Thorold's (Bishop) On the Loss of Friends. Sewed. 3d. On Being III. Sewed.

Grandgent's (C. H.) Materials for French Composi- 4d,

tion. Sewed, 5 parts, each.

Hatfield's (Prof. J. T.) Materials for German Composition. Sewed.

Hyatt's (A.) About Pebbles. Sewed.

Kimball's (A. C.) Exercises in French Composition.

Two Parts. Sewed.

Richard's (E. H) First Lessons on Minerals. Sewed.

Bruce's (M. S.) Selections for Sight Translation. 6d.

Crown 8vo.

Clarke's (Rev. J.) How to Find the Stars. Sewed.
Code of Instructions to Pupil Teachers. Sewed.
English Grammar for Elementary Schools. Sewed.
Goodale's (G. L.) Common Plants. Sewed.
Peek's (Francis) Complaining in Our Streets. Sewed.

Agassiz's (Mrs.) Natural History. Sewed.
Babbitt's (E. H.) Holberg's Niels Klim. Sewed.
Bowditch's (H. P.) Hints for Teaching Physiology.



English Grammar for Elementary Schools. Cloth.
Faulhaber's (O., Ph.D,) Onkel und Nichte. Sewed.
Fortier's (Prof. A.) De Vigny's Laurette ou le Cachet
Rouge. Sewed.

Fothergill's (J. M., M.D.) Domestic Economy. Cloth.
Genung's (J. F.) Study of Rhetoric. Sewed.

Grandgent's (C. H.) French Lessons and Exercises.

Two Parts. Linen.

Hall's (G. S.) How to Teach Reading. Sewed.
Hauff's (W.) Der Zwerg Nase. Sewed.

Heller's (O.) Stifter's Das Haidedorf. Sewed.

Huffcut's (E. W.) English in the Preparatory

Schools. Sewed.

Hyatt's (A.) Hydroids, Corals, &c. Sewed.

-Commercial and Other Sponges. Sewed. Mondan's (G. F.) German Selections for Sight Translation. Sewed.


9d. Morris's (E. P.) Study of Latin. Sewed.

Rice's (W. N.) Science Teaching in the Schools. Sewed.
Safford's (T. H.) Mathematical Teaching. Sewed.
Spanhoofd's (A. W.) Arnold's Fritz auf Ferien. Linen.
Super's (O.B., Ph.D.) Souvestre's Le Mari de Mme. de
Solange. Sewed.


De Musset's Pierre et Camille.
Weil's (Dr.) Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Sewed.
Williams' (G. H.) Modern Petrography. Sewed.
Woodward's (F. C.) English in the Schools. Sewed.

1s. Bernhardt's (Dr. W.) Baumbach's Der Schwieger

sohn. Linen.

[blocks in formation]

Davidson's (T.) Prolegomena to In Memoriam. Cloth.
Denison's (Edward) Letters. Sewed.

Fothergill's (J. M., M.D.) Animal Physiology. Cloth.
George's (A. J.) Burke's Speech on Conciliation.



Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner.

Carlyle's Essay on Burns. Cloth. Hanus's (P. H.) Geometry in the Grammar Schools.


Holman's (H., M.A.) Varied Occupations. Sewed.
Home Gymnastics. Translated by C. LÖFVING. Sewed.
Huss' (H. C. O.) Goethe's Sesenheim. Sewed.
Hugo's La Chute. Sewed.

Hyatt's (A.) Mollusca. Sewed.

Worms and Crustaceæ.


Joynes' (E. S.) Schiller's Der Geisterseher. Sewed.
Lunt's (E. G.) Brush Work. Packet.

Peek's (Francis) The Workless, the Thriftless, and

the Worthless. Crown 8vo, cloth.

Primer's (S.) Chamisso's Peter Schlemihl. Sewed.
Redway's (J. W.) Reproduction of Geographical

Ferms. Sewed.

Schiefferdecker's (N.) Benedix's Die Hochzeitsreise.
Paper Boards.

Spier's (I. H. B.) Racine's Esther. Sewed.
Testa's (G. del) L'Oro e l'Orpella. Linen.

Van Daell's (A. N.) Heine's Die Harzreise. Sewed. 1s.
Wauchope's (Prof. G. A.) De Quincey's Flight of a

Tartar Tribe. Cloth.

Waugh's (Rev. Benjamin) Hymns for Children. Cloth.
Wenzel's (J.) Comparative View of Governments.

Carpenter's (Bishop W. Boyd), The Forty Days of 1s. Net

the Risen Life. Pott 8vo.

[blocks in formation]

Bass's (M. F.) Plant Life. Crown 8vo.

Bernhardt's (Dr. W.) Andersen's Bilderbuch Ohne 1s. 3d.

Bilder. Sewed.

Storm's Immensee. Sewed.
Baumbach's Die Nonna.

Crown 8vo.

Firth's (E. M.) Stories of Old Greece.bound.
Fortier's (Prof. A.) Corneille's Polyeucte. Sewed.
Molière's Les Femmes Savantes.

Crown 8vo.

Hotchkiss's (L. S.) Premier Livre de Frangais.

Crown 8vo.

Jackson's (E. P.) The Earth in Space. 24mo.
Spear's (M. A.) Leaves and Flowers.


Spier's (1. H. B.) Beaumarchais's Le Barbier de

Seville. Linen.

