Hark! how his tender Bowels move,
Touch'd with a feeling sympathy,
The Fountain of eternal Love

open now, poor Soul, for thee.

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SAVIOUR, we want to know thy Blood,

We want to know our Father, God;
We want to see thy glorious Face,
Thro' his eternal, sov'reign Grace.
Our Strength and Virtue we have lost,
And Sin is all that we can boast;
If thou should'st leave us thus, we Die
And Perifh to Eternity.

'Tis Life Eternal thee to know,
'Tis from thee all our Blessings flow :
'Tis by the Virtue of thy Blood,
That we are reconcil'd to God.

'Tis by thy Blood we must o'ercome,
'Tis by thy Blood we are brought Home:
Sinners, 'tis Life to know this Blood,
'Tis this that seals your Pardon good.
O let us now be wash'd therein,
And let our Souls be freed from Sin :
Shew us, that tho' we are undone,
That thou, the Victory hast Won.


Then will we join to praise thy Name,
And fpread abroad thy glorious Fame,
Hosanna, to our Covenant God,
Behold the Merits of his Blood.

H Y M N C.

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JESU, our Lord,

Thy Name be ador'd, For all the rich Blessings convey'd thro' thy

(Word. In Spirit we trace

Thy Wonders of Grace,
And chearfully join in a Consort of Praise.

The antient of Days,

His Glory displays, And shines on his Chosen with cherishing Rays.

The Trumpet of God

Is founding abroad, The Language of Mercy, Salvation thro' Blood.

Thrice happy are they,

Who hear and obey, And share in the bleilings of this Gospel-Day.

The People who know

The Saviour below, With burning Affection to worship him glow.

Their Anguilh and Smart,

And Sorrows depart, Who find his Salvation inscrib'd on their


This Blessing is mine,

Thro' Favour Divine,
But, O my Redeemer, the Glory be thine,

The Work is of Grace,

Thine, thine be the Praise, And mine to 'adore thee, and tell of thy Ways.

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WAKE, and fing the Song

Of Moses and the Lamb,
Wake ev'ry Heart and ev'ry Tongue,

To praise the Saviour's Name.
Sing of his dying Love,

Sing of his rising Pow'r,
Sing how he intercedes above

For those whose Sins he bore.

Sing 'till we feel our Hearts

Ascending with our Tongues,
Sing 'till the love of Sin departs,

And Grace inspires our Songs.
Sing on your heavenly Way.

Ye ransom'd Sinners fing,
Sing on rejoicing ev'ry Day,

In Christ th' eternal King.


Soon shall ye hear Christ say

« Ye blessed Children come,' Soon will he call ye hence away,

And take his Wanderers Home.


Christ's Birth.


HAT good News the Angels bring!

What glad Tidings of our King ?
Christ the Lord is born To-day,
Christ who takes our Sins away ;
He who rules in Heav'n and Earth,
Hath in Bethlehem his Birth ;
Him shall all his People see,
And rejoice eternally.
Lift your Hearts and Voices high,
With Hosanna's fill the Sky;
Glory be to God above !
God is infinite in Love :
Peace on Earth, Good-will to Men
Now with us our God is seen :
Angels join with us in Praise,
Help us fing redeeming Grace.
Jesus is the lovely Name,
This the Angel doth proclaim ;
He shall all his People save,
They in him remiffion have :
When they see themselves undone.
They take Refuge in the Son ;
They shall all be born again,
And with him in Glory reign.


Shout, ye Nations of the Earth,
Sing the Triumphs of his Birth,
All the World by him is bleft :
Sound his Praise from East to West.
Jews and Gentiles jointly fing,
Christ our common Lord and King ;
Christ our Life, our Joy, our Song,
To Eternity prolong.

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OST Souls to recover,

And form them afresh,
Our wonderful Saviour,
Partook of our Flesh;
From Sin to release us,
That Yoke so long worn,
The Holy Child Jesus,
Of Mary was born.
Ye vileft of Creatures,
Backsliders so base,
Bold Rebels and Traitors,
Abusers of Grace ;
Come cease your Backslidings,
And once more return,
Receive the glad Tidings,
A Saviour is born.
And ye that sincerely
Confide in the Lamb,
(He loves you most dearly)
Rejoice in his Name :

O may

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