Thou haft snatch'd the Prey From the roaring Lion's Teeth ; Captives thou hast sent away,

Free from Guilt, Despair and Death. Jesus wash us in thy Blood,

Hide us in thy bleeding Side, Make us Kings and Priests to God, And espouse us for thy Bride ;

Glory be to thee, Lovely loving Lamb of God, Glory to the Sacred Three.

Be by Heav'n and Earth bestow'd.

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OM E let us Sing to Jesu's Name,

And Bless the Author of our Peace,
Let us adore our Lord, the Lamb,
Our Wisdom, Strength and Righteousness.
How many Nations, Tongues and Lands,
In Ignorance and Darkness dwell,
Faft bound in Satan's Iron Bands,
And carry'd Captive down to Hell.
Th’accepted Time (the Gospel Day
Is preach'd) to us hath now appear’d;
Olet the Record of the Lord,
And his glad Tidings be believ’d.

Behold! we need not doubt or fear,
Our Debt is paid in Jesu's Blood ;


God will in no wise cast us out,
O taste and prove how God is good.

Eternal, wise, and gracious God,
Before thy People hence depart;
Us sprinkle with thy healing Blood,
And write thy Gospel on our Heart.

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John, vii. 37. If any Man thirst, &c.

THE Lord of Life exalted stands,

Aloud he cries, and spreads his Hands; He calls ten thousand Sinners round, And sends a Voice from ev'ry Wound.

Attend, ye thirsty Souls, draw near !
And satisfy your Wishes here:
Behold! the living Fountain flows
In streams, as various as your Woes.

An ample Pardon Christ will give,
He'll bid the sentenc'd Rebel live!
Shew him his Father's smiling Face,
And lodge him in his dear embrace.

Blest Saviour, may we doubt no more,
But hear, and wonder, and adore ;
Still near thy Stream may we be found,
Long as we tread this eaithly Ground.

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ES US is come! O joyful News !

To-day Salvation founds;
With us to-day our Saviour shews

His meritorious Wounds.
These are the Wounds, and this the Rock,

In which we should abide :
O Sinners, to this Jesus look,

Behold! behold his Side !

Near him approach, ye guilty Race,

And view his Heart again ; 'Twas Cleft for you! O wond'rous Grace ! For you

this Lamb was slain ! Bring your Diseases, ho! ye Poor,

Bring Doubts, and Fears, and Sin; As Beggars, wait about the Door,

The Lamb will let you in. Eternal Glory be to thee,

Thou Fountain Head of Love; Let all the Earth adore thy Name,

And ev'ry Pow'r above.

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He, for our Salvation bled,
First begotten from the Dead.
While in Death, like Sheep we lay,
While we all were gone astray;
He, our Lord, our Life became,
He restores us, thro' this Name.
Hail ! thou Son of antient Days,
Hail ! the object of our Praise :
Blessed Jesus, thou whose Wings,
Healing to the Nation brings.
Thou art worthy to receive
Glory, more than we can give :
Thou, alone, art strong to save,
Thine own Arm Salvation gave.
Christ alone, the Wine Press trod,
Laden with the Wrath of God:
Ventur'd none with thee to join,
All the Glory shall be thine.

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Bebear Jerus now impart

The folemn Asembly.
Ehold! we meet to worship God,

Salvation, Grace, and Life, and Love,

To every seeking Heart.
Oye, who wait to find the Lamb,

In Reverence draw near ;
And listen to his soft, ftill Voice,

The Lord our God is here.

H 2


Speak Jesus, to the mourning Soul,

And bid its Terrors cease ;
Say to the Sinner self condemn’d,

My Blood hath bought thy Peace.

Look on the fearful, see their Doubts,

And let their tears be dry,
Support the Faint, and let them hear,

“Be not afraid, 'Tis I ”

Antient of Days, descend, descend,

Awake Jehovah's Son;
Breathe into these dry Bones thy Life,

And make thy Godhead known.

To bless the People thou hast lov'd,

Thy saving Grace be nigh;
Let Earth and Hell, and all our Sin,

Before thy Presence fly.

[blocks in formation]

'Tis God that Justifieth. Rom. viii. 33.


ORD, if thou art our Salvation,

Let who will our Souls condemn,
There remains no Condemnation,
For the Souls thou didst redeem :

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Glory be to Christ the Lamb.

Though we are by Men rejected,
Saints and Sinners us despise,


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