Crown 8vo. 35. 6d.

The Business Man's Vade-Mecum


The volume contains Discount and Commission Tables, embracing upwards of 18,000 calculations, computed at 91 rates of percentage, from per cent. to 973 per cent., on amounts from 1 to £10,000; Interest Tables on amounts from £1 to £10,000, calculated at 5 per cent., from one day to 365 days; Interest Tables on amounts from £1 to £10,000, calculated at 15 rates of percentage, from 1 month to 11 months, and from 1 year to 9 years; Moneys, Weights and Measures of all Nations, with their English equivalents.

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A Guide to the Buyers of British Goods in the Foreign and Colonial Markets

This work contains the names and addresses of the European and Native Merchants and Actual Buyers of British Goods in India, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America, The Cape, Canada, and our Colonial possessions in all parts of the World. These are so classified as to show the various kinds of goods imported or purchased by each Foreign and Colonial firm.

"The Guide is the most complete and best arranged work of its kind that has ever been compiled. It contains no fewer than sixty

thousand names grouped under the head of Classes of goods bought.' NORTH-EASTERN


Crown 8vo. 35. 6d.

Executors and Trustees
Their Duties and Responsibilities.

By SHACKLETON HALLETT, of Lincoln's Inn,

"Shows how anyone who follows the instructions may be practically independent of a solicitor."


"The author treats this important subject ably, and in popular fashion, and as he fortifies his theories with examples, his book is entertaining as well as instructive and suggestive."


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of Executors and Trustees are expounded in a lucid fashion." DUNDEE ADVERTISER.

"Executors and Trustees will discover in this book the kind of direction they most need."

NEWCASTLE DAILY LEADER. "Invaluable to all who are interested in trust funds or estates." SHEFFIELD DAILY TELEGRAPH.

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Wills, Probate and Administration

By R. DENNY URLIN, of the Middle Temple,

With an Appendix of Forms and Practical Directions,


A Solicitor of the Supreme Court.

The information is clear, concise, and trustworthy, free from pedantry and technical language,

and consequently intelligible to the non-legal mind. It is a useful handy-book."


New (Library) Edition, Royal Quarto. Half Calf £2 2s.

Profusely Illustrated with Woodcuts.

Worcester's Standard Dictionary of the English Language


This work, the only authorised and unabridged edition, is the largest and most complete Dictionary of the English Language. The new edition is enlarged, and now contains thousands of words not to be found in any other Dictionary.

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Royal 8vo. 30s.

With 346 Figures and 34 Plates, by G. NICOLET, Librarian at the Veterinary School of Alfort.

The Exterior of the Horse


Honorary Director of the Veterinary School of Alfort, Member of the Academy of Medicine and of the National Society of Agriculture of France,


Professor of Anatomy and the Exterior at the Veterinary School of Alfort, Member of the Central Society of Veterinary Medicine of France.

Translated from the second French edition and Edited by


Professor of Anatomy and Zootechnics in the Veterinary Department of the University of Pennsylvania.

This "Standard European work of GOUBAUX and BARRIER" is replete with valuable information, not only for the teacher, the veterinarian, and the student, but also for the connoisseur and the breeder. The numerous plates and figures thoroughly elucidate the more difficult points of the text; and references are made throughout to all the acknowledged authorities on veterinary science.

"May be confidently recommended to all owners and breeders of horses."-MORNING POST.

Has no equal on the same subject in any language."-JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY.

"By a careful study of this book, the reader can appreciably shorten the period required to become a judge of a horse by the eye alone, consequently it should commend itself to the notice of those gentlemen who are in the habit of offici

ating as judges at shows; while to the breeder it will be of great service. Indeed, so far as judging is concerned, no one will deny that it would be of advantage if, in addition to a good eye for a horse, judges also possessed a modicum of that scientific knowledge of which this book treats so fully. The chapters on the Centre of Gravity, and the Lever and Muscular Mechanism, are full of valuable information, and will well repay attentive study. Every point in connection with the head, body,

and limbs is thoroughly examined; and especially would we commend the remarks concerning the foot of the horse; while the section on Proportions is most interesting: and, after having read and understood this portion of the work, a good many people will discover that they have quite misunderstood what is meant by a long, low horse; while the different proportional measurements will, we venture to think, be new to the majority of our readers. With regard to the Dentition of a horse, we have here the teeth very thoroughly examined; and a mass of information is given in connection with the teeth and jaws. A word must be said for the illustrations, of which there are nearly four hundred. They are artistic, and altogether praise. worthy; while M. Nicolet may be fairly congratulated upon the success which has attended him in depicting the various types of horses. To the person who takes a scientific interest in the use, breeding, and exhibition of horses, this work will offer great attraction."-THE FIELD.

"The term exterior, as applied to the horse, appears to have been used by veterinarians only since

the latter part of the last century, dating from the period when Bourgelet published his book upon the external form of the horse, in 1768, six years after the inauguration of veterinary schools. The object of studying the exterior of the horse is defined to be to enable us to determine by a rapid examination of the form of a horse his relative commercial value in the service in which he is to be employed. The publishers have produced this edition in a most attractive style-paper, letterpress, and illustrations are all good and pleasing. Dr. Harger has, indeed, creditably acquitted himself of what must have been a very difficult task, and all who have occasion to consult the volume will readily agree with him that it contains valuable information for the practitioner, the student, the horseman, and the breeder." - THE JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND.

Large 8vo.

"It is a monument of industry, and contains matter which may be read with profit by veterinary surgeons and horse men. Every chapter is suggestive, and sets one thinking over old subjects in a new light."--VETERINARY RECORD.


With Illustrations by REMINGTON, FROST, SANDHAM, and others. The Wilderness Hunter

With an Account of the Big Game of the United States and its Chase with Horse, Hound, and Rifle.


Author of "Hunting Trips of a Ranchman," The Winning of the West,"

etc., etc.

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