Christian's mistake, by the author of 'John Halifax, gentleman'.


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Side 320 - By VICTOR HUGO. AUTHORISED COPYRIGHT ENGLISH TRANSLATION. "The merits of ' Les Miserables ' do not merely consist in the conception of it as a whole; it abounds, page after page, with details of unequalled beauty.
Side 307 - Teach me to live, that I may dread The grave as little as my bed ; Teach me to die, that so I may Rise glorious at the awful day.
Side 307 - Forgive, me, LORD, for Thy dear SON, The ill that I this day have done ; That with the world, myself, and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
Side 320 - MISTRESS AND MAID. BY THE AUTHOR OF " JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN." "A good wholesome book, gracefully written, and as pleasant to read as it is instructive." — Athenaeum. "A charming tale charmingly told.
Side 317 - ' This is a very good and a very interesting work. It is designed to trace the career from boyhood to age of a perfect man — a Christian gentleman, and it abounds in incident both well and highly wrought. Throughout it is conceived in a high spirit, and written with great a! tility. This cheap and handsome new edition is worthy to pass freely from hand to hand as a gift book in many households.
Side 317 - THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. " Independent of its value as an original narrative, and its useful and interesting. Information, this work is remarkable for the colouring power and play of fancy with which Its descriptions are enlivened. Among its greatest and most lasting charms is its reverent and serious spirit"— Quarterly Retina.
Side 320 - This charming novel is the work of one who possesses a great talent for writing, as well as experience and knowledge of the world, '—Athenaeum.
Side 150 - As much as in you lieth, live peaceably with all men." But she sometimes wondered, with a kind of sad satire, whether the same could ever, under any circumstances, be done with all women. Alas! not with these, or rather this woman, Aunt Maria being merely the adjective of that very determined substantive, Aunt Henrietta. She braced herself to the battle immediately. " Excuse me, Mrs. Grey ; but I can not see what right you have to question me, or I to answer.
Side 320 - It is a work conspicuous for taste and literary culture. It is a very graceful and charming book, with a well-managed story, clearly-cut characters, and sentiments expressed with an exquisite elocution. The dialogues especially sparkle with repartee. It is a book which the world will like. This is high praise of a work of art, and so we intend it." — Times. VOL. XXX.— LIFE OF THE REV. EDWARD IRVING. BY MRS OLIPHANT. " A good book on a most interesting theme."— Times.
Side 122 - LOVE that asketh love again, Finds the barter nought but pain; Love that giveth in full store, Aye receives as much, and more.

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