The Health Officer, Volum 2


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Side 244 - APHA code was first published in 1952 and was developed by the Committee on the Hygiene of Housing of the American Public Health Association organized in the 1930's under the chairmanship of Dr.
Side 78 - American writing in the latter part of the nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth centuries.
Side 637 - To summarize the findings of the Technical Committee on Medical Care of the President's Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Health and Welfare Activities: 1.
Side 58 - Many people lived in straitened circumstances at the height of prosperity; a considerable number lived in chronic want. Throughout the twenties, the number of people dependent upon private and public charity steadily increased. With the depression, the scant margin of safety of many others has disappeared. The average earnings of all wage earners at work dropped from $1,475 in 1929 to $1,199 in 1932.
Side 383 - ... neonatal mortality reported as in process last year was completed and reported at the annual meeting of the American Statistical Association in 1937 by the division statistician, J. Yerushalmy.8 The paper on "Recurrence of Stillbirths and Neonatal Mortality in the Same Families" was presented before the child hygiene section of the American Public Health Association at the annual meeting and will be published in the American Journal of Hygiene in 1939. The study attempts to determine whether...
Side 516 - The conferences were sponsored by the Committee on Public Health Relations of the New York Academy of Medicine, with the assistance of the Josiah Macy, Jr.
Side 352 - Life is short and Art is long, the Occasion fleeting, Experience fallacious, and Judgment difficult.
Side 54 - For the most disinterested and meritorious public service rendered by any American newspaper during the year...
Side 336 - ... 3. That public funds should be made available for the support of medical education and for studies, investigations and procedures for raising the standards of medical practice. If this is not provided for, the provision of adequate medical care may prove impossible. 4. That public funds should be available for medical research as essential for high standards of practice in both preventive and curative medicine. 5. That public funds should be made available to hospitals that render service to...
Side 315 - Each year, a subject of outstanding importance in the practice of medicine and surgery is selected and is presented from as many angles as possible.

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