He bore our Sins upon the Tree,
To seek and save the Loft he came,
There was he bound to set us free
From Death, and everlasting Shame :
The Captive Flock from Hell was freed,
And ransom'd when their Shepherd bled.

Before the Father's awful Throne,
Our merciful High Priest yet stands,
And interceding for his own,
The purchas'd remnant now demands,
His People's everlasting Friend,
Who loving ! - loves them to the end.
May we his banish'd Ones rejoice,
Him for our Lord and God to own,
To take him as our only Choice,
And cleave to him in Love alone;
Still growing up in Holiness,
'Till call'd to meet in realms of Peace,

Then shall our grateful Songs abound,
And every tear be wip'd away,
No Sin, no Sorrow shall be found,
No Night o'ercloud the endless Day :
O praise him ! all beneath, above,
O praise him ! praise the God of Love.

Η Υ Μ Ν.


Before. Sermon.

N hemes

Sing aloud in Jesu's Name, Ye, who Jesu's Kindness prove, Triumph in redeeming Love,


Ye, who see the Father's Grace
Beaming in the Saviour's Face,
As to Canaan on ye move,
Praise and bless redeeming Love.
Mourning Souls, dry up your tears,
Banish all your guilty Fears,
See your Guilt and Curse remove,
Cancel'd by redeeming Love.
Ye, alas ! who long have been,
Willing Slaves of Death and Sin;
Now from Bliss no longer rove,
Stop, --- and taste redeeming Love.
Welcome all by Sin opprest,
Welcome to his facred Reft,
Nothing brought him from above,
Nothing but redeeming Love.
He subdu'd th' infernal Powers,
His tremendous Foes and Ours ;
From their curfed Empire drove,
Mighty in redeeming Love.
Hither then your Musick bring,
Strike aloud each chearful String,
Mortals join the Hosts above,
Join to praise redeeming Love,

[blocks in formation]


Panting after Jesus.
HOU Shepherd of Israel Divine,
The Joy of the upright in Heart,


For closer Communion they pine,
Still, still, to reside where thou art :
The Pasture, Oh! when shall we find,
Where all, who their Shepherd obey,
Are fed, on thy Bosom reclin'd,
Are skreen'd from the heat of the Day.
Ah ! fhew us that happiest Place,
That Place of thy People's Abode,
Where Saints in an Extasy gaze,
And hang on a crucify'd God:
Thy Love for lost Sinners declare,
Thy Passion and Death on the Tree;
Our Spirits to Calvary bear,
To Suffer and triumph with thee.
'Tis there with the Lambs of thy Flock,
There only we'd covet to Rest!
To lie at the foot of the Rock,
Or rise to be hid in thy Breast;
'Tis there we would always abide,
And never a Moment depart,
Conceal'd in the Cleft of thy Side,
Eternally held in thine Heart,

[blocks in formation]

RAISE the Lord who reigns above,

And keeps his Courts below,
Praise the holy God of Love,
And all his Greatness shew;


Praise him for his noble Deeds,
Praise him for his matchless Power ;
Him from whom all good proceeds,
Let Earth and Heaven adore.

Publish, spread to all around
The great Emmanuel's Name,
Let the Trumpet's Martial found
Him Lord of Hofts proclaim:
Praise him every tuneful String,
All the reach of heav'nly Art,
All the Powers of Music bring,
The Music of the Heart.

Him, in whom they Move and Live,
Let every Creature fing,
Glory to their Maker give,
And Homage to their King ;
Hallow'd be his Name beneath,
As in Heaven on Earth ador’d,
Praise the Lord in every Breath,
Let all things praise the Lord.

[blocks in formation]

LORD and God of heav'nly Powers, Hal. Theirs — and O benignly ours,

HAL. Glorious King let Earth proclaim,

HAL Worms attempt to chant thy Name. HAL.


Bow thine Ear in Mercy, bow,
Hear the Worlds Atonement thou,
Jesus in thy Name we pray,
Take, O take our Sins away.
Thee, to laud in Songs Divine,
Angels and Arch-Angels join ;
We, with them, our Voices raise,
Ecchoing thine eternal Praise.
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord,
Live by Heaven and Earth ador'd ;
Full of thee, they ever cry
Glory be to God on high. Hallelujah.



Under Defertion, &c.

APPY the Hours, the golden Days,

When I could call my Jesus mine,
And fit and view his smiling Face,
And melt in Pleasures all Divine.


Near to my Heart, within my Arms
He lay, 'till Sin defil'd my Breast,
'Till broken Vows, and earthly Charms,
Tir’d and provok'd my heav'nly Guest.
And now he's gone ; ( O mighty Woe)
Gone from my Soul, and hides his Love!
My cursed Sins they griev'd him fo,
My Sins that forc'd him to remove.


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