Crown 8vo. 96 pp. 6d.

The British Colonies and Dependencies

Their Resources and Commerce

With Chapters on the Interchange of Productions and
Climatic Conditions

Adapted to the requirements of the Code for the Upper Standards


With Coloured Map of the British Empire as a whole, and full page Maps of the more important Colonies.

productions and climatic conditions are also inserted.'-The Teachers' Aid.

'Nothing better than this little manual recorded. Chapters on the interchange of on the British Colonies need be desired, and its publication synchronises fitly with the Diamond Jubilee. The matter is presented in a very attractive form, and all the recent additions and extensions are

'A capital little book, giving a brief account of the various outlying parts of the Empire.'-South African Educator.

[blocks in formation]

Its Geography, Resources, and Chronicle of Discovery

up to 1898. For the Upper Standards


"This little book is, for its size, remarkably full of information about Africa, and gives pithy explanations of such current expressions as "sphere of influence," and "hinter-land," etc.-The Teachers' Aid.

'This cheap little volume admirably fulfils this existing deficiency of a handy and reliable up-to-date text-book on the physical, political, and commercial geography, of what was, but is not likely long

to remain, the "Dark Continent." -The Pupil-Teacher.

'Though only a primer apparently for school use, it will no doubt commend itself to those who care to seek an acquaintance with the more recent discoveries, and who do not wish to wade through voluminous tomes in pursuit of the knowledge.'-The Cape Times.

Eighteen Cards in Packet, Is. 6d.

The New Drawing Cards

For Infants (Kindergarten). In two colours-Red and Blue

Designed by FRANK G. JACKSON.

'For these cards we have nothing but unqualified praise. In artistic design, in novelty of treatment, in harmony of colour, and in the ready manner in which the various designs are utilised in mass treatment, they far surpass anything we have seen. The packet for infants (Kindergarten) contains various forms in two colours, drawn on squared paper,

the copies themselves being very artistic.-The Practical Teacher.

'The Kindergarten Cards are beautifully designed, tastefully coloured, and artistically executed. The figures are interesting and varied. The training given to hand and eye by the use of this excellent series of cards must be great.'-The Educational News.

Thirty-two Cards in Cloth Case (in Colour), 2s. 6d.

The New Drawing Cards

Standards I. and II. (Suitable for varied occupations)

Designed by FRANK G. JACKSON.

'A packet of 32 splendid cards to gladden the hearts of the youngsters in the two Lower Standards. As a varied occupation, nothing could be nicer than reproducing, both in shape and colour, these beautiful designs.'-The Teachers' Aid.

'To teachers who are desirous of introducing colour-work into their

schools, we have not met with a more educative series.'

The Educational News.

'The character of the subjects chosen, and above all the manner in which the subjects are treated, will ensure their popularity with any class of little ones. We recommend every teacher to see the cards.'The Practical Teacher.

Adopted by the School Board for London.

The New Freehand Drawing Cards.
By FRANK G. JACKSON, of the Birmingham Municipal
School of Art; Author of 'Lessons in Decorative Art'
and Theory and Practice of Design.'

Standards III. IV., and V., 2s. each.
Standards VI. and VII., 2s. 6d. each.
In strong Cloth Cases.

The whole Series comprise Exercises in

I. Outlining with the Pencil from lined examples-ruled and Free


II. Outlining from copies drawn in mass.

III. Outlining with the Pen from examples of written and floral forms. IV. Outlining of forms with the Pencil, to be afterwards filled in with Tones, in water-colour or with coloured chalks.

V. Outlining with the Brush.

VI. Direct Drawing with the Brush in mass.

VII. Geometry, Stencilling, and Freehand combined.

'Nothing so good has yet been offered to teachers of drawing as this excellent series of cards.'-The Schoolmaster.

'These cards are excellent. The systematic arrangement combined with the thoroughness of their artistic analyses ought to make them very acceptable to teachers. In each standard there is plenty of variety in the designs, and included in each set there are good examples of brush work. There should be a large demand for these cards.'-The HeadTeacher.

we have seen. It gives great pleasure to welcome the advent of a set of copies in which each line is a line of beauty. One of the pleasing features is the abundance of key sketches to each copy, and the sug gested treatment of some of the copies for mass decorative effects.'-The Girls' Mistress.

In form and design the copies are very beautiful. The flower and animal forms-Mallow, Maple, Peony, Lily, Cock, Fish, Rat, etc.-are true to nature, as well as suitable as freehand copies, and will be of use even to 'The new series of Freehand advanced students. These new copies Cards is excellent. In graduation, are, in short, the only freehand copies in novelty, in varying treatments of worth buying, for they will teach the subjects, in beauty of form, in at- teachers as well as the students.'tractiveness, it far surpasses anything | Science and Art.

