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LL ye that pass by,

To Jesus draw nigh, To you, is it nothing that Jesus should Die?


For what you have done,

His Blood must atone, The Father hath punith'd for you his dear Son.

The Lord in the Day

Of his Anger, did lay Our Sins on the Lamb, and he bore them away.

He answer'd for all,

O come at his Call, And low at his Cross with astonishment fall.

But lift up your Eyes,

At Jesus's Cries,
Impaflive he Suffers ! Immortal he Dies !

For you and for me,

He pray'd on the Tree,
The Pray’r is accepted, the Sinner is free.

Acquitted I was,

When he bled on the Cross, And by losing his Life he hath carry'd my



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OD of the Prophets Power,

By whom the Apostles spake, Ride glorious on, send forth thy Voice,

And let the Nations shake, With Hearts and Lips unfeign'd,

We praise thee for thy Word, We bless thee for the joyful news

Of our redeeming Lord.

O ne'er may we forget

The Words we now have heard, 'Till Righteousness and solemn Joy,

Have in our Hearts appear’d: Water the facred Seed,

And give it great Increase, Let neither Fowls, nor Rocks, nor Thorns,

Hinder the Fruits of Peace, .

Then, tho we Weeping Sow,

And tears our Hours Employ, We know we shall return again,

And bring our Sheaves with Joy: Our Life, now hid with Christ,

With him shall soon appear, And we array'd in all his Light,

Shall meet him in the Air,


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COME thou Fount of ev'ry Blefling,

Tune our Hearts to sing thy Praise,
Streams of Mercy never cealing,
Call for Songs of loudest Praise :
Teach us fome melodious Sonnet,
Sung by flaming Tongues above,
Praise the Mount, - fix us on it,

Mount of God's unchanging Love,

Here we raise our Ebenezer,
Hither, by thine Help we come,
Trusting, Lord, by thy gond Pleasure,
Safely to arrive at Home;
Jesus sought us all, when Strangers,
Wand'ring from the Fold of God,
He, to rescue us from Dangers,
Interpos’d his precious Blood.

0, to Grace, what mighty Debtors !
Daily, Hourly, Lord are we !
Let that Grace, like strongest Fetters,
Bind our wand'ring Hearts to thee;
Prone to Wander, Lord, we feel them,
Prone to leave the God of Love,
Here's our Hearts, - take and seal them?

Scal them from thy Courts above.


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O LORD, how great's the Favour,

That we such Sinners Poor,
Can thro' thy Blood's sweet favour,
Approach thy Mercy's Door :
And find an open Paflage
Unto the Throne of Grace,
There wait the welcome Message,
That bids us go in Peace.
Lord, we are helpless Creatures,
Full of the deepest Need,
Throughout defii'd by Nature,
Stupid and inly Dead':
Our Strength is perfect Weakness,
And all we have is Sin,
Our Hearts are all Uncleapness,
A den of Thieves within.

In this forlorn Condition,
Who shall afford us Aid,
Where shall we find Compallion,
But in the Church's Head !
Jefus thou, art all Pity,
o take us to thine Arms,
And exercise thy Mercy,
To save us from all Harms.

We'll never cease repeating
Our numberless Complaints,
But ever be intreating
The glorious King of Saints :

"Till we attain the Image
Of pure and Gospel Love.
And pay our grateful Homage,
With all the Saints above.

Then we, with all in Glory,
Shall thankfully relate,
Th’ amazing, pleasing Story,
Of Jesu's Love so great;
In this bleft Contemplation,
May we for ever dwell,
And share fuch Consolation,
As none below can tell.




W ,

HAT fhall we render unto thee,

Thou glorious Lord of Life and Pow's, Teach us to bow the humble Knee, Teach us with thankfulness t'adore, To praise thee as thy Saints above, To praise thee for thy wond'rous Love,

When, like loft Sheep, we wander'd wide,
And left the watchful Shepherd's Eye,
When borne along the impetuous Tide,
Of this World, Sin and Vanity.
Then Jesus from the Heavens came down,
To save us, by his Grace alone,


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