Western Land Owner, Volum 1

H. N. Copp, 1884

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Side 13 - Motions for rehearing and review must be accompanied by an affidavit of the party, or his attorney, that the motion is made in good faith, and not for the purpose of delay.
Side 17 - Whenever any act of a secular nature, other than a work of necessity or mercy, is appointed by law or contract to be performed upon a particular day, which day falls upon a holiday, such act may be performed upon the next business day with the same effect as if it had been performed upon the day appointed.
Side 23 - When damages are claimed for withholding the property recovered, upon which permanent improvements have been made by a defendant, or those under whom he claims, holding under color of title adversely to the claim of the plaintiff, in good faith, the value of such improvements must be allowed as a set-off against such damages.
Side 30 - An Act to Provide for the Adjustment of Land Grants Made by Congress To Aid in the Construction of Railroads, and for the Forfeiture of Unearned Lands, and for Other Purposes.
Side 20 - States, or persons who have declared their intention to become citizens, which homesteads have been made, improved, and used for agricultural purposes, and upon which there have been no valuable mines of gold, silver...
Side 27 - A certificate of purchase issued in due form, in favor of a pre-emptor, for land subject to entry under the pre-emption law, cannot be canceled or set aside by the Land Department for alleged fraud in obtaining it; but in such case, the government must seek redress in the courts, where the matter may be heard and determined according to the law applicable to the rights of individuals in like circumstances V.
Side 23 - But we do not attach any importance to the exception, for the officers of the Land Department, being merely agents of the government, have no authority to insert in a patent any other terms than those of conveyance, with recitals showing compliance with the conditions which the law prescribes.
Side 21 - There is no relation of trust or confidence between mining partners which is violated by the sale and assignment by one partner to a stranger, or to one of the associates, of his share in the property and business of the association.
Side 122 - States governing their possessory title, shall have the exclusive right of possession and enjoyment of all the surface included within the lines of their locations, and of all veins, lodes, and ledges throughout their entire depth, the top or apex of which lies inside of such surface lines extended downward vertically...
Side 13 - To constitute the exemption contemplated by the preemption act under the head of 'known mines,' there should be upon the land ascertained coal deposits of such an extent and value as to make the land more valuable to be worked as a coal mine, under the conditions existing at the time, than for merely agricultural purposes. The circumstance that there are surface indications of the existence of veins...

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