[blocks in formation]



for a false warranty of a horse, 276.

for deceitfully representing a third person fit to be trusted, 278.

against owner of a coach für negligence of servant in driving same, 281.

against owner of ship for negligence in navigation of it, 283.

for double value of goods distrained, no rent due, 285.

for distraining beasts of plough and sheep, 286.

for distraining for more rent than was due, 287.

for taking excessive distress for rent, 288.

for driving distress above three miles out of the hundred, 287.

for impounding distress off the premises, and not giving notice, 287.

for refusing to restore distress, on tender of rent and costs, 288.

for selling a distress within five days, 289.

for not removing distress within reasonable time after five days, 290.

for not selling for the best price, 291.

for not leaving the overplus of distress with the sheriff, 292.

for rescue of distress for rent on a common appurtenant, 293.

for a pound-breach, 295.

for rescuing cattle taken damage-feasant, 296.

for pound-breach cattle taken damage-feasant, 297.

for a rescue of a person arrested on mesne process, 297.

for an escape on mesne process, 299.

for not arresting the debtor when defendant had an opportunity, 301.

the like, and for false return on mesne process of non est inventus, 302.

against the sheriff for an escape on final process, 303.

for a false return of nulla bona to a writ of fi. fa 303.

for not levying, and false return of nulla bona, 305.

for not taking replevin bond, 306.

for taking insufficient pledges in replevin, 310.

for not assigning a bail-bond, 311.

for infringing copyright of a book, patents, &c. 313 to 322.

second count, for exposing to sale printed copies, 314.

count stating that parts of plaintiff's book were original, 315.

for infringing the copyright of a print, 316.

for the infringment of patent by patentee and assignee, 317.

second count, for making imitations of the invention, 322.

in trover,

for cattle, deeds, bonds, bills and notes, bank notes, money, and

goods, 323.

by assignees of a bankrupt, first count on bankrupt's possession, 325.

second count, on assignee's possession, 325.

by an executor for a trover and conversion in the life-time of testa -

tor, 326.

second count, for a conversion after his death, 327.

third count, for trover and conversion after testator's death, 327.

by an administrator, first count on intestate's possession, 328.

second count, on a trover before the death, and conversion after, 329.

third count, on a trover after death, and before administration, 329.

fourth count, on possession of administrator, 330.

for an injury to plaintiff's reversionary interest in goods, 330.


to houses or land in possession or reversion.

for obstructing ancient windows, 331.

second count, for continuing the nuisance, 333.

for not repairing a privy adj rining plaintiff's house, 334.

second count, for not emptying the cesspool, 335.

by a reversioner, for damage to messuage in possession of his tenant, 336.

VOL. 11.


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