Sumichrast's (F. C. de) Sand's La Mare au Diable.


Super's (O. B., Ph.D.) Souvestre's Confessions d'un

Ouvrier. Sewed.


Isbister and Co's Catalogue,

1s. 3d. Warren's (F. M., Ph.D.) Sandeau's Mademoiselle de la Seiglière. Sewed.

Wells' (Prof, B. W., Ph.D.) Le Gendre de M. Poirier.


Crown 8vo.

Drei Kleine Lustspiele.

1s. 4d. Wheeler's (J. Talboys, F.R.G.S.) Popular Abridgment

of Old and New Testament History. Two Vols., 18mo, each.

1s. 6d. Ackworth Vocabulary. 18mo.


Bass's (F.) Animal Life.bound.

Benton's (G., M. A.) Laboratory Guide in General
Chemistry. Crown 8vo.

Buckland's (Rev. A. R.) The Heroic in Missions.

Crown 8vo.

Women in the Mission Field. Crown 8vo. Cook's (A. S.) The Bible and English Prose Style. Crosby's (W. O.) Minerals and Rocks. Sewed. Eggert's (C. A., Ph.D.) Racine's Athalie. Crown 8vo. Fontaine's (J. A. Ph. D.) Mérimee's Colomba. Sewed. Grandgent's (Prof. C. H.) French Composition.

Crown 8vo.

Joynes' (E. S.) Contes de Fées. Sewed.

Rick's (Geo., B.Sc.) First Lessons in Algebra.
Complete. Crown 8vo.

Spalding's (E. H.) Problem of Elementary Com-
position. Crown 8vo.

Sykes' (G. F. H.) Grammar Through Analysis.
A Natural Introduction to the Laws of English Grammar. Small 8vo.
Talbot's (Canon R. T.) Our Bible: how It has Come
to Us. Crown 8vo.

Toy's (W. D., M.A.) Freytag's Die Journalisten. Cr. 8vo.
Warren's (Prof. F. M.) Corneille's Le Cid. Crown 8vo.
Waugh's (Rev. B.) Hymns for Children. Parchment.

D'Ooge's (B. L.) Colloquia Latina. Crown 8vo.
Four Years of Novel Reading. Crown 8vo.
George's (A.J., M.A.) Wordsworth's Prefaces. Linen
Giles's English Parsing. Improved Edition, 12mo.
Grandgent's (C. H.) A Short French Grammar,

Crown 8vo.

Guerber's (H. A.) Märchen und Erzählungen. Two

Vols. Crown 8vo.

Harris's (C.) Selections for German Composition.

Crown 8vo.

Hempl's (Prof. G.) Chaucer's Pronunciation.


Isbisters' Home Library. Crown Svo, gilt edges.
Nobody's Neighbours. By L. T. MEADE.

[blocks in formation]

Three Little Heroes. By MRS. CHARLES GARNETT.
Faithful Friends. By L. T. MEADE, and others.

Heroes and Martyrs of Science. By HENRY C. EWART,
King Frost. By MRS. THOrpe.

Up the Nile. By H. MAJOR, B.Sc.

A Band of Three. By L. T. MEADE.

From the Equator to the Pole. By Eminent Travellers.
The Strength of Her Youth. By SARAH DOUDNEY.
We Three. By "YVONNE."

Munn's (David) Practical Hints on Teaching Arith-
metic, with a short Exposition of its Principles. Fcap. 8vo.

Orndorff's (Prof. W. R.) Laboratory Manual in Or-
ganic Chemistry. Crown 8vo.

Osthaus's (Prof. C., M.A.) Eichendorff's Aus dem
Leben Eines Taugenichts. Crown 8vo.

Picton's (J. A.) First Steps in Geography. Small 8vo.
Rhoades's (Prof. L. A.) Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris.

Crown 8vo.

Ripper's (Wm.) Practical Chemistry. Crown 8vo.
Smith's (B.G., A.M.) Reading and Speaking. Crown 8vo.
Walker's (A. P.) Milton's Paradise Lost. Cloth.
Waterhouse's (C. H.) Gospel in the Pentateuch. Sewed.
Waugh's (Rev. B.) The Gaol Cradle. Crown Svo.
Wenckebach's (C.) Deutsche Literaturgeschichte.
Paper Boards.

White's (Arnold) Tries at Truth. Cr. 8vo, Paper Boards.
Winkler's (Prof. M.) Lessing's Emilia Galotti. Cr. 8vo,


Bailey's (F. H., M.A.) Inductive Elementary Physical 2s.

Science. Crown 8vo.

Barnes's (M. S.) Studies in Historical Method. Cr. 8vo.
Bernhardt's (Dr. W.) Novelletten Bibliothek. Two
Vols., Crown 8vo, each.

Both-Hendriksen's (L.) La Triade Francaise. Cr. 8vo.
Bowen's (B.L., Ph.D.) Introduction to Modern French
Lyrics. Crown 8vo.

First Italian Readings. Cr. 8vo.
Caspari's (F. A.) Radestock's Habit in Education.

Crown 8vo.

Chute's (H. N.) Physical Laboratory Manual. Cr. Svo.
Colton's (B. P.) Practical Zoology. Crown 8vo.

De Garmo's (C.) Essentials of Method in Teaching.

Crown 8vo.


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