And can fuch Rebels be restor'd ?

Such Natures made Divine ? Let Sinners see thy Glory, Lord,

And feel this Power of thine.

We raise our Father's Name on high,

Who his own Spirit sends,
To bring rebellious Strangers nigh,

And turns his Foes to Friends.

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PSALM XC. Man Frail, and God Eternal,

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Our Hope for Years to come ; Our Shelter from the stormy Blast,

And our Eternal Home,

Under the shadow of thy Throne

Still may we dwell secure, Sufficient is thine Arm alone,

And our Defence is fure.

Before the Hills in order stood,

Or Earth receiv'd her Frame ! From Everlasting thou art God,

To endless Years the same.

A thousand Ages in thy Sight,

Are like an Evening gone :
Short as the Watch that ends the Night,

Before the rising Sun.

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The busy tribes of Flesh and Blood,

With all their Cares and Fears, Are carry'd downward by the Flood,

And loft in following Years. Time, like an over-rolling Stream

Bears all its Sons away :
They fly, forgotten as a Dream

Dies at the opening Day.
O God, our Help in Ages past,

Our Hope for Years to come,
Be thou our Guard, while Life shall last,

And our perpetual Home.

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For the Conversion of Sinners. Tretch out thine Arm, eternal Lord, Thy People

Save, To-day let Rebels be restor's,

Open the Sinners Grave. Enlighten every blinded Eye,

While Truth thy Mind declares; And while thy Wisdom makes her cry,

Give to the People, Ears.
Awake, O God; convince of Sin

The Souls lock'd up in Death,
On those who Sleep secure, unclean,

Thy quick’ning Spirit breathe.
Awaken all our flumb'ring Land,

Thy Will aloud proclaim :

Let Let stubborn Sinners be constrain'd

To bow to Jesu's Name.
Make known thy everlasting Word,

Call all thy Exiles Home :
Let weary Souls thy Mercy prove, ,

Sinner come.

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Restoring and preserving Grace.
AY all our Pow'rs of Heart and Tongue

Praise God our Maker in our Song,
Angels shall hear the Notes we raise,
Approve the Song, and join the Praise.
Angels that make Christ's Church their Care,
Shall witness our Devotions there :
While holy Zeal directs our Eyes
To God's fair Temple in the Skies.
We'll fing thy Truth and Mercy, Lord !
We'll fing the wonders of thy Word!
Not all thy Works and Names below,
So much thy Power and Glory shew.
The God of Heav'n maintains his State,
Frowns on the Proud, and scorns the Great :
But from his Throne descends to see
The Sons of humble Poverty.
Amidst a thousand Snares, we stand
Upheld and guarded by thy Hand;
Thy Words onr fainting Souls revive,
And keep our dying Faith alive,



Grace will compleat what Grace begins,
To fave from Sorrows and from Sins;
The work that Wisdom undertakes,
Eternal Mercy ne'er forsakes.



Compasion to Sinners.

SHEW thy Compaffion, o our God,

Pity the Sons of Night,
Poor Sinners who are Captive led,

Who hate the Gospel Light.

Jesu, Redeemer of Mankind

Display thy saving Power !
Thy Mercy let these Out-cafts find,

And know their gracious Hour.
O! would'st thou cast a pitying look,

(All Goodness as thou art,)
Like that which faithless Peter's broke,

(Or my obdurate Heart.)

Who thee, beneath their Feet have trod,

And Crucify'd afresh;
Touch with thine all,victorious Blood,

And turn the Stone to Flesh,

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Open their Eyes and Ears to see

Thy Cross, to hear thy Cries; Sinner, thy Saviour Weeps for thee,

For thee he Weeps and Dies.


All the Day long he meekly stands

His Rebels to receive, And shews his Wounds, and spreads his Hands,

And bids you turn and Live.





Efore Jehovah's awful Throne,


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Know that the Lord is God alone,
He can Create, and he Destroy.
His sovereign Power, without our aid,
Made us of Clay, and form’d

us Men

; And when like wand'ring Sheep we stray'd, He brought us to his Fold again. We'll crowd thy Gates with thankful Songs, High as the Heavens our Voices raise, And Earth, with her ten thousand Tongues, Shall fill thy Courts with founding Praise. Wide as the World is thy Command ! Vast as Eternity thy Love! Firm as a Rock thy Truth must stand, When rolling Years shall cease to move. Then let us trust his Grace and Power, That shall from Age to Age endure ; Leaning upon our Saviour's Breaft, 'Till we are call'd to endless Rest,


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