National Security Issues

Nova Publishers, 2006 - 226 sider
The 9/11 terrorist attacks have sparked a wildfire of debates. There are several issues that serve as the source of these debates but they are all based on one of two common concerns: either the balance of power between the people and the U.S. government, or the efficiency of the nation's security resources. How far should the government be able to infringe upon the people's constitutional rights to expression, privacy, religious worship etc. to ensure the safety of its people? And how far will the people be willing to let those rights be infringed upon, if they are even aware that they exist. It is a strange dichotomy that is ironic when one considers that the war on terrorism is being fought in the name of freedom. The other concern was born from questions of whether or not 9/11 could have been prevented and if more lives could have been saved during the tragedy if the nation's security infrastructure was better organised. This book examines these various issues and debates.

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Administrative Subpoenas and National Security Letters in Criminal and Foreign Intelligence Investigations Background and Proposed Adjustments
The Director of National Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis
The Position of Director of National Intelligence Issues for Congress
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Term Limits and Assignment Limitations
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 National Standards for Drivers Licenses Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates
General Management Laws and the 911 Commissions Proposed Office of National Intelligence Director NID and National Counterterrorism Center N...
Secrecy Versus Openness New Proposed Arrangements for Balancing Competing Needs
The Protection of Classified Information The Legal Framework
Presidential Authority to Conduct Warrantless Electronic Surveillance to Gather Foreign Intelligence Information
Statutory Procedures Under which Congress is to be Informed of US Intelligence Activities Including Covert Actions
Data Mining An Overview

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