How I Managed My House on £200 a Year. 52nd

Thousand. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"Mrs. Warren gives instructions on all matters connected with housekeeping, and her counsel seems very sensible. Her object is to prove that if a young wife of the middle class be handy with her needle, and has had experience under her parents' roof, she will find Laco per annum a sum all-sufficient to steer her matrimonial craft safely over shoals and breakersprovided always that love sits at the helm."-Englishwoman's Journal.

How I Managed My Children from Infancy to Marriage. 22nd Thousand. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"These admirable and popular shilling volumes are worth a hundred times more than they cost the purchaser. The subjects are not only of universal interest, but they are treated in a way by the gifted writer that will insure their being read, and, if read, they cannot fail to instruct and impress. How many homes might be made really enjoyable that are now almost unbearable if the good and true views of these volumes were adopted! While the subjects of the volumes are diverse, yet how closely connected! First, wisely and economically use means for living honestly and in comfort, and then make the hearth the sphere of health and joy by a rational treatment, both of the bodies and minds of children. Fathers should not neglect the one of these volumes, nor mothers the other, and to both we pronounce them treasures of real value. And the price brings them within the reach of all classes of readers.' Baptist Messenger.


My Lady-Help and What She Taught Me. 25th Thousand. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"One of the best and cheapest shillings' worth of information ever given in exchange for that popular coin. Mrs. Warren tells in a pleasant style just what the cookery books and household guides do not tell. For instance, what cookery book will tell us how to prevent the taste of the oven in baked meats? Not one. Yet the plan is as simple as possible. Can you tell the different effects of boiling and cold water on cooking? No. These our Lady-help can tell you. Here, in fact, is a magazine of valuable information for a housekeeper, put together in a style that makes it as readable as a tale."-Nonconformist.

The Way it is Done. Household Hints: Principally on Economy, Health, and Sanitary Matters. 5th Thousand. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"The popular authoress of so many household manuals has here accomplished a most useful task, by setting forth in a homely and practical form the most commonly neglected sanitary laws, using the ordinary conversational dialogue as the means of imparting much useful information. It is a book admirably adapted for reading at mothers' meetings, and for circulating among all heads of households."-Publishers' Circular.

How the Lady-Help Taught Girls to Cook and be Useful. 5th Thousand. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"Another of Mrs. Warren's practical and thoroughly useful household books. In the form of a pleasantly-written narrative, the author tells her readers how the girls of a workhouse school were taught to cook; and, incidentally, all the branches of the culinary art, and a good deal more in the way of lessons in household economy and management are touched upon in a pleasant and attractive fashion. Such a book deserves a wide circulation in a day when luxuries of education are crowding out the common things of every-day life in our elementary schools."-Publishers' Circular.

"It begins at the beginning, enters into minute details, and affords complete instructions for acquiring a knowledge of the first and most important elements of cookery."

Daily Chronicle.

A Young Wife's Perplexities; with Hints on the Training and Instruction of Young Servants. Crown 8vo, sewed, Is.

"In all the present fury of educating girls, how little is taught of domestic lore, and wanting this, a girl is incompetent to become a good wife or to be placed in a profitable position as nurse or help, or even governess. Thousands of men and women have wedded, and parted in mutual dislike, simply because of the wife's ignorance in managing properly a limited income, and ignorance of the details that bind a husband to his home."-Preface.

London: HOULSTON & SONS, Paternoster Square, E.C.


The Cook's Oracle. Containing Receipts for Plain Cookery on the most Economical Plan for Private Families. By WILLIAM KITCHINER, M.D. As originally published in 1817. 56th Thousand. Small crown 8vo, half-bound, 5s.

"The reappearance of the Cook's Oracle, by the celebrated Dr. Kitchiner, is assured of a wide welcome from diners and dinner-makers of all sorts."-Bazaar.

The Wife's Own Book of Cookery.

Containing 1,500 Original Receipts, and many useful Hints on Domestic Economy. By FREDERIC BISHOP. 15th Thousand. Crown 8vo, half-bound, 35. 6d.

The Practical Housewife: A Complete Domestic Encyclopædia. By the Author of Enquire Within upon Everything.” 15th Thousand. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

"We may safely say that the book will be a great help to those who do not become weary in trying to do well as mistress of a household."—Spectator.


2s. 6d.

