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FOR a thousand Tongues to Sing,

Our dear Redeemer's Praise,
The Glories of our God and King,

The Triumph of his Grace.
Our gracious Master and our God,

Alift us to proclaim,
To spread thro' all the Earth abroad,

The Honours of thy Name.
Jesus, the Name that charms our Fears,

That bids our Sorrows ceale, 'Tis Music in the Sinners Ears,

'Tis Life and Health and Peace. He breaks the Pow'r of cancell'd.Sin,

He sets the Prisoner free,
His Blood can make the fouleft clean,

May it atone for me.
He speaks, and list'ning to his Voice,

New Life the Dead receive,
The Mournful broken Hearts rejoice ;

Defiring Souls believe.
Look unto him

ye Nations

; own Your God, ye fallen race, Look and be lav'd through Faith alone,

Be justified by Grace.


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OW Blest are they whose Sins are hid

From Condemnation they are freed,
They walk in constant Love and Joy,
And'Hymns of Praise their Lips Employ:
May we those happy Persons be,
And have eternal Life in thee,
Obtain Salvation thro' thy Name,
And glory only in the Lamb.
Not only, Lord, our Guilt remove,
But fill our Hearts with holy Love,
The fullness of thy Power display,
And take our bosom Sins'away:
Our Hearts, alas ! are still unclean,
Lord, may we daily die to Sin,
Let fresh supplies of Grace be giv'n,
'Till we are pure and ripe for Heav'n.

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HEE, let us taste in all our Food,

And relish thy free Grace,
Always confess that thou art good,

And always sing thy Praise :
Jesu, thou art the living Bread,

That Bread which came from Heav'n,
For us thy precious Blood was fhed,

For us thy Life was giv'n.

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Man doth not live by Bread alone,

But by thy Promise, Lord ;
Now send an heav'nly Morsel down,

And feed us with thy Word :
Daily afford us fresh supplies

Of Manna, from above, 'Till we to Life Eternal rise,

And taste thy perfect Love.



Hebrews x. 22.
OW prepare your Hearts to Sing,

Glory to our God and King;
Now a shout of Triumph raise,
Fill the Heav'ns with Jesu's Praise.
Hallelujah to the Lamb,
All aloud his Love proclaim,
He for Sinners freely Dy'd !
Was for Sinners Crucify'd !
Now may Doubts and Fears be o'er,
We distrust his Grace no more ;
Full assurance may we prove,

Settled in the Saviour's Love.
In our Jesu's Arms secure,

To the end may we endure,
Join with us, ye Angels, join,
Praise his Name in Hymns Divine.
Earth below, and Heav'ns above,
Wonder at his boundless Love ;
All admire his Grace and Pow'r,
Bless the Lord for evermore.



Christ appearing to his Church.


Solomon's Song, Chap. ii.
HE Voice of my beloved Sounds

Over the Rocks and rising Grounds,
O'er Hills of Guilt, and Seas of Grief
He leaps, he flies to our Relief.
Gently he draws my Heart along,
Both with his Beauties and his Tongue,
Rife, faith my Lord, make Haste away,
No mortal Joys are worth thy stay.
The Jewih Wint’ry State is gone,
The Mists are fled, the Spring comes on ;
The sacred Turtle - Dove we hear
Proclaim the new, the joyful Year.
O when we hear our Jesus say
Rise up my Love, make Haste away,
Our Hearts would fain out-fly the iVind,
And leave all earthly Love behind.

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Salvation by Grace.
ORD, we confess our num’rous Faults,

How great our Guilt has been,
Foolish and vain were all our Thoughts,

And all our Lives were Sin.


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But, О our Souls, for ever Praise,

For ever love his Name;
Who turns our Feet from dang’rous Ways,

Of Folly, Sin, and Shame.

'Tis not by Works of Righteousness,

Which our own Hands have done ; But we are say'd by soy'reign Grace,

Abounding thro' his Son.

'Tis thro’ the purchase of his Death,

Who hung upon the Tree ;
The Spirit is sent down to breathe

On such dry Bones as we.
Rais'd from the Dead we live a-new,

And justify'd by Grace,
We shall appear in Glory too,

And see our Father's Face,

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REAT King of Glory, and of Grace,

We own with humble Shame, How Vile is our degen'rate Race!

And our first Father's Name.



We live enstrang’d afar from God,

And love the distance well,
With hafte we run the dang'rous Road

That leads to Death and Hell,


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