HW sweet and awful is the Place ?

With Christ within the Doors ! While everlasting Love displays

The choicest of her Stores. Here, every bowel of our God,

With soft Compaflion rolls :
Here Peace and Pardon, bought with Blood,

Is Food for dying Souls.
While all our Hearts, and all our Tongues,

Join to admire the Feast;
Each of us cry, with thankful Tongues,

Lord, why was I a Guest?
'Twas the fame Love that spread the Feast,

That sweetly drew us in: Elfe we had still refus'd to taste,

And perish'd in our Sin.

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OW condescending, and how kind,

Our Mis’ry reach'd his heav'nly Mind,

And Pity brought him down.
He sunk beneath our heavy Woes,

To raite us to his Throne:
There's ne'er a Gift his Hand bestows,

But cost his Heart a Groan !


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Now, tho’ he reigns exalted high,

His Love is still as great! Well he remembers Calvary,

Nor let his Saints forget. Here we behold his Bowels roll,

As kind, as when he dy'd, And see the Sorrows of his Soul,

Bleed thro' his wounded Side.
Here we receive repeated Seals

Of Jesu's dying Love :
Hard is the Wretch, that never feels

One soft Affection move.

Here let our Hearts begin to melt,

While we his Death record :
And with our Joy, for pardon’d Guilt,

Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord,

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EHOLD a Mystery !

Of Love divinely Free,
We had all offended God,

God himself a Ransom found, God the Son pour'd out his Blood,

He hath once for all aton'd.

The God of Nature fee

Nail'd to the cursed Tree!
He, who all the Creatures made,

He, whom Heaven and Earth obey,

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The Sun withdraws his Light, And wraps the World in Night, Nature cannot bear to see

Her Creator suffering thus ! Yet alas ! what Hearts have we !

Cold and stupid at his Cross. 'Tis finish'd, Jesus cries !

Then bows his Head and Dies ! He, who knew no fpot of sin,

All our Curse and Burden bore,
Dy'd to make us Sinners Clean,
Dy'd that we might fin no more.
Sinners, draw near to God,

And wash in Jesu's Blood,
Lo! the Fountain open stands,

Pardon you may freely have ;
Jesus stretches out his Hand,

Longing ruin'd Souls to fave.

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Inners, view the doleful Garden,

View your Jesus on the Tree;
Dearly purchasing a Pardon
For his People, full and Free :
View him now in Heaven fiteing,
Interceding for us there,
Not a Moment intermitting
His Compaffion, and his Care.


Nothing but thy Blood, O Jesus,
Can relieve us from our Smart,
Nothing can from Guilt release us,
Nothing else can melt the Heart :
Jerus, all our Confolations
Flow from thee, the fov’reign Good,
Love and Faith, and Hope and Patience,
All are purchas'd by thy Blood.
Softly to thy Garden lead us,
To behold 'thy bloody Sweat,
Tho' thou from the Curse dost free us,
Let us not the Cost forget :
Be thy Groans and Cries rehearsed,
By the Spirit, in our Ears,
'Till we, viewing whom we've pierced,
Melt in sympathetick Tears.

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ET all our Tongues be one,

To praise our God on high! Who, from his Bofom, sent his Son,

To fetch us Strangers nigh.


It cost him Cries and Tears,

To bring us near to God !
Great was our Debt, and he appears.

To make our Payment good.
Infinite was our Guilt,

But he, our Priest, atones :
On the cold Ground his Life was fpilt,
And offer'd with his Groans.



M 4

Look up, my Soul, to him,

Whose Death was thy desert;
And humbly view the living ftream,

Flow from his breaking Heart.

Thus the Redeemer came,

By Water and by Blood,
And when the Spirit speaks the same,

We feel his Witness good.

Lord, cleanse my Soul from Sin,

Nor let thy Grace depart: Great Comforter ! abide within,

And witness to my Heart.

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ORD, how divine thy Comforts are !

How heav'nly is the Place !
Where Jesus spreads the facred Feaft,

Of his redeeming Grace.
There the rich bounties of our God,

And sweetest Glories shine :
There Jesus says, that I am his,

And my beloved's mine.
What shall we pay our heav'nly King ?

For Grace so vast as this?
He brings our Pardon to our Eyes,
And seals it with a Kiss.



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