W Elcome, thrice welcome,

What good News the Angels bring 92 What shall we render unto thee

113 What a Pearl of Glory lies

120 What shall we unworthy Creatures 132 With chearful Voice I fing

134 We with boldness will declare

150 When I behold the heav'nly state 156 Wretched, helpless and distressd

162 We magnify thy Grace, O God

199 With this new Year we raise

203 What Tongue can fully tell

239 E INes far and near

21 Ye Tribes of Adam join

60 Ye that seek the Lord who Dy'd

183 Ye Christians hear the joyful News 185 Ye Sons of Men, your Voices raise 219


A HYMN to the Holy Ghoft.

Extracted from the Ordination Office.


OME, Holy Ghost, our Souls inspire,

And lighten with celestial Fire.
Thou the anointing Spirit art,
Who dos thy sev’nfold Gifts impart.
Thy blessed Unction from above,
Is Comfort, Life, and Fire of Love:
Enable with perpetual Light,
The Dulness of our blinded Sight
Anoint and Chear our foiled Face
With the Abundance of thy Grace.
Keep far our Föes, give Peace at Home:
Where thou art Guide, no Ill can come,
Teach us to know the Father, Son,
And Thee, of both, to be but one ;
That through the Ages all along,
This, this may be our endless Song :

Praise God, from whom all Blessings flow,
Praise him all Creatures here below j
Praise him above, ye heavenly Hoft,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft.




Η Υ Μ Ν . Ι.

To Believers.

OME Seraph lend your heav'nly Tongue,

Or Harps of golden String,
That we may raise a lofty Song

To Christ th’Eternal King.
Who can have greater Cause to Praise

Their Saviour and their God!
Than they, whom Jesus hath redeem'd,

And wash'd in his dear Blood,

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In Psalms and Hyoris fpeak forth his Praise,

Let ransom'd Sinners fing,
In loudest Songs of Triumph, cry

Hosannas to our King.
that each here had Angels Tongues,

Our Jesus to adore ;
That we like them might always praise
His Goodness, Love, and Power.


Then we will fing, and never cease

His Glory to proclaim; Who for our Souls such Wonders wrought,

All Praise attend his Name.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Eternal Praise be given,
By all that dwell upon the Earth,

And all the Host of Heaven.

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Ow awful, Lord, thy House appears !

When Thou in Majesty draw'st near, Make this, O God, a House of Prayer, O Lord, vouchsafe thy Presence here. May all that come to Worship here, Be fill'd with reverential Fear; Bow down with Wonder, and adore The Love of Christ for evermore.

Jesu, set up thy Banner here,
Let Sinners to thy Throne draw near;
Obtain remiffion of their Sins,
The Peace and Joy the Gospel brings.
Let many here be Born again, ,
And find Salvation through thy Name
Angels rejoice around thy Throne,
That wand'ring Sinners are brought Home.
Make this a Fold for thy blest Sheep,
And let them close together keep,


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Under the Shadow of thy Wings,
And learn the Notes that Angels Sing
And while we Worship here below,
Let us in Faith and Love still grow,
Longing to join the Heav'nly Throng,
In one triumphant endless Song,

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In all Humility fall down,
And worship at thy Feet;
Here may we wait 'till Thou pass by,
Unto our longing Souls draw nigh,

Who lie at Mercy's Seat,
Within thy House of Mercy, we
Will seek, 'till we thy Glory see,

O let it now draw nigh;
Unveil thy Face, that we may prove
The wond'rous myft'ry of that Love,

Why God for Sinners dy'd !
Nothing, great God, have we to bring,
But such vile Hearts that's full of Sin,

Lord, wash them in thy Blood; Take off the Burden from each Heart, Thy free Salvation now impart,

That we may walk with God. o that we could this Moment feel The blessed Spirit's Heav'nly Seal, The Unction from above;


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