[blocks in formation]

Fifty New Lessons in English

Being a Historical Method of Parsing


'Here parsing is made interesting | tion in an examination in English.’— and instructive. In fifty typical sen- The Pupil-Teacher. tences, carefully chosen as specimens of varied forms of sentences, the author parses each word etymologically and historically-quoting kindred forms, giving much information, and exemplifying the modifications of form and signification words have undergone. The Educational News.

'In the fifty lessons here given, Professor Meiklejohn has demonstrated fully and ably that it is possible to make the examination of the words of a simple sentence a most interesting process.'--The Practical Teacher.

'Professor Meiklejohn is never dull, and his preface, in which he flouts and scouts and routs the whole tribe of modern grammarians, is very lively reading. . . . A very interesting little book of exercises in simple English philology.'-The Journal of Educa

'A teacher purchasing this book and only attempting a lesson a week and thoroughly mastering it would at the end of the year have a very full and definite knowledge of the history of our language; and further, would be well prepared to take a good position.

Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 284 pp. 2s. 6d.

A Manual of Expressive Reading

By J. M. D. MEIKLEJOHN, M.A., Professor of Education in the

University of St.

'A marked improvement in the reading of his pupils must follow its careful perusal by a class teacher, and many a clergyman would earn the gratitude of his congregation by humbly submitting himself to Professor Meiklejohn's training.'-The Schoolmaster.

'I like the design and execution of your "Manual of Expressive Reading"; and if it were well worked through, our School reading would be very much more refined and intellectual than now it is.'-The Rev. J. P. Faunthorpe, Principal of the Whitelands College, Chelsea.


'I have read parts of it with much pleasure, and feel sure it will supply a long-felt want for Pupil-Teachers and Students in Training Colleges.'--Miss B. Tucker, Principal of PupilTeachers' College, Liverpool.

'I have taken time to carefully look through your book on Expressive Reading. As an attempt to lead through the senses to what is after all really a matter for the soul, it is in my opinion admirable. . . . The introductory chapters are most helpful, and the selections of poetry at the end delightful.'-H. W. Duffin, Esq., Head-Master, Pupil-Teachers' School, Norwich.

Adopted by the School Board for London

Twentieth Edition. One Hundred and Fifth Thousand. Crown 8vo. 630 pp. 4s. 6d.

A New Geography on the Comparative


With Maps and Diagrams, and


'The value of the Comparative Method in Educational Matters is comprehensively set forth, both in the arrangement of the text, and the Maps and Diagrams. The separation of facts that are of first importance from those that are secondary, the classification of subject-matter, and the systematic use of sectional paragraphs, are equally skilful, and equally conducive to simplicity, clearness, and impressiveness.' -Saturday Review.

'A most useful manual for Examiners, and full of stimulating matter for students of Geography. Its picturesqueness of description and vividness of style make it almost as interesting and enjoyable reading as a book of travels.'-The Journal of Education.

'I am delighted with it. I expected something very good, and the actual product in no respect falls below my anticipations.-A. J. Wyatt, Esq., M.A. (Lond.), Univ. Corr. College, Cambridge.

'Your Geography is excellent, and I shall certainly recommend it to Civil Service Candidates.'-W. Baptiste Scoones, Esq., 14 Chelsea Embankment, London, S.W.

'Your Geography strikes us as quite first-rate, admirably arranged, accurate, clear, incisive. It is the most scientific work we know on the subject.'-Rev. H. P. Gurney, M. A. (of Messrs. Wren & Gurney), 3 Powis Square, London.

'A chapter of the New Geography reads like a lively viva voce lesson.'-The Literary World.

'For all that is best worth knowing, no better book than this could be studied.'Educational News.

'No teacher, who desires what the age can render in this branch of study, can afford to ignore the materials you have placed in his hands.-G. A. Christian, Esq., B.A. (Lond.), Headmaster, P. T. School, Southwark.

'It appears to me to be admirably suited for teachers and advanced scholars. It is full of matter, and the matter could not be more effectively arranged.'-James Ogilvie, Esq., M.A., Principal, The Church of Scotland Training College, Aberdeen.

'What Mr. J. R. Green did for English history Professor Meiklejohn has done for Geography.'-The English Teacher.


2s. 6d.

A New Geography on the Comparative


PART I.-Containing Europe, with Introduction to Geography, and Index, Maps, and Diagrams.

2s. 6d.

PART II. Containing Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australasia, with Index, Vocabulary, Maps, and Diagrams.

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