |

stable, Gainsborough, Stanfield, &c. £3.38 (pub. at £6. 68)

1849 The Authors of England, a splendid seri An elegant aod highly interesting work.

of 14 large Medallion Portraits of modern Literar

Characters, engraved in the relief style by A. Colla Finden's Tableaux, edited by Mrs. S. C. Hall, each surrounded by an ornamental border, with Biogr: 13 highly finished and most beautiful Engravings illus

phical Notices by H. F. CHORLEY, royal 4to. new clot. trative of National Character, Beauty and Costume, with

gilt leaves, 78 6d (pub. at £l. 18)

Tilt, 183 descriptive Letterpress, folio, morocco, gilt leaves and

This beautiful volume comprises portraits of the following author

Mrs. Hemans, Scott, Byron, Southey, Lady Blessington, Colerid sides, new, 148 – The same, with colouRED PLATES, mo

Bulurer Lytton, Lady Moryan, Shelley, Moore, Lamb, Al 188 Mit for rocco clegant, £l. 18

1837 | Campbell and Wordsworth.






Partly selected from the Botanical Register and British Flower Garden ;
After the Nomenclature of Dr. Lindley's “ Folia Orchidacea;' and
Directions for thrir Cultivation.


An Edition with the Plates Uncoloured may also be had, price 2s each part.
Part I. The Genus STANHOPEA, with 5 Coloured Plates, price 3s. 6d.

BOOKS WANTED, For which a fair price will be given. Reports sent by Private Gentlemen or Booksellers will be thankfully received. Ray Society's PUBLICATIONS:

| Swift's Gulliver's Travels, 18mo. Bathurst, 1765. Meyen's Geography of Plants.

Edinburgh Review, No. 114. Burmeister's Organization of Trilobites.

Rose's Biographical Dictionary, Vol. 8 to 12, inclusive. Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ, by Agassiz, Vol. 1. Southey's Peninsular War, Vol. 5 and 6, 8vo. Walton's Calculator's Sure Guide, pub. by E. Wilson. Shakspeare, 12 vols. 8vo. with Engravings. Tegg, 1812, Vol. Trial of T. W. Oliver, folio, Stafford, 1797.

4 and 6. Newe Testament, 4to. Jugge 1552, an imperfect copy.

Valentine Vox, Part 17. Percy Society's Publications. Nos. 93 and 94.

Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, Parts 5 and 6. Praed's (M.) Devil's Progress.

Corolly's Journey to the N. of India, 1838, Vol. I. Copleston's (Bp.) Charges, Sermons, and Tracts. .

Shakspere, by Knight, the Library edition, 12 vols. 8vo. Vol. 2. Murchison's Silurian System, 2 rols. 4to.

Transactions of the Geological Society. First Series, Vol. 5, Knight's Life of Colet, uncut

part 2. Second series, Vol. 1, part 2, Vol. 4, part 1. Hogg's Jacobite Relics, 2nd Series.

Burnet's Own Times. Oxford, 1923. Vols. 1 and 2.
Boethius, King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of, edited by Inchbald's British Theatre, 25 vols. Vol. 24.
Cardale, 8vo.

Pope's Works, by Warton, Vol. 9, 8vo. 1797, in boards. Peyran's Coptic Lexicon.

Prose Writers, published by Sharpe, 21 vols. Vol. 11. Fenelon, Télémaque, the French pictorial edition, imperial 8vo. Rapin's England, by Tindal, 8vo. Vols. 16, 18, 20, 1744. Cayler's ( Rev. C. B.) Legends and Records.

Britton's Cathedrals: Peterborough, Exeter, Gloucester, and Norton's (Hon. Mrs.) The Dream, and other Poems, post 8vo. Bristol, royal folio. Chronicles of London, 1827.

Barrow's Works. Vol. 3. Nelson, 1845.
Mure on the Calendar and Zodiacs of Ancient Egypt.

Bacon's Works, 10 vols. 8vo. Vol. I.
Hemingway's History of Chester, large paper. Parts 1 and 3,

(pub. at 58 each part).
Odd Volumes- Periodicals, &c.