Housewife's Reason Why - Domestic Science. Affording to the Manager of Household Affairs many Hundreds of Intelligible Reasons for the Duties she has to Perform. By the Author of Enquire Within." 14th Thousand. Crown 8vo, cloth. Social Etiquette, Table Observances, the Art of Cookery, and Hints on Carving. 8th Thousand. Crown 8vo, cloth, Is. 6d. "The book contains a great proportion of matter suitable to all ranks, and founded on the highest definition of what is understood everywhere as a gentlewoman and gentleman." Inverness Advertiser.

Etiquette, Social Ethics, and Dinner-Table Observances. Crown 8vo, cloth, Is. An Abridged Edition, Crown 8vo, cloth, 6d.

Wives and Housewives. By MARY HOOPER, Author of "Little Dinners," &c., Professor of Domestic Economy at the Crystal Palace School of Art, Science, and Literature. Crown 8vo, cloth, Is. 6d.

"To many hundreds of those about to marry we should like to extend Punch's well-known advice to-don't'-until you have read Miss Hooper's realistic story."—Baptist.

The Shilling Kitchiner; or, Oracle of Cookery for the Million. Abridged from Dr. KITCHINER'S Cook's Oracle. 10th Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, Is.

"Quite a marvel as regards variety and completeness, and must be largely availed of by housekeepers from the insignificance of its price."—Dublin Evening Mail.

One Thousand Practical Sciences, Trades, Manufacture, 18th Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, Is.

Receipts in the Arts and
Chemistry, Domestic Economy, &c.

"A book of general reference, supplying useful items to the amateur and artist, the tradesman and the mechanic, to mothers and the heads of houses, the cook and general servant, and, in fact, to all classes of the community."-Preface.

Cookery Time Tables. Designed to Hang or Stand in the

Kitchen. Shewing at a glance the average quantity required for three
persons, and the length of time necessary for cooking-Meat, Fish, Poultry,
Game, Vegetables, and Pudding. Arranged by Mrs. C. W. A. BROOKE.
In cloth case, Is.

See also Mrs. Warren's Popular Books on page 9.

London: HOULSTON & SONS, Paternoster Square, E.C.

HOULSTON & SONS' DISTRICT HANDY MAPS. Reduced from the Ordnance Survey to a scale of Four Miles to an Inch. Each Map comprises a District of about 2000 Square Miles.

PRICE FOURPENCE each, folded in a Wrapper for the Pocket.

[blocks in formation]

21. Hastings and District. 22. Brighton and District. 23. Isle of Wight and Hampshire Watering-Places. 24. South Devon.

25. North Devon. 26. Dorset.

27. Somerset, Central. 28. Wiltshire.

29. Gloucester, Cheltenham, and District.

30. Plymouth & Dartmoor. 31. Land's End and West 32. Surrey. [Cornwall.

33. Manchester and Dist. 34. Birmingham and Dist. 35. Cambridge and Dist. 36. Nottingham and Dist. 37. Northampton and Dist. 38. Lincoln and District. 39. Oxford and District. 40. Carlisle and District. 41. Durham and District.


York and District. 43. Potteries and District. 44. Leicester and District. 45. Wolverhampton & Dist. 46. Leamington and Dist. 47. Ipswich and District. 48. Norwich and District. 49. Essex Watering-Places. 50. Monmouth & the Wye. 51. Hull and District. 52. Shropshire. 53. Bedfordshire. 54. Hertfordshire.

55. Reading and District. 56. South-Eastern Wales. 57. Ripon and District. 58. Huntingdon and Dist. 59. Peterborough and Dist. 60. Doncaster and District. 61. Hereford and District. 62. Exeter and District. 63. Bournemouth and Dist.

"To nearly all classes of tourists a good map is, or should be, one of the first considerations, and for this map to be of real service, it must be of a size to be carried conveniently in the pocket, and must give the coach roads and railroads clearly marked. Messrs. Houlston's Handy Maps, which are reduced from the Ordnance Survey Maps, combine these necessaries with the advantages of accuracy, clearness, and cheapness. As far as we have tested them we have found them admirable, and such as to warrant our recommendation of them to those about to seek renewed health and strength in their annual vacation in any of the districts of which Messrs. Houlston publish maps."-The Country.

Also price FOURPENCE each, uniform with the above.

A HANDY MAP OF LONDON. Scale, Two Inches to a Mile.

A HANDY MAP of the ISLE of WIGHT. Scale, Two Miles to an Inch.

[blocks in formation]

London: HOULSTON & SONS, Paternoster Square, E.C.



"Mr. Glenny is so great an authority on all matters relating to the garden, that we hail the publication of these works with much pleasure."-Oxford Journal.

