Public health reports (1896): Supplement, Utgaver 1-20

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918

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Side 62 - Number 1 of the first birth and the first death in each calendar year, and sign his name as registrar in attest of the date of filing in his office. He shall also make a complete and accurate copy of each birth and each death certificate registered by him in a record book supplied by the State registrar, to be preserve'!
Side 55 - That for the purposes of this act the state shall be divided into registration districts as follows: Each city, each incorporated town, and each township * shall constitute a primary registration district...
Side 58 - He shall obtain the personal and statistical particulars required from the person best qualified to supply them, over the signature and address of his informant. He shall then present the certificate to the...
Side 107 - The spread of yellow fever can be most effectually controlled by measures directed to the destruction of mosquitoes and the protection of the sick against the bites of these insects.
Side 62 - He shall inform all registrars what diseases are to be considered as infectious, contagious, or communicable and dangerous to the public health, as decided by the State Board of Health, in order that when deaths occur from such diseases proper precautions may be taken to prevent the spreading of dangerous diseases.
Side 18 - ... form of record for the permanent files of the local health office. On each report thus forwarded the local health officer shall state whether the case to which the report pertains was visited or otherwise investigated by a representative of the local health office and whether measures were taken to prevent the spread of the disease or the occurrence of additional cases.
Side 107 - ... 3. An interval of about twelve days or more after contamination appears to be necessary before the mosquito is capable of conveying the infection. 4. The bite of the mosquito at an earlier period after contamination does not appear to confer any immunity against a subsequent attack. 5. Yellow fever can also be experimentally produced by the subcutaneous injection of blood taken from the general circulation during the first and second days of this disease.
Side 59 - ... a permit for burial, removal or other disposition of the body. The undertaker shall deliver the burial permit to the sexton, or...
Side 59 - Registrar at all times. On the first day of each month the person, firm, or corporation, selling caskets shall report to the State Registrar each sale for the preceding month, on a blank provided for that purpose: provided, however, that no person, firm or corporation selling caskets to dealers or undertakers only shall be required to keep such record...
Side 62 - And he shall carefully examine each certificate of birth or death when presented for record, to see that" it has been made out in accordance with the provisions of this act and the instructions of the state registrar; and if any certificate of death is incomplete or unsatisfactory, it shall be his duty to call attention to the defects in the return, and to withhold issuing the burial or removal permit until they are corrected.

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