Lodge's Portraits, published by Harding and Lepard, 1834, Horne's (Bp.) Works, by Jones, Vol. 3, 8vo. 1818.

fourth edition, No. 58, and after, India proofs, published at Chomson's Life of Dr. Cullen, 2 vols. Vol. 2.

158 each. Histoire des Indes, Amst. 1773, Vol. 3.

| Bopp's Comparative Grammar, royal 8vo. Part I. British Museum Marbles, Parts 8, 9 and 10, Large Paper. 'Smith's (C. Roach) Collectanea Antiqua. Vol. 1., 8vo.

i by George Norman, 29, Maiden Lane, in the Parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, in the City of Westminster,

County of Middlesex, Printer; and published November 25, 1853, by the Proprietor, GEORGE Willis, of No. 42.

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CALLCOTT'S ENGLISH AND ITALIAN LANDSCAPES. 26 large and beautiful lithographic drawings, finished in tints, after his beautiful compositions, imperial folio, new half morocco, £2. 2s (pub. at £4. 48)

1848 Examples of this great Painter are very seldom to be met with. HAGHE’S SKETCHES IN BELGIUM, GERMANY, &c. 52 large and beautiful Drawings on stone, finished in tints, of Old Buildings, First and

Second Series, 2 vols. imperial folio, new half morocco, £4. 4s (pub. at £8. 8s) 1840-5

“ This work is an honour to tbe Artist and a credit to the country, as containing first-rate specimens of artistic skill.”—Morning Post. HAGHE’S SKETCHES IN BELGIUM AND GERMANY, in the year 1850, 27 large and exceedingly beautiful lithographic plates, finished in

COLOURS TO RESEMBLE DRAWINGS, Third Series, imperial folio, half morocco, new, £2. 10s (pub. at £4. 43)

*.* This is, without exception, one of the most strikingly beautiful volumes ever produced. By the new process of coloured tints, the plates have all the richness and finish of elaborate WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS. SIR DAVID WILKIE'S SKETCHES IN TURKEY,

SYRIA, EGYPT, SPAIN, AND ITALY. Containing 52 large and beautiful tinted plates, drawn on stone by Joseph Nash, 2 vols. imperial folio, half bound morocco, new, £4. 4s (pub. at £8. 88)

1843-6 “ The publishers of this work are entitled to the highest praise for the introduction, into two volumes, of wbat may justly he termed the Gems of Wilkie, and we are sure that it must become very scarce from its excessive interest and beauty of execution, as no collector could for one moment be without a copy."— Times. PROUT'S SKETCHES IN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, AND ITALY. 26 large and beautiful lithographic Drawings, finished in tints, on India Paper, imperial folio, new half morocco, £2. 2s (pub. at £5. 58)

1839 “ This is a superb and charming volume of Sketches by one of our most popular and talented Artists: the subjects are as well chosen as the execution of them is admirable.”—Literary Gazette.

TAUROMACHIA: THE BULL FIGHTS OF SPAIN. 26 large and beautiful lithographic drawinas. finished in tints, representing the most remarkable Incidents and Scenes in the Arenas of Madrid, Seville, and Cadiz, drawn from nature by LAKE PRICE, with copious Descriptions by R. FORD, author of the “ Handbook of Spain," imperial folio, new half morocco, £1. lls 6d (pub. at £4. 4s)


This is a very interesting and well executed work, and gives the best delineation of the famous Bull Fights of Spain. The descriptions are written by Mr. Ford, the well known traveller in Spain.

ROBERTS'S (DAVID SPANISH SKETCHES. Comprising MADRID, SEVILLE, GRANADA, CORDOVA, BURGOS, XERES, MALAGA, GIBRALTAR, CARMONA, &c. 26 large and beautiful lithographic Drawings, finished in tints, imperial folio, new half morocco, £2. 2s (pub, at £4. 4s)

1837 “ The delicacy, fidelity, and fine effect with which Mr. Roberts bas' executed these Sketches, heightened as they are by the introduction of the light tints into bis Lithography, have so fully conveyed the interest wbich they are calculated to excite, that they must strongly move the imagination." Herald, MULLER'S SKETCHES OF THE AGE OF FRANCIS THE FIRST. 26 large and beautiful lithographic Drawings, finished in tints, of splendid Architec

ture, and Picturesque and noted Old Buildings in France, imperial folio, new half morocco, £2, 2s (pub. at £4. 4s)

