They evermore proclaim,

And wonder at his Love: "Tis all their Happiness to Gaze, 'Tis Heav'n to see our Jesu's Face.

His Name the Sinner hears,
And is from Sin set free,
'Tis Mufick in his Ears,

'Tis Life and Victory;
New Songs do now his Lips Employ,
And dances his glad Heart for Joy.



S P R I N G.


RAISE ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise,

Our Hearts and Voices in his Praise,
His Nature and his works invite,
To make this Duty our Delight.

Sing to the Lord, exalt him high,
Who spreads his Clouds around the Sky,
There he prepares the fruitful Rain,
Nor lets the Drops descend in vain.
He form'd the Stars, those heav'nly Flames,
He counts their Numbers, calls their Names;
His Wisdom's vast, and knows no bound,
A Deep, where all our Thoughts are drown'd.

He makes the Grass the Hills adorn,
And Cloaths the smiling Fields with Corn,
The Beasts with Food his Hands supply,
And the young Ravens when they cry.


But Saints are lovely in his Sight,
He views his Children with Delight,
He sees their Hope, he knows their fear,
And looks and loves his Image there.

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Love divine, how sweet thou art,

When shall we find our longing Hearts. All taken up by thee? Oh make me pant and thirst to prove The Greatness of redeeming Love,

The Love of Christ to me.

God only knows the Love of God;
O that it now were shed abroad

In each poor ftony Heart !
For Love I'd figh, for Love I'd pine,
This only Portion, Lord, be mine,

Be mine this better Part !

O that we could for' ever fit,
With Mary, at the Master's Feet,

Be this our happy Choice!
Our only Care, Delight, and Bliss,
Our Jov, our Heav'n on Earth, be this,

To hear the Bridegroom's Voice.
Thy only Love may we require,
Nothing on Earth beneath Desire,

Nothing in Heav'n above;
Let Earth and all its Trifles go,
Give us, O Lord, thy Love to know,
Give us thy precious Lovė.



Commit thy Way unto the Lord. &c.


OME, my Soul, before the Lamb,

Fall and do him Rev’rence; Bless hin for his Blood and Name,

Sing his great Deliv'rance.

Why should Sorrow bow thee down,

Trials or Temptation ?
Is not Christ upon the Throne,

Still thy strong Salvation.

Caft thy Burdens on the Lord,

Leave them with thy Saviour ;
He (whose Hands for thee were bor'd)

Can and will deliver.

Turn thee to thy Rest, my Soul,

Turn thee and discover How he yet is merciful,

Turn thee to thy Lover.

Blush that thou hast him forgot,

Who can happy make thee; Gaze upon him who thee bought,

'Till to him he takes thee.

Leave thy earthly Cares behind,

Mind alone thy Saviour ; Count thou all beside but Wind,

Trample on it ever.



God's wonders of Creation, Providence, &c.

IVE thanks to God the sov’reign Lord,

His Mercies fiill endure;
And be the King of Kings ador’d,

His Truth is ever sure.


What Wonders hath his Wisdom done?

How mighty is his Hand?
Heav'n, Earth and Sea, he fram'd alone,

How Wide is his Command ?

The Sun supplies the Day with Light,

How bright his Counsels shine ;
The Moon and Stars adorn the Night,

His Works are all Divine.

He saw the Nations dead in Sin,

He felt his Pity prove;
How fad the state the World was in,

How boundless was his Love.
He sent to save us from our Woe,

His Goodness never fails;
From Death and Hell, and every Foe,

And still his Grace prevails.

Give thanks to God the heav'nly King,

His Mercies ftill endure ;
Let the whole Earth his Praises fing,

His Truth is ever sure,

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Bless the Lord, my Soul,

. O

Let all within me join,
And join my Tongue to bless his Name,
Whose Favours are Divine,

O bless the Lord, my Soul,
Nor let his Mercies lie
Forgotten in unthankfulness,
And without Praises Die.

'Tis he forgives thy Sins,
'Tis he relieves thy Pain ;
'Tis be that heals thy Sicknesses,
And makes thee young again.

He crowns thy Life with Love,
When ransom'd from the Grave;
He that redeems our Souls from Hell,
Hath fou'reign Pow'r to save.

He fills the Poor with good,
He gives the Suff'rers Rest;
The Lord hath Judgments for the Proud,
And Justice for th'opprest.

His wond'rous Works and Ways,
He made by Mofes known ;
But fent the World, his Truth and Grace,
By his beloved Son.


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