Of all the Names in Heaven above,
There's none so sweet as thine, my Love.

In Thee, immortal beauties shine,
In Thee, th' united Brethren join,
In Thee, all ransom'd Souls delight,
le 'Thee, thy Peoples Hearts unite.

Thou art our God ! and thou alone,
May we in Spirit all be one !
One with each other let us be,
And one with Christ eternally.
The World may all in pieces break,
And Heaven and Earth endure a Wreck:
The Church of Chrift for ever stands,
Immoveable in Jesu's Hands.

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Anfom'd Captives, gladly raise

Ceaseless Hymns of Joy and Praise,
Wafted on the Wings of Love,
Join the heav'nly Choirs above.
Praise the Lamb, who lately bled,
View him cloath'd in Robes of red :
See how fresh his Wounds appear,.
Now he brings Forgiveness near,
We, in Sin fo lately Dead,
Now arise in Christ our Head,
We in heavenly Places fit,
All our Crowns lie at bis Feet.


Xow we Live, we Live anew,
Filld with Peace and Comfort too;
Ever crying in our Prayer,
Lord, how low thy Chariots are !

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OVELY, loving Lamb of God,

Thou haft bought us with thy Blood,
By thy Grace in Thee we live,
Close unto each other cleave..
Here we join each Heart and Hand,
Resolved by thy cause to stand ;
In thy Strength let us go on,
Trampling Sin and Satan down.
Strengthen’d by his Love we stand,
None can pluck us from his Hand ;;
In his Arms we seep secure,
To the End we shall endure.

Let us never ! never ! part,
But continue one in Heart,
Bear Reproach, despising shame,..
Foll'wers of the bleeding Lamb.

May we all united be,
In the Bonds of Unity,
Loving, teachable and mild,
Humble as a little Child.


Grant us, Lord, one mind, one way !
Keep us, left we run aftray,
Sweetly let us Live and Die,
All together reign on High.

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Gods unchangeable Love..
I FJesus is yours,

You have a true Friend,
Whose goodness endures,
The same to the End :
Your Tempers may vary,
Your Comforts decline,
You cannot miscarry,
Your Aid is divine
Be perfect in Love,
And cast off all Fear,
Your Hearts are above,
Your Treasures are there,
When fiery Temptations round,
The sweet Confolations
Of Jesus abound.
Then who shall advance
The Song of the Lamb,
Can Angels en hance,
The worth of his Name;
Let every Believer,
Incessantly Praise,
The bountiful giver
Of Glory and Grace.

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COME my Brethen, let us join,

In a sacred Song divine,
Jesus shall the subject be.
Who hath liv'd and dy'd for me.
Now prepare your Hearts to sing,
Glory to our God and King,
Now a Shout of Triumph raise,
Fill the Heavens with Jesu's Praise.
Hallelujah to the Lamb,
All aloud his Love proclaim,
He for Sinners freely dy'd
He for us was crucify.'d.
When we fing his Love compleat;
All our Sorrows we forget,
On this Theme we gladly dwell,
Boundless Love ! that saves from Hell.

Clouds of Unbelief and Fear,
Flee before the Morning Star ;
Lord, diffuse a brighter Ray,
Shine unto the perfect Day,
Join with us, ye heavenly Choirs,
Whom the Saviour's Love inspires,
May we never cease our Song,
While we have an Heart or Tongue..

Η Υ Μ Ν XV.,

Come let us Praise,
Our Jelus, our Friend,

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In loftieft Lays,
Our Hearts shall ascend
With Saints and with Angels,
That live round the Throne,
We join in the Praises
Of God's only Son.

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OME and let us sweetly join

Chrift to Praise in Hymns divine,
Give we all with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord :

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