Earth shall obey her Maker's Will,

And yield a full Increase;
Our God will crown his Chosen Ille

With Fruitfulness and Peace.

God the Redeemer, scatters round

His choicest Favours here;
While the Creation's utmost bound,

Shall see, adore, and fear.






The Eternal and Sovereign Lord.
HE Lord Jehovah reigns,

And Royal State maintains,
His Head with awful Glories crown'd,

Array'd in Robes of Light,

Begirt with sovereign Might, And rays of Majesty around.

Upheld by thy Commands,

The World securely stands,
And Skies and Stars obey thy Word :

Thy Throne was fix'd on high,

Before the starry Sky, Eternal is thy Kingdom, Lord.

Let Flaods and Nations Rage,

And all their Pow'rs engage,
Let swelling Tides assaults the Sky:

The terrors of thy Frown

Shall beat their Madness down, Thy Throne for ever stands on high,


Thy Promises are true,

Thy Grace is ever new, There fix'd ; thy Church shall ne'er remove :

Thy Saints, with holy Fear,

Shall in thy Courts appear, And fing thy everlasting Love.



The last Judgment.

THE God of

Gloryfends his Summons forth, , Calls the South Nations, and awakes the

[North, From East to Weft the sov'reign Order's spread, Thro' distant Worlds, and regions of the Dead. The Trumpet founds; Hell trembles ; Heaven re

[ joices, Lift up your Heads ye Saints, with chearful Voices.

• Heav'n, Earth, and Hell, draw near ; let all

[things come, "To hear my Justice, and the Sinners doom, • But gather first my Saints, the Judge com

[mands, - Bring them, ye Angels, from their distant

[Lands. When Christ returns, 'wake every chearful Passion, And shout, ye Saints, he comes for gour Salvation.

[blocks in formation]

Here, (faith the Lord ) ye Angels, spread

(their Thrones, * And near me seat my Favourites and Sons,

Come, my redeem'd, possess the Joys prepar’d, • E'er Time began, 'tis your divine Reward. When Christ returns, 'wake every chearful Pasion, And shout, ye Saints, he comes for your Salvation.

[ocr errors]

Sinners, awake betimes; ye Fools be wise, Awake, before the dreadful Morning rise ; Change your vain Thoughts, your crooked

(Ways amend, Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your

(Friend : Then join, ye Saints, 'wake every chearful Passion, When Christ returns, he comes for your Salvation.

[blocks in formation]

A sight of God mortifies us to the World.

P to the Fields where Angels lie,

And living Waters gently roll; Fain would our Thoughts leap out and fly, But Sin hangs heavy on our Soul.

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Thy wond'rous Blood, dear dying Christ,
Can make this World of Guilt remove,
And thou canst bear us, where thou fly'lt,
On thy kind Wings, celestial Dove.

O might

O might we once mount up and see
The Glories of th' eternal Skies;
What little things these Worlds would be ?
How despicable to our Eyes !
Great All in All, Eternal King,
Let us but view thy lovely Face :
And all our Pow'rs shall bow and fing
Thine endless Grandeur and thy Grace.



God the Son equal with the Father,

BRight King of Glory, dreadful God,

Our Spirits bow before thy Frown,
To thee we lift an humble Thought,
And worship at thine awful Throne.
A thousand Seraphs, strong and bright,
Stand round the glorious Deity:
But who among the Sons of Light,
Pretends Comparison with thee.
Yet there is one of human Frame,
Jesus, array'd in Flesh and Blood,
Thinks it no Robbery to claim
A full equality with God.
Jesus! who left the Worlds of Light,
And the bright Robes he wore abome;
How swift and joyful was his Flight
On Wings of everlasting Love!

[blocks in formation]

Then let the Name of Christ our King,
With equal Honours be ador'd :
His Praise let every Angel fing,
And all the Nations own the Lord,



The Effusion of the Spirit.

REAT was the Day, the Joy was great!


While on their Heads the Spirit came,
And sat like Tongues of cloven Flame.
The rushing Wind that went before,
Declares our Lord's Almighty Pow'r,
His Pow'r to cast Opposers down,
And warm and melt ey'n Hearts of Stone.
With Joy and Gladness they proclaim
The Wonders of the bleeding Lamb,
They boldly publish Jefu's Word,
They Preach the Gospel of our Lord.
Nations, the learned and the rude,
Are by these heav'nly Arms subdu'd,
While Satan rages at the loss
And hates the Doctrine of the Cross.

Great King of Grace, our Hearts subdue,
We would be led in triumph too :
All willing Captives to our Lord,
And sing the Conquests of his Word.


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