Who is the King of Glory? who? The Lord of glorious Power pofsest, The King of Saints, and Angels too, God over all, for ever bleft.

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Ofanna to the Prince of Light,

That cloath'd himself in Clay, Enter'd the Iron Gates of Death,

And tore the Bars away.


Death is no more the King of Dread,

Since our Emmanuel rose;
He took the Tyrants Sting away,

And spoil'd our hellish Foes,

See how the Conqueror mounts aloft,

And to his Father Aies,
With Scars of honour in his Flesh,

And Triumphs in his Eyes.

There our exalted Saviour Reigns,

And scatters Bleilings down; Our Jesus fills the middle Seat,

Of the Cæleftial Throne,

Raise your Devotion, Mortal Tongues

To reach his bless'd Abode ; Sweet be the Accents of our Songs, To our incarnate God.

Bright Angels strike their loudest Strings,

Your sweetest Voices raise,
Let Heaven, and all created Things,

Sound our Emmanuels Praise.

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A joyful Song of Praise,
To Jesus thy exalted King,

A thankful Tribute raise.
See him once crown'd with Thorns,

And on the Cross expire!
But Glory now his Head adorns,

While heav'nly Hosts admire.
Enthron'd at God's right Hand,

He who on Earth o'ercame;
An Advocate with God now stands,

For all who love his Name.
He ever Lives, and bears

Their Names upon his Breast, And heav'nly Mansions he prepares

For their eternal Rest.

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Supreme, essential one ador’d,

In co-eternal three !

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Enthron'd in everlasting State,

E’er Time its Round began,
Who join'd in Council to create

The Dignity of Man.
All that the Name of Creatures own,

To thee in Hymns aspire :
May we as Angels on our Thrones,

For ever join the Choir !
Hail holy, holy, holy Lord !

Be endless Praise to thee; Supreme, essential one ador'd,

In co-eternal three !

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RAISE be to the Father given,
Christ he gave,

Us to save,
Now the Heirs of Heaven.
Pay we equal adoration,

To the Son,

He alone,
Wrought out our Salvation.
Glory to the Eternal Spirit,

Us he Seals,

Christ reveals, And applies his Merit.

Worship, Worship, Honour, Thanks and Bleffing,

One in Three,

Give we thee, Never, never ceasing.

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Efore the Earth or Worlds were made,

Our Fathers Heart did move ; His Mercy no beginning had,

He is Eternal Love.

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All Nature may be out of course,

Or into Nothing fall :
The Love of God is ftill in force,

His Love is all in all.

How miserable should we be ?

What Comfort could we find, If God did change as oft as we,

Who waver like the Wind.


If once the Blood of Christ we feel,

Upon our Hearts imprest;
The mark of that cælestial Seal,

Can never be eras’d.

The Lord will scourge us if we stray,

His Mercies never cease,
The Lord will never take away

His covenant of Peace,


The Peace which Jesu's Blood procures,

And fixes in the Heart; To all Eternity endures,

And never shall depart.

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Ofanna to Jesus on high !

Another is enter'd his Rest, Another is 'scap'd to the Sky,

And lodg'd in Emmanuel's Breast : The Soul of our Brother is gone

To heighten the Triumph above, Exalted to Jesus's Throne,

And clasp'd in the Arms of his Love.
How happy the Angels that fall

Transported at Jesus's Name !
The Saints whom he sooneft shall call

To share in the Feast of the Lamb !
No longer imprison'd in Clay,

Who next from his Dungeon shall fly? Who first shall be fummon'd away?

My merciful God Is it I?" o Jesus ! if this be thy Will,

That suddenly I should depart, Thy Council of Mercy reveal,

And whisper the Call to my Heart:
O give me a Signal to know

If foon thou would'st have me to move,
And leave the dull Body below,
And fly to the Regions of Love.


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