ever been ambitious of appearing in the best Company

You are now wholly retired from the busie Part of Mankind, and at leisure to reflect upon your past Atchievments; for which reason, I look upon You as a Person very well qualified for a Dedication.

I may possibly disappoint my Readers, and your self

too, if I do not endeavour on this occa

fion to make the World acquainted with your Virtues. And here, Sir, I shall not compliment You upon your Birth, Person, or Fortune; nor any other the like Perfections, which You poffefs whether You will or no: But shall only touch upon those, which are of your own acquiring, and in which every one must allow You have a real Merit.


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Your janty Air and calie Motion, the Volubility of your Discourse, the Suddenness of your Laugh, the Management of your Snuff-Box, with the Whiteness of your Hands and Teeth(which have justly gained You the Envy of the most polite part of the Male World, and the Love of the greatest Beauties in the Female) are intirely to be ascribed to your


own personalGenius and Application.

You are formed for these Accomplishments by a happy Turn of Nature, and have finished your self in them by the utmostImprovements of Art. A Man that is defective in either of these Qualifications (whatever may be the secret Ambition of his Heart) must never hope to make the Figure You have done, among the fashionable


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part of his Species. It is therefore no wonder, we see such multitudes of aspiring young Men fall short of you in all thefc Beauties of your Character,notwithstanding the Study and Practice of them is thewhole Business of their Lives. But I need not tell You that the free and disengaged Behaviour of a fine Gentleman makes as many awkward Beaux, as the Easiness of your


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