God's Eternal Dominion.


REAT God, how Infinite art thou !

What worthless Worms are we ! Let the whole race of Creatures bow,

And pay their Praise to thee. Thy Throne eternal Ages stood,

É're Seas or Stars were made, Thou art the ever-living God,

(Were all the Nations Dead.) Eternity, with all its Years,

Stands present in thy View :
To thee, there's nothing old appears,

Great God! there's nothing New.
Our Lives thro' various Scenes are drawn,

And vex'd with trifling Cares : While thine eternal Thought moves on,

Thine undifturb'd Affairs.

Great God, how Infinite art thou !

What worthless Worms are we ! Let the whole race of Creatures bow, And pay their Praise to thee.


Complaint of Ingratitude. Is this the kind return ?

And these the Thanks we owe? Thus to abuse eternal Love, Whence all our Blessings flow.

To what a ftubborn Frame,
Has Sin reduc'd our Mind !
What strange rebellious Wretches we?
And God as strangely kind.

he bids the Sun
Send his reviving Rays:
For us, the Stars their Circles run,
To lengthen out our Days.
The Brutes obey their God,
And bow their Necks to Men!
But we more base, more brutish Things,
Reject his easy Reign.
Turn, turn us, mighty God,
And mould our Souls afresh ;
Break, sov'reign Grace, these Hearts of Stone,
And give us Hearts of Flesh.
Let old Ingratitude
Provoke our weeping Eyes,
And hourly as new Mercies fall,
Let hourly 'Thanks arise.

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What shall we do our Saviour to praise?

So faithful and true, soplenteous in grace, So strong to deliver, so good to redeem The weakest Believer, that hangs upon him.

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How happy the Man, whose Heart is set free!
The People that can be joyful in thee ;
Their Joy is to walk in the light of thy Face,
And still they are talking of Jesus's Grace.
Their daily. Delight shall be in thy Name,
They shall, as their right, thy Righteousnels

(claim, Thy Righteousness wearing, and cleans’d by

thy Blood, Bold shall they appear in the Presence of God, For thou art their Boast, their Glory & Power, And I also trust to see the glad Hour; For Sorrow and Sadness, Joy may I receive, And share in the gladness of all that believe.

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Thy Name is as Ointment, &c. Canı, i. 3.

HE Name of Christ, how sweet the found!

A pleasant Balm for every Wound;
It quite expels our Doubts and Fears,
And is melodious in our Ears.


Angels admire his wona'rous. Name,
And fing the triumphs of the Lamb
Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs, join
To fhout the glorious Name Divine,
Jesu, at thy great Name we bow,
Gladly fall and worship now
At thy bless’d Feet, we wait to prove
The Riches of redeeming Love.


Of this tremendous Name we boast,
And in its Merit only truft :
Here is our Rock, our Shield and Tower,
Which saves us from the Tempter's Power,
We'll praise this Name, all the Day long
It shall be our triumphant Song ;
And when we're call'd by Death away,
We'll praise him on a higher Key.
When we arrive before the Throne,
Where our great Captain Saviour's gone,
Then we in nobler Strains, shall join
To praise the glorious Name Divinc.



Hepe in an unchangeable Covenant.

IN and Satan oft have strove,

To rend our Souls from thee, our God, But everlasting is thy Love, And Jesus seals it with his Blood.

Amidft Temptations sharp and strong,
Our Souls to this dear Refuge Aies,
Hope is our Anchor, firm and strong,
While Tempefts blow, and Billows rise.

The Gospel bears our Spirits up,
A faithful and unchanging God,
Lays the Foundation for our Hope,
In Oaths, and Promises, and Blood.


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Before Sermon.
ET every

Ye Souls that's with Temptation's toss'd, While God proclaims the Sinners Friend, Jesus, the Saviour of the loft :

For ever blessed be his Name,
A Friend of Sinners still the same.


Sinners, obey the Gospel Call,
Whoe'er believes in Christ shall live ;
He spread his Arms t'embrace you all,
The chief of Sinners he'll receive.

For ever blessed, &c.

To you, the Saviour calls, to you,
His Heart is melted with Love's Fire ;
Then hafte, ye Sinners, to pursue,
The Saviour with a pure Desire.

For ever blessed, &c.

Come, let us view his bleeding Heart,
Who was content to Die for us ;
Our Sins have caus’d him piercing Smart,
When he lay bleeding on the Crofs.

For ever blessed, &c.

Awake, awake, ye sleepy Souls !
Behold a dying Saviour's Blood :
Prisoners of Hope, here's the strong Hold!
That reconciles us all to God!

For ever blessed be his Name;
A Friend of Sinners still the same.


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