Legislative requirements for registration of vital statistics c.2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - 21 sider

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Side 21 - Registrar of any violations of this law coming to their notice by observation or upon complaint of any person or otherwise.
Side 20 - ... and any such copy of the record of a birth or death, when properly certified by the State registrar to be a true copy thereof, shall be prima facie evidence in all courts and places of the facts therein stated.
Side 19 - That no person in charge of any premises on which interments are made shall inter or permit the interment or other disposition of any body unless it is accompanied by a burial, removal or transit permit, as herein provided.
Side 17 - All certificates, either of birth or death, shall be written legibly, in durable black ink, and no certificate shall be held to be complete and correct that does not supply all of the items of information called for therein, or satisfactorily account for their omission.
Side 18 - That in case the death occurred from some disease which is held by the State board of health to be infectious, contagious, or communicable and dangerous to the public health, no permit for the removal or other disposition of the body shall be issued by the registrar, except under such conditions as may be prescribed by the State board of health.
Side 18 - Officer or coroner, as directed by the local registrar, for the medical certificate of the cause of death and other particulars necessary...
Side 16 - SEC. 3. That for the purposes of this act the state shall be divided into registration districts as follows: Each city, each incorporated town, and each township * shall constitute a primary registration district...
Side 16 - Each local registrar appointed by said board shall, immediately upon his acceptance of appointment as such, appoint a deputy, whose duty it shall be to act in his stead in case of absence, illness or disability, and...
Side 17 - ... Japanese, or other. (5) Conjugal condition — as single, married, widowed or divorced. (6) Date of birth, including the year, month and day. (7) Age, in years, months and days. (8) Place of birth; state or foreign country. (9) Name of father. (10) Birthplace of father; state or foreign country. (11) Maiden name of mother. (12) Birthplace of mother; state or foreign country.
Side 18 - That if the interment, or other disposition of the body is to be made within the State, the wording of the burial permit may be limited to a statement by the registrar, and over his signature that a satisfactory certificate of death having been filed with him, as required...

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