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'OW awful Lord, thy Houfe appears

How beauteous are their Feet
How bleft are they whose Sins are hid
He comes, he comes, the Judge fevere
How often have I stood
Happy the Hours, the golden Days
Happy the Souls to Jesus join'd
How great the Chriftian's Portion is
He reigns! the Lord our Saviour reigns
Hark! from the Tomb a doleful sound
How shall we blefs the bleeding Lamb
Hosanna to the Prince of Light
Hail holy, holy, holy Lord
Hosanna to Jesus on high
How can we adore
Hail thou once despised Jesus
How shall we address tl.y Throne
Hail, fellow Strangers here below
Head of the Church triumphant

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ESU. exert thy gracious

I waited Patient for the Lord
Jefu, thy Word bless
İn God's own House pronounce
Jesu, Lover of my Soul
Is this the kind return
Jesus, our great High Priest
Jesu, Shepherd of the Sheep
Jesus is gone up on high
Join all to praise the Name
Infinite God to thee we raise
Jesus is comé, joyful News
Jefus, shew us thy Salvation
Jefus come, our deareft Jesus
Jefu's dying Grace
I will lay me down to sleep

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Jefus thy Name is sweet to me
If Jesus is yours
In Jesu's Name our Souls we bow

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ORD, we come before thee now

Lo! now the Sun declines apace
Let God be here, let Jelu's Love
Lord we confess our num'rous
Love divine, all Love excelling
Lo he comes on Clouds descending
Loit Sinners to save
Let Potentates who sit on Thrones
Lord, what a wretched Land is this
Let every mortal Ear attend
Lord of the Worlds above
Let every mortal Ear attend
Loft Souls to recover
Let us all with grateful Praises
Lord, attend to our Petition
Lord and God of heav'nly Powers
Let Earth and Heaven agree
Lord, if thou art our Salvation
Look upon us Sinners, Lord
Let others seek for transient Mirth,
Like Sheep we went aftray
Let God be prais'd, our Brother's gone,
Lord, I know not how to pray
Lord, thou haft bid thy People pray
Lo we are journeying to our God
Lovely, loving Lamb of God

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Y Soul thy great Creator praise,

May all our Pow'rs of Heart Meet and right it is to fing

31 138


OW prepare your Hearts
Now the long expected Saviour

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Now raise your thankful Voice
Now begin the heav'nly Theme
Now we meet to praise the Lamb
Now to the Lord a noble Song
Never Love nor Sorrow was
No farther go to Night but ftay
None but Jesus will we fing
Now with joint Consent we fing

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OLGO Donne come before thy Throne

0 thou on whom the Gentiles trust
O for a thousand Tongues

God our Help in Ages paft
O come let us sing
O Lord our heavenly King
Our Shepherd is the Living Lord
O for a 1hout of facred Joy

thou that hear'ft when Sinners cry

lovely Jesus, slaughter'd Lamb
O what Thall we do our Saviour to praise
O precious Saviour Chrift

Jesu, our Lord
O our God! our ftate behold:
O come let us join
O Lord, how great's the Favour
O thou Father of Compassion
O Love divine, how sweet thou art:
O bless the Lord, my Soul
O tell me no more
O Lord, how awful is the Place
O Jefu, full of pard'ning Grace
Our Spirits join t'adore the Lamb
O give thanks, ye Old and Young
O God my Lord, how great's my hoard,
O bonndless Grief, beyond Relief

may we mount on sacred Wings .

3 II IS 24 29 38 39 40 41 42 51 80 84

90 104. 107 112 119 125


141. 159 163 172 174 175. 176 182


Page Our Lord is risen from the Dead

188 Once more the constant Sun

205 O ever-living Priest

208 O finful Britain, now repent

209 Our Saviour, our God

210 Orighteous God, thou Judge fupreme 211 O come let us praise

232 Oye Sons of Men attend

235 O Father of Heaven, be ever ador'd

242 RAISE the Lord, his wide Creation Praise


the Lord, our Hearts should join 59 Praise the Lord who reigns above

116 Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise 124 Plung’d in a gulph of dark Despair

178 Praise be to the Father given

191 Praise to the Lord who arch'd the sky 214 Poor Sinner, come cast off thy Fear







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Ejoice the Lord is King

Right dear in the Almighty's sight 196 Rife, my Soul, and stretch thy Wings

223 Rise, Oye Seed of David, rife

224 Ransom'd Captives, gladly raise

OME Seraph lend your heav'nly Tongue
Stretch out thine Arm eternal Lord

30 Shew thy Compassion, our God

32 Servants of Christ, arise

37 See what a living ftone

:57 So new-born Babes defire the Breast

· 62 Shine mighty God, on Britain, shine

73 Sin and Satan oft have strove

82 Sweet is the Work, O God our King

86 Saviour, we want to know thy Blood

89 Shepherds rejoice, lift up your Eyes

95 Saviour, be pleas'd to meet us here

153 Soldiers, hear the Trumpet founding

157 Salvation




Salvation, O the joyful sound

Salvation to our God

up, blest Souls, shake off


Sons of God by bleft Adoption

Sing we to our God above
Saviour, let us part in Peace
See, my Soul, thy Saviour Dying

HY gracious Promise, Lord

To praise redeeming Love

Thee, let'us taste in all our Food

The Voice of my beloved sounds

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 46
The Lord Jehovah reigns

Thou God of glorious Majesty

'Tis done! chę Rocks are rent

The Lord Jehovah reigns

The God of Glory sends his Summons 75
The Name of Christ how fweet the found 81
Thou Shepherd of Israel divine

That awful Day will surely come

To day we offer thee, O Lamb

The Saviour meets his Flock

The Lord of Life exalted stands

'Tis done! th’atoning Work is done 150
The Voice of my beloved sounds

The Hand of our God

To Jesus our ascended God

Thee we adore eternal Name

This God is the God we adore

Nprofitable ftill

Up to the Fields where Angels,lie 76
Up from the dark and filent Tomb




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