Cromer, Past and Present.

By WALTER RYE. Profusely Illustrated with upwards of 40 Engravings. Roxburgh Style, Price 21/- nett.

"The book simply teems with facts, and the author has made his matter interesting by careful arrangement and well-chosen comment. A work like the present enables the reader to form a more vivid mental picture of how our ancestors lived and died than any number of histories."-East Anglian Daily Times.

History of the Norfolk and Norwich Musical Festival, 1824-1894. Profusely Illustrated with Portraits, Autographs, etc. By ROBIN H. LEGGE and WALTER E. HANSELL.

I. Edition de Luxe (limited to 100 Copies), on Large
Paper, Portraits on India Paper, Bound White
Vellum, Cloth Elegant


2. Quarto Edition, on Superfine Paper, with less
number of Illustrations



3. Quarto Edition as above, with full set of Portrait
Illustrations, Bound White Forril, Gilt Elegant
Additional Illustrations for extra Illustrating
(No. 2)




£4 4 0 nett.

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0 17 6

The above prices will shortly be raised.

"The story of the whole enterprise is told with much skill and in an eminently readable manner. The book is sumptuously got up and finely printed."-