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ESU, exert thy gracious Power, J A broken, contrite Heart bestow, Make this the acceptable Hour,

The trumpet of Salvation blow : O let thy Grace effectual prove, To melt our stony Hearts to Love.

Thy Goodness and long-suffering, Lord,

We have, alas ! too long abusid, Slighted the Promise of thy Word,

The tenders of thy Grace refus'd : Thy Mercy, Lord, doth yet remain, O let thy Love our Hearts constrain.

The Day draws near, that Day of thine,

Wherein all things shall be renew'd, We long to see that Morning shine,

And live for ever with our Lord : We now rejoice in thy free Grace, And shortly hope to see thy Face.

Angels admire thy wond'rous Love,

And fing immortal Hymns to thee, While Saints below, and Saints above,

Conspire to praise the Trinity ; When once we reach the heav'nly Throng, We'll sing a new, an endless Song.


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RISE, O our Souls,

Your Saviour adore, Our Sins, O our God,

Remember no more ;
Thro' Jesu's Blood Shedding,

In God may we share,
And at the Lamb's Wedding,

In Glory appear.

Awake all our Pow'rs,

To set up the Lord, Our Sickness he Cures,

And we are restor'd : May we be esteemed

By Jefus, and own'd, And in him redeemed,

And quick’ned and found.

Blest Saviour of Men,

Bleft Saviour of me, Eternally reign

In all Majesty :
All Glory be given

To thee evermore,
By Earth and by Heaven,
And every Pow'r.


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Racious Lord, incline thine Ear,

My Complaint vouchsafe to hear,
Lord, deny me what thou wilt,
Only ease me of my Guilt;
All unholy, all unclean,
I am nothing else but Sin,
Faint and sick of Love am I,
Give me Christ, or else I Die.

O my Lord, what shall I fay?
Také, O take, my Sins away,
Thou doft freely save the lost,
Only in thy Grace I trust;
Nothing else do I require,
Only Jesu's Love desire,
With my earnest Suit comply,
Give me Chrift, or else I Die.

Lord, I cannot come to thee,
Oh ! do thou stoop down to me,
Filthy Creature as I am,
Love me freely flaughter'd Lamb,
Lord, Convert this Heart of mine,
Make me Holy and Divine;
Jesu, to thine Arms I Aly,
Save me Lord, or else I Die.


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Stand forth, prepare to run Towards the mark, lift up your Eyes,

And manfully go on :
For Strength to Jesus pray,

Establish Lord our Feet
Take every Weight and Sin away,

That does our Souls beset,

The Way before you lies,

Before you is the Crown,
Your Foes, in Jesu's Strength despise,

And tread their Armies down;
Forget the things below,

Where traps and snares are spread, In Faith and Patience forward go,

'Till Glory crowns your Head.

To Jesus still look up,

Faften on him your Eyes,
Make larger Progress, and ne'er stop,

'Till you obtain the Prize : In Unity go on,

For why should we contend, There's room enough for all to run,

And Heav'n is at the end,

You do not run for nought,

Jesus himself assures
Your Labour shall not be forgot,

The Mark, the Prize is yours ;

Open Open the Eye of Faith,

And view the Crown on high,
Break thro' the snares of Sin and Death,

To endless Glory fly.

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COME, let us fing

To Jesus our King,
He to us Salvation did vouchsafe to bring,
His Honour to raise,
And set forth his Praise,

[Days. This shall be our whole Work the rest of our

We have nothing to boast,
But when we were loft . [whole Cost.
Christ's Blood was the ransom that paid the
'Tis this we'll proclaim,
The Blood of the Lamb,
And this we will speak of again and again.
What Pardon resounds
From his Blood and Wounds!
To chiefeft of Sinners his free Grace abounds.

For Oh! 'tis most sweet
To fit at his Feet,
And his bitter Suff'rings we'll often repeat.

O then

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