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Then we, without ceasing
Will found forth thy Fame,
Afcribing Salvation
To God, and the Lamb.

While others despise
The Gospel of Grace,
Refuse to receive
The message of Peace :
With Joy we acknowledge
The Goodness of God,
In bringing us Sinners
To hear his bleit Word,

This Gospel of Truth
We gladly Embrace,
Contend for the Faith
That saves the loft Race :
In deep Admiration
We stand, to behold
The glorious Salvation
The Scriptures unfold.

We lift up our Voice,
And join in his Praise,
Are glad and rejoice
In the Word of Grace :
Adore the Creator,
And Christ who was flain,
The one Mediator
Between God and Man.


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OD sent his Son to Die for us,

Die to Redeem us from the Curse,
He took our Weakness; bore our Load,
And dearly Bought it with his Blood.

Dearly, dearly, dearly, dearly, dearly

Bought it with his Blood.
Salvation is of God alone,
Life everlasting in his Son,
And he that gave his Son to Bleed,
Will freely give us all we need.

Freely, freely, &c.
Believe the Gospel, and rejoice,
Sing to the Lord with chearful Voice ;
His Goodness praise, his Wonders tell,
Who ransom'd Sinners Souls from Hell.

Ransom’d, ransom’d, &c.

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OW often have I stood

A Rebel to the Skies !
The calls, the tenders of a God,
And Mercies loudeft Cries !


He offers all his Grace,
And all his Heaven to me !
Offers ! but 'tis to senseless Brass
That cannot feel or see!

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Jesus the Saviour stands
To court me, from above,
And looks and spreads his wounded Hands,
And shews the Prints of Love.
Lord, 'tis against thy Face,
My Sins, like Arrows, rile;
And yet, and yet, (Oh! matchless Grace)
Thy Thunder filent stays.
O shall I never feel
The meltings of thy Love,
Am I of such Hell harden'd Steel !
That Mercy cannot move.
Now for one pow'rful Glance
Dear Saviour, from thy Face,
This Rebel Heart no more withstands,
But sinks beneath thy Grace.
O’ercome by dying Love,
Here at thy Cross I fall ;
Be thou my Strength and Righteousness,
My Jesus, and my All.




Come and Welcome to Jesus Chrift.


OME, ye Sinners, who are wretched,

Weak and Wounded, Sick and Poor, Jefus, ready stands to save you, Full of Pity, join'd with Power : He is able, he is able, he is able, He is willing ; doubt no more.


Come, ye weary, heavy laden,
Bruis'd'and mangled by the Fall;
If you tarry 'till you're better,
You will never come at all :
Not the Righteous ! not the Righteous !

Not the Righteous !
Sinners, Jesus came to call !
View him grov’ling in the Garden,

your Master prostrate lies,
On the bloody Tree behold him!
Hear him cry, before he Dies,
It is finish'd, it is finish'd, it is finish'd,
Sinner, will not this suffice ?
Lo! th' incarnate God ascended,
Pleads the Merits of his Blood;
Venture on him, venture wholly,
Let no other trust intrude :
None but Jesus, none but Jesus, none but Jesus,
Can do helpless Sinners good.
Saints and Angels join'd in Concert,
Sing the Praises of the Lamb,
While the blessed Seats of Heaven,
Sweetly éccho forth his Name :
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Sinners here may sing the same.


An Hosanna for the Lord's Day,
E E what a living Stone,
The Builders did refuse,



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Yet God hath Built his Church thereon,
In spite of envious Jews.
The Work, O Lord, is thine,
And wond'rous in our Eyes ;
This Day declares it all Divine,
This Day did Jesus rise.
This is the glorious Day,
That our Redeemer made ;
Let us rejoice, and fing, and pray,
Let all the Church be glad.
Hosanna to the King
Of David's royal Blood.
Bless him, ye Saints, he comes to bring
Salvation from your God.
We bless thine holy Word,
Which all this Grace displays,
And offer on thine Altar, Lord,
Our Sacrifice of Praise.

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GIVE to our God immortal Praise,

Mercy and Truth are all his Ways,
Wonders of Grace to God belong,
Repeat his Mercies in your Song.
Give to the Lord of Lords Renown,
The King of Kings with Glory crown ;
His Mercies ever mall endure,
When Lords and Kings are known no more.


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