The execution of these facsimiles in the ricbest style of tinted lithography is worthy of the grace and power of the original drawings.”- Atlas. DEVE REUX'S VIEWS ON THE MEDITERRANEAN. 24 large and very beautiful lithographic drawings, in double tints, of interesting Views on the shores of the Mediterranean, imperial folio, new half morocco, £1. 5s (pub. at £4. 4s)

1847 HUNT'S SERIES OF COMIC SKETCHES. 21 large and finely executed lithographic plates, finished in tints, from his original Draw

ings preserved in various celebrated Collections of Pictures, imperial folio, new half morocco, £2 2s (pub. at £4, 4s)

1850 Mr. Hunt is well known as one of the most effective Painters of subjects of a humourous nature of the day Thaco ( SL at haa" nwinan Camin s of his code and are fun without the





“I will make a prief of it in my Note-Book."-SHAKESPEARE.

(DECEMBER, 1853.


ANGLO-Norman Minstrel's CHRISTMAS Song. PanTSH-EES, from hevtaKıs, for it turns on five, or

the multiple of five-is a Persian game. I have played The earliest known composition in England, that is

Is it on a board chequered like a draught-board, in the Francis Douce, Esq.

by me late shape of a Maltese cross, having twenty-one chequers

in each limb of the cross, disposed in three rows-thus
Lordings, from a distant home,
To seek old CHRISTMAS we are come,

Who loves our minstrelsy:
And here, unless report mis-say,
The greybeard dwells; and on this day,
Keeps yearly wassel, ever gay,

With festive mirth and glee.
To all who honour CHRISTMAS, and commend our lays,
Love will his blessings send, and crown with joy their days.

Lordings, list, for we tell you true;
CARISTMAS loves the jolly crew

That cloudy care defy ;
His liberal board is deftly spread
With manchet-loaves and wastel-bread;
His guests with fish and flesh are fed,

Nor lack the stately pye.
Lordings, you know that far and near,
The saying is “ who gives good cheer,

And freely spends his treasure;
On him will bounteous heaven bestow,
Twice-treble blessings here below;
His happy hours shall sweetly flow

In never-ceasing pleasure."
Lordings, believe us, knaves abound;
In every place are flatterers found;
May all their arts be vain!

The chequers are coloured blue and red alternately
But chiefly from these scenes of joy,

with very few yellow ones. Four persons play, each Chase sordid souls that mirth annoy,

having four men like those for draughts, coloured blue, And all who with their base alloy,

red, yellow, and black respectively, and the moves are Turn pleasure into pain.

regulated by throws with cowry-shells, as those in backCHRISTMAS quaffs our English wines,

gammon are by dice. The shells used are six in numNor Gascoigne juice, nor French declines,

ber, are thrown up in the hand, and as they fall with Nor liquor of Anjou ;

the open or close side up, regulate the moves. When He puts the insidious goblet round,

five turn up the open side, and one the close one, you Till all the guests in sleep are drown'd,

advance over twenty-five squares; but when, on the Then wakes 'em with the tabor's sound,

other hand, five are close and one open, you only gain And plays the prank anew.

one. The outside squares, all round the board, are Lordings, it is our host's command,

first traversed; and you then proceed up your own end And CHRISTMAS joins him hand in hand,

in the middle line to the centre called The Home.' To drain the brimming bowl;

As four men are to be looked after, it is a game of some And I'll be foremost to obey,

little skill as well as chance.

0. T. D.
Then pledge me, sirs, and drink away,
For CHRISTMAS revels here to-day,
And sways without control.

A QUESTION ANSWERED.—“Ma belle," said the gal

lant Henry the Fourth, to one of Marie de Medici's Now WASSEL to you all! and merry may ye be!

maids of honour, “quel est le chemin à vôtre cour?" But foul that wight befal, who drinks not Health to me!

" Par l'eglise, Sire!" was the prompt and happy reply. VOL. III.


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