"The merest tyro may take spade in hand and, under the direction of these books, raise a little Eden around him. They are published at so reasonable a price that they may come into the possession of anyone who desires to be instructed by them."--Glasgow Herald.

"Thoroughly practical in their nature, containing plain instructions in a clear and comprehensive form."-Sun.

Glenny's Culture of Flowers and Plants. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s. 6d.

Glenny's Culture of Fruit and Vegetables. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s. 6d.

Glenny's Gardener's Every-day Book of Horticulture and Floriculture. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s. 6d.

Glenny's Complete Handbook to the Flower Garden and Greenhouse. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s. 6d.

Glenny's Manual of Practical Gardening. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s. 6d.

Glenny's Handy Book on Gardening, with the Golden Rules for Gardeners. 43rd Thousand. Crown 8vo, cloth limp, Is. Glenny's Gardening for the

Million, and Amateur's and Cottager's Guide. 141st Thousand. Thoroughly revised. Fcap. 8vo, cloth limp, бd.

"Mr. Glenny's little book speaks for itself. We remember it years ago, but its hints and directions are all perennial. They are good and useful now as when they were first indited; and does not the sale of one hundred and thirty-five thousand sufficiently stamp the intrinsic value of the publication?"—Live Stock Journal.

Glenny's Properties of Flowers and Plants. The acknowledged Standard. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo, limp, Is.


[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

London: HOULSTON & SONS, Paternoster Square, E.C.


A I Poultry Book (The). By KINARD B. DE LA BERE, late KINARD EDWARDS. Crown 8vo, sewed. The Five Parts complete, 2s. 6d. ; or each Part separately, 6d.

Part I. How the French produce Fowls and Eggs, &c.

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II. Characteristic Plumage and Specialities of Fowls, &c.

III. Breeding, Rearing, and Management of Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, &c.
IV. Designs for Fowl-houses, Poultry Appliances, &c.

V. Two Lectures on the Denizens of the Poultry-yard, &c.


Cottage Gardening. By E. W. BADGER, F.R. H.S. Suitable for Amateurs generally, but particularly for Cottagers. 27th Thousand. Revised and Enlarged. Fcap., sewed, 3d.

Supplied for Distribution in packets of 25 copies, post-free, for 5s. 6d.

"This little manual should be in the hands of every cottager who takes a delight in his garden. Affords information on every subject upon which the cottager needs to be enlightened."-Reading Mercury. Decoy (The); or, My Cottage Farm of Eight Acres. By KINARD B. DE LA BERE, late KINARD EDWARDS. Crown 8vo, sewed, 6d. Gardener's and Farmer's Reason Why. Containing some Thousands of Reasons, assigned by DAVY, LIEBIG, FORBES, &c., for various Facts and Phenomena in the Cultivation of Vegetables and Tillage of the Soil. By the Author of "The Reason Why." Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. "A compact volume, calculated to be at once interesting and instructive to the general reader, and invaluable as a vade mecum to those engaged in the cultivation of the soil." Newcastle Express.

Gardener (The). (INDUSTRIAL LIBRARY.) A Handbook for the With a Calendar for Monthly Opera

Professional as well as the Amateur. tions. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, Is. 6d. Italy in England: Cultivation, under glass, of choice Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables. By BENJAMIN LOOKER. Fcap. 8vo, sewed, Is. Loxley's Improved Farmer's Account Book. Oblong 4to, boards, 3s. 6d.

Modern Window Gardening, treated under Aspects-North, South, East, and West. With Instructions for the Culture of Flowering Plants specially suited to each Aspect, Indoor or Outdoor, in Town or Country; and with Practical Information for Amateurs on the best Modes of growing remunerative Crops of Fruit and Vegetables. By SAMUel Wood. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

"A practical and serviceable manual, containing advice expressed so clearly that the amateur gardener can follow it without difficulty."-Illustrated London News.


"A thoroughly practical treatise, supplying just the kind of information that amateur gardeners want, and that they generally acquire, if at all, at the cost of heavy disappointments."-Ecclesiastical Gazette.

Moulton's Live Stock Account Book. Oblong 4to, boards, 35. Potato Disease (The) and its Prevention. By CHARLES DIMMICK. 8vo, sewed, Is.

"Deserving of attention apart from the claims of its intrinsic merits. The writer has evidently given the subject lengthened and intelligent practical consideration." Northern Ensign.

London: HOULSTON & SONS, Paternoster Square, E.C.

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