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Platteville--Fall Term opens Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Sept. 1.

Aug. 25.





The Board of Regents of Normal Schools has adopted the following regulations for the admission of Students to any State Normal School.

1. Each Assembly District in the State shall be entitled to six representatives in the Normal Schools, and in case vacancies exist in the representatiou to which any Assembly District is entitled, such vacancies may be filled by the President and Secretary of the Board of Regents.

2. Candidates for admission shall be nominated by the County Superintendent of the County (or if the County Superintendent has not jurisdiction, then the nomination shall be made by the City Superintendent of the city,) in which such candidates may reside, and they shall be at least sixteen years of age, of sound bodily health and of good moral character. Each person so nominated shall receive a certificate setting forth his name, age, health and character, and a duplicate of such certificate shall be immediately sent by mail, by the Superintendent, to the Secre. tary of the Board.

3. Upon presentation of such certificate to the President of a State Normal School, the candidate shall be examined, under the direction of said President, in the branches required by law for a third grade certificate, except History and Theory and Practice of Teaching, and if found qualified to enter the Normal School in respect to learning, he may be admitted, after furnishing such evidence as the President may require of good health and moral character, and after subscribing to following declaration: I,

do hereby declare that my purpose in entering this State Normal School is to fit myself for the profession of teaching, and that it is my intention to engage in teaching in the public schools of this State.

4. No person shall be entitled to a diploma, who has not been a member of the the school in which such diploma is granted, at least one year, nor who is less than nineteen years of age; but a certificate of attendance may be granted by the President of a Normal School to any person who shall have been a meinber of such school for one term, provided that in his judgment such certificate is deserved.

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The Ternis of Board at cach locality are moderate. Information as to board and other matters may be obtained by addressing the Presidents of the respective schools, as follows: President E. A. CHARLTON, at Platteville. President OLIVER AREY, Whitewater

President GEORGE S. ALBEE, at Oshkosh.



, Armshong & Comp'y

"elter's New Practical Arithmetic.

his book combines Mental and written Arithmetic, is concise and clear in its definitions and rules, i contains an unusually large number of such practical problems as farmers, mechanics, and other siness meu have to solve.


Prepared by Prof. E. A. SHELDON, of Oswego Normal School, N.Y. Superbly illustrated. Adapted to both the Phonic and the Word method of teaching reading, mple facts in natural science incidentally taught in natural, child language.

The patented form of these books is such that they take a small amount of desk room, and the page ot in use is turned from the pupil so that it cannot be easily soiled. Nos. 1 and 2 present a complete course of writing, including all the letters and capitals.

Guyot's Geographies, Felter's Arithmetics, Cooley's Philosophy, Cooley's Chemistry, Tenney's Natural Histories, Had

ley's Lessons in Language, Etc., Etc. Descriptive Catalogues and Special Circulars may always be had on appli. cation Address

Care Hadley Bros., Booksellers, 136 State St., CHICAGO.

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During the past business year, '72-73, we have published the following important text-books for
Schools and Colleges:
AGNEL'S Tabular French System.

FOLSOM'S Logic of Accounts.
BAADE"S Permutation Reading Case.

JEPSON'S Music Readers. Three Nos. BAKER'S Brief History of Texas.

MONTEITH'S Comprehensive Geography. BARBER'S Critical Speller.

NORTHEND's Young Declaimer. BLAIR'S Latin Pronunciation.

PEABODY'S Moral Science. CHAPMAN'S Elementary Drawing Book. PECK'S Analytical Mechanics. CLARK'S K’ey to Normal Grammúr.

STEELE'S Fourteen Weeks in Physiology. CLARK'S Beginner's Grammar.

STEELES New Chemistry DAVIES' Examination of the Demonstrations of WATSON'S Child's Scripi Speller. the Legendre.

WATSON'S Youth's Script Speller.
DAVIES' Nature and l'lility of Mathematics. WOOD'S Botanica! Record.

Also, revised editions of the following standard text-books, viz.:

DON, and JOYNES' FRENCH PRONUNCIATION. These works have sprung into an immediate demand and have more than realized the great expectations held out for them.

We have also increased our several specific libraries. For instance, our TEACHERS' LIBRARY by ORTON'S “ Liberal Education of Women: the Demand and the Method ;'' and NORTHROP'S “ Edu. cation Abroad." Our GIFT-BOOK LIBRARY by “ Chrysostom; or, The Mouth of Gold," by EDWIN JOHNSON; " True Success in Life,” by RAY PALMER; "Sunny Hours of Childhood," collected stories, anecdotes, etc. All are handsomely bound, and within the reach of any Teacher.

We also invite ESPECIAL ATTENTION to the following late works, and the brilliant success they are attaining:


Adopted by the city of MADISON, WIS., Over Five Competing Series. Already in use in Over Three Hundred other Leading Cities and Towns in the West Alone,

besides Two Full State Adoptions.

Barnes' Brief History of U. S.,

Positively outstripping all competitors. In use in EIGHTY prominent Cities and Towns in WISCONSIN. STEELE'S PHYSIOLOGY

Last and crowning work of the unrivalled 14 Weeks' Scientific Series, of which over Three

Hundred and Fifty Thousand Copies have been sold.

Revised "14 Weeks" Chemistry, Contains new Nomenclature, Plates, etc. JUST READY.

MONTEITH'S COMPREHENSIVE GEOGRAPHY, A FULL COURSE in one book, for $1.60, retail. Contains eight new features not found in other

works, and ONE-THIRD more Maps. For descriptive catalogue and special terms for introduction, address,


113 & 115, Stats St., CHICAGO. JOHN A. COMSTOCK, General Agent for Wisconsin.

P.O. address, care A. S. B. & Co., CHICAGO.

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