Break, break my Heart; complain my Tongue,
Hither, my Friends, my Sorrows fee,
While my poor Spirits pant and die,
And Groan for thee, my God for thee,

Yet let my Hope look thro' my tears,
And view the Saviour's gracious Throne;
He comes ! my Groans and Pray’rs he hears, ,
Come, O my well beloved, comé.

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THOU Father of Compassion,

O thou God of Mercies hear,
Send the Spirit of Supplication,
Send the glorious Comforter :
Have respect to Jesu's Merit,
To thy Church the Gift impart,
Send him now, the pleading Spirit
Pour into thy Peoples Heart.

If we have through him found Favour,
If for us he ever Prays;
Now, in honour of our Saviour,
Grant the all commanding Grace :
Stir us up to Prayer unceasing,
Let us all the Promise claim,
Wrestle for the mighty Blessing,
For the new, mysterious Name.


Send our long-defir'd Messias,
Us to teach thy perfect Way,
Faithful, fervent as Elias,
Let us in the Spirit Pray;
We are poor, and weak, and filly,
And to ev'ry Evil prone,
O may Jesus love us freely,
And receive us for his own.

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Chrif the Pearl of great Price.
HAT a Pearl of Glory lies,

Hid in the Gospel Field,
What a Jewel of great Price,
Is in the World conceal'd!
Who can set its Virtues forth,
How exquisite its Glories are,
Its ineftimable Worth,
What Mortal can declare ?

'Tis not all that we can give,
That can this Pearl procure,
We in earthly Houses live,
And are extremely Poor ;
We like Beggars must receive,
This Alms from our most gracious God,
On poor Sinners who believe,
This Gift shall be bestow'd,

When this goodly Pearl I wear,
And put this Jewel on,
I shall covet nothing here,
But tread these trifles down:


Then my Heart will be above,
My Joy and Treasure will be there,
I shall walk in Light and Love,
And with my Lord appear.


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Thou has led Captivity Captive.
ESUS is gone up on high,

To fill a heav'nly Throne,
He Captives leads Captivity,

And tramples Satan down :
Gifts from his Father he receives,

For poor rebellious Man,
The Sinner who in him believes,

That Soul is Born again.

Good Spirit, like a rushing Wind,

Descend and fill this Place,
Let ev'ry Soul to God be join'd,

And feel an inward Peace;
Sit on our Heads like cloven Tongues,

That we may fing thy Praise,
And lengthen out our joyful Songs,

To everlasting Days,
Lord we are Blind, be thou our Sight,

And Dead, be thou our Life,
Enter our Souls with all thy Might,

And end this inward Strife;
Our Hearts, alas ! are like the Earth

Without Form, Dark and Void,
Awake us to a second Birth,

And fill our Hearts with God.


Our panting Spirits thirst, and cry,

Come holy Spirit, come,
Our Nature change and purify,

And fix in us thy Home:
Then will we publish and proclaim,

Thro' all the Earth abroad,
The Virtue of our Saviour's Name,

The Wonders of our God.

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OIN all to praise the Name

Of our all conqu’ring Lord,
Who did for us appear
According to his Word :

His Power and Strength
We now proclaim,
And bless our great
Redeemer's Name.

Fly Seraph, take the Coal,
Which on the Altar lays,
And touch our Lips, that we
May join in heav'nly Praise :

Then will we found
Jehovah's Fame,
And bless our great
Redeemer's Name.

In our Distress we cry'd
Unto the Lord most high,


Jehovah heard our Pray’rs,
And brought Deliv'rance nigh:

Therefore we'll spread
Abroad his Fame,
And triumph in
Our Conq'rors Name.

The Viet'ry thou hast gain'd,
The Glory shall be thine,
O tune our Hearts to praile,
The God of Truth divine :

Thy glorious Arm
We now proclaim,
And fing Hosannas
To thy Name.



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ET Earth and Heav'n agree,

Angels and Men be join'd,
To celebrate with me,

The Saviour of Mankind;
T'adore the all-atoning Lamb,
And bless the found of Jesu's Name.

Jesus! transporting round,
The Joy of Earth and Heav'n,
No other Help is found,

No other Name is giv'n,
By which we can Salvation have,
But Jesus came the World to Save.

Jesus ! harmonious Name,
It charms the Host above,

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