O wretched State of deep Despair,

To see our God remove,
And fix our doleful Station, where

We must not taste his Love.

O may we throw our Arms around,

And hang on Jesu's Breast :
Without a gracious Smile from thee,

How can our Spirits rest.
O tell us that our worthless Names,

Are graven on thy Hands.
Shew us fome Promise in thy Book,

Where our Salvation stands.
Give us one kind assuring Word,

To fink our Fears again,
And chearfully our Souls shall wait

Their Threescore Years and Ten.

[blocks in formation]

WITH chearful Voice I fing,

The titles of my Lord,
And borrow all the Names
Of Honour from his Word.

Nature and Art,
Can ne'er supply,
Sufficient forms

Of Majesty.
In Jesus we behold,
His Father's glorious Face,


Shining for ever bright,
With mild and lovely rays ;

Th' eternal God's
Eternal Son,
Inherits and
Partakes the Throne,

Immense Compaffion reigns,
In our Emmanuel's Heart,'
When he descends to act,
A Mediators part ;

He is a Friend
And brother too,
Divinely kind,

Divinely true.
At length the Lord ? the Judge 1
His awful Throne ascends,
And drives the Rebels far
From Favourites and Friends :

Then shall the Saints,
Compleatly prove
The Heights and Depths
Of all his Love.

[blocks in formation]

At the Baptism of an Infant,
O day we offer thee O Lamb,

Present to thee to day
This Infant, mark him with thy Name,

And wash his Sins away.



Into thy Number him receive,

Him with thy People chuse, Thy Spirit grant him, let him live

A Vessel fit for use.

Or, if thy wiser Hand design,

To take him 'from us soon,
We yield, for all we have is thine,

Father! thy Will be done,

[blocks in formation]


DEATH!,"tis a melancholy Day,

that , When the poor Soul is forc'd away,

To seek her last abode,
He is a God of Sov'reign Love.

That promis'd Heaven'to me,
And taught my Thoughts to foar above,

Where happy Spirits be.
Prepare me, Lord, for thy right hand,

Then come the joyful day ;
Come Death, and some celestial Band,

And bear my Soul away:

Η Υ Μ Ν:


On the Day of Judgment.
OME Immortal King of Glory,

CNow in Majesty appear :


Bid the Nations stand before thee,
Each his final doom to hear ;

Come to Judgment,
Come to Judgment,

Come to Judgment,
Come Lord Jesus, quickly come.
Speak the Word, and lo! all Nature,

Flies before thy glorious Face,
Angels fing your great Creator,
Saints proclaim his Sov’reign Grace.

While we Praise him, &c.
Lift your Heads and see him come.
See his Beauty all resplendent,

View him in his Glory shine,
See his Majesty transcendent,
Seated on his Throne divine :

Angels Praise him, &c.
Saints and Angels Praise the Lamb.
Shout aloud ye heavenly Choirs,

Trumpet forth Jehovah's Praise,
Trumpets, Voices, Hearts and Lyres,
Speak the Wonders of his Grace ;

Sound before him, &c.
Endless Praises to his Name.

Come, he saith, ye Heirs of Glory,

Come the Purchase of my Blood;
Blefs'd ye are, and bless'd ye shall be,
Now ascend the mount of God;

Angels guard them, &c.
To the Realms of endless Joy,


In full Triumph, see them marching

Thro' the Gates of massy Light,
While the City Walls are sparkling.
With Meridian Glory bright,

How ftupendous, &c.
Are the Glories of the Lamb,



Praise to the Trinity.
EET and right it is to Sing,

At every time and place,
Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of Truth and Grace ; Join we then with sweet accord,

All in one Thanksgiving join. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,

Eternal Praise is thine.

Father, God thy Love we Praise,

Which gave thy Son to die. Jesus full of Truth and Grace,

Alone we glorify; Spirit, comforter Divine,

Praise by all to thee be given, 'Till we in full Chorus join,

And Earth is turn'd to Heav'n,

[blocks in formation]

Te Deum. INFINITE God to thee we raise.

Our Hearts in solemn Songs of Praise,


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