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VI. Public Utilities.

A. Communications....

American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

General Telephone and Electronics Corporation.

Continental Telephone Corporation.

Western Union Corporation..

B. Electric and gas utilities..---

American Electric Power Company--

Virginia Electric and Power Company

Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation..

Texas Utilities Company.--.

American Natural Gas Company..

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.-

Northeast Utilities.--

Pennzoil Company -

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.

Allegheny Power System.

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation...

Pennsylvania Power and Light Company

Long Island Lighting Company-

Potomac Electric Power Company

Pacific Power and Light Company.

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company-

VII. Retail Trade.....

Safeway Stores...


Grand Union Company -

R. H. Macy and Company

Interstate Stores...

Cook United.....

Melville Shoe Corporation.

Pueblo International..

VIII. Banks.----

First National City Corporation..

Chemical New York Corporation

Bankers Trust Company (New York).

First Bank System (Minneapolis)---

Republic National Bank of Dallas..

Girard Bank.

First National Bank in Dallas...

Citizens and Southern National Bank..

Shawmut Association...

IX. Life Insurance Companies.

Travelers Corporation.

X. General Observations...

A. Information disclosed..

B. Confidentiality--

C. Bank holdings.

D. Cede and Company

XI. Conclusion....

Addendum-Nominee Accounts--An Introductory Explanation..


1. Size Range of Corporations from which Stockholder Data were


2. Summary of Information Supplied in Response to Request for

30 Largest Stockholders..


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Letter from Richard J. O'Melia, Director, Bureau of Enforcement,

Civil Aeronautics Board, to William E. Jackson of Milbank, Tweed,

Hadley & McCloy, counsel for Cede & Co., March 28, 1973.--

Response by Mr. Jackson to Mr. O'Melia, May 17, 1973.

Letter from Mr. Jackson, on behalf of Chase Manhattan Bank and one

of its nominees, Kane & Co., to Mr. O'Melia, May 17, 1973.

"Sale Hearing Raises Spy Questions—CIA and the Southern Airline,"

article by Stephen M. Aug, Washington Star-News, August 31,

1973 .---
Letter from Vic Reinemer, staff director, Senate Subcommittee on

Budgeting, Management and Expenditures, to William T. Dentzer, Jr.,
chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Depository Trust

Co., August 23, 1973...

Response from Mr. Dentzer to Mr. Reinemer, September 10, 1973..



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