Thus, 'till our last expiring Day,

We'll bless our God and King : Thus will we lift our Hands to pray,

And tune our Lips to Sing.

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IREAT God attend while Zion fings,

The Joy that from thy Presence springs, To spend one Day with thee on Earth, Exceeds a thousand days of Mirth. Might we enjoy the meanest Place Within thy House, O God of Grace: Not tents of Ease, nor thrones of Power, Should tempt our Feet to leave thy Door. God is our Sun, he makes our Day, God is our Shield, he guards our Way, From all the assaults of Hell and Sin, From Foes without, and Foes within.. All needful Grace will. God bestow, And crown that Grace with Glory too ;; He gives us all Things, and with-holds No real Good from upright Souls. O God, our King, whose Sovereign Sway, The glorious Hofts of Heaven obey, And Devils at thy Presence flee, Bleft is the Man that trusts in thee. .

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PSALM xev. Canaan lof thro' Unbelief.

OME, let our Voices join to raise,

A sacred Song of folemn Praise ;
God is a sovereign King, rehearse
His Honours in exalted Verse.

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Come, let our Souls address the Lord,
Who fram’d'our Nature by his Word :
He is our Shepherd ; we the Sheep
His Mercy chose, his Pastures keep.
Come, let us hear his. Voice to-day,
The Counfels of his Love obey ;
Nor let our hard’ned Hearts renew
The Sins and Plagues that Israel knew.
Look back our Souls, with holy Dread,
And view those ancient Rebels Dead,
Attend the offer'd Grace to Day,
Nor lose the Bleffings by Delay.
Seize the kind Promise while it waits,
And mount to Zion's heav'nly Gates,
Believe, and take the promis'd Rest,
Obey, and be for ever Blest.


PSA L M civ. Creation and Providence

Y Soul, thy great Creator Praise,
When cloath'd in his celestial Rays,


He in full Majesty appears,
And like a Robe his Glory wears.
The Heavens are for his Curtains spread,
The unfathom’d Deep he makes his Bed;
Clouds are his Chariot when he flies,
On winged Storms across the Skies.
O bless his Name, ye Britons, fed
With Nature's chief Supporter bred,
While Bread your Vital Strength imparts,
Serve him with Vigour in your Hearts.
Vaft are thy Works, Almighty Lord,
All Nature rests upon thy Word :
And the whole race of Creatures stand,
Waiting their Portion from thy Hand.
His Works, the wonders of his Might,
Are honour'd with his own Delight,
How awful are his glorious Ways,
The Lord is dreadful in his Praise..

Yet humble Souls may see his Face,
And tell their wants to Sou'reign Grace
O to our God, the heay'nly King,
Immortal Hallelujahs Sing,

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GOD only Wife,

Great King of the Skiesys,
Now ransom'd from Hell,
In Life everlasting thy Servants shall dwell.

O may

O may we believe,
A Crown then receive,
The Purchase is thine,
Yet Jefu, the Blessing and Mercy be mine.
A King ever reign,
Let no Rebel remain,
Thy Kingdom impart,
Be Jesu, triumphant, the Lord of my Heart.
Bleft Prophet above,
We're waiting to prove,
Thy Teaching and Word,
That leads us thro' Time to Eternity's Lord.
At Jordan's high brink,
May we never shrink;
Our Shepherd and Friend,
Shall his Flock that's beloved, preferve to the end

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OW beauteous are their Feet,

Who stand on Zion's Hill, Who bring Salvation in their Tongues

And Words of Peace reveal. How charming is their Voice !

How sweet the Tidings are, • Zion behold thy Saviour King,

• He Reigns and Triumphs here. How happy are our Ears, That hear this joyful Sound,

Which Kings and Prophets waited for

And fought but never found. How blessed are our Eyes,

That see this heav'nly Light, Prophets and Kings desir’d it long,

But dy'd without the Sight. The Lord makes bare his Arm,

Thro’all the Earth abroad, Let every Nation now behold,

, Their Saviour and their God,

H Y M N.


Chrif worshiped by all his Creatures.

OM E let us join our chearful Song,

With Angels round the Throne ;
Ten Thousand, Thousand are their Tongues,

But all their Joys are one.
Worthy the Lamb that dy'd, they cry.

To be exalted thus ;
Worthy the Lamb our lips reply,

For he was flain for us.

Jesus is worthy to receive,

Honour and Power Divine;
And Bleffings more than we can give;

Be Lord for ever thine.
The whole Creation join in one,

To bless the sacred Name,
Of him that fits, upon the Throne;
And to adore the Lamb.


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