Thee we would be always blessing,
Serve thee as thy Hosts above,
Pray and praise thee without ceasing,
Glory in thy precious Love.

Finish then thy new Creation,
Pure unspotted may we be,
Let us see thy great Salvation,
Perfectly reftor'd by thee.
Chang'd from Glory into Glory,
'Till in Heav'n we take our Place,
'Till we caft our Crowns before thee,
Loft in Wonder, Love, and Praise.




The Second Advent. Rev. i. 7.

O! he comes with Clouds descending,

Once for favour'd Sinners flain,
Thousand, Thousand Saints attending,
Swell the Triumph of his Train :

Hallelujah, praise the Lamb.

Every Eye shall now hehold him,
Rob'd in dreadful Majesty,

Those who set at nought and sold him,
Pierc'd and nail'd him to the Tree :

Deeply wailing, Shall the true Messiah see.

Every Island, Sea and Mountain,
Heaven and Earth shall fee away,
All who hate him, must confounded
Hear the Trump proclaim the Day,

Come to Judgment !
Come to Judgment ! come away!
Now Redemption long expected,
See in solemn Pomp appear;
All his Saints by Man rejected,
Now shall meet him in the Air,

See the Day of God appear.
Answer thine own Bride and Spirit,
Haften, Lord, the gen'ral Doom,
The new Heavens and Earth t’inherit,
Take thy pining Exiles Home :

All Creation :
Travails ! Groans ! and bids thee come.
Yea! Amen! let all adore thee,
High on thine eternal Throne.
Saviour, take the Power and Glory,
Claim the Kingdom for thine own :

O come quickly,
Hallelujah! come, Lord, come.


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E comes, he comes, the Judge severe,

The seventh trumpet speaks him near, His Light'nings fath, his Thunders roll, He's welcome to the faithful Soul,


Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome,

Welcome to the faithful Soul.

From Heav'n angelic Voices sound,
See the Almighty Jesus crown'd,
Girt with Omnipotence and Grace,

And Glory decks the Saviour's Face,
Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory decks the

Saviour's Face.

Descending on his Azure Throne,
He claims the Kingdoms for his own:
The Kingdoms all obey his Word,

And hail him their triumphant Lord,
Hail him, hail him, hail him, hail him, hail him

their triumphant Lord.
Shout all the People of the Sky,
And all the Saints of the Most High,
Our God, who now his Right obtains,

For ever and for ever reigns,
Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever and for ever reigns.

The Father Praise, the Son Adore,
The Spirit bless for evermore,
Salvation's glorious Work is done,

We welcome thee great Three in One,
Welcome, welconie, welcome, welcome,

Welcome thee great Three in One.

[blocks in formation]


Christ our great Melchifedec. HOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, We'love to hear of thee;


No Music like thy charming Name

Ne'er half so sweet can be.
O may we ever hear thy Voice

In Mercy to us speak,
And in our Priest will we rejoice,

Thou great Melchisedec.
Our Jesus shall be still our Theme,

While in this world we stay,
We'll fing our Jesu's lovely Name,

When all Things else decay : When we appear in yonder Cloud,

With all his favour'd Throng, Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,

And Christ shall be our Song.



Unto you which Believe he is Precious.


OST Sinners to save,

The dear Lamb of God
In Sacrifice gave,
And shed his own Blood;
Adore the Creator,
And Christ who was Slain,
The one Mediator,
Between God and Man.

Jesus is our Joy,
Our Glory and Crown,
What then shall annoy
Or fink our Hearts down :


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Tho' Men should oppress us,
And Devils affright,
The kind, loving Jesus
Is still our Delight.
Jesus is our Stay,
His Arm our Defence,
What shall pluck away,
Or drive us from thence !
Temptations may seize us, ,
And Terrors distract,
The merciful Jesus
Will never reject.
When this present frame
Of Things disappear,
Diffolv'd in a Flame
That melts down the Spheres;
The dear Name of Jesus
Our Triumph shall be,
And ravish and please us,
To Eternity.



Readiness to meet the Son of Man, &c.
A Trend ye Mortals, hear the sound,

Voice of all,
See well, that ready you be found,
When Christ the Son of Man fhall call.

The Hour unknown will surely come,
May be the next ; 'tis doubtless near,
When each shall reach his longest Home,
And at the Judgment Seat appear.

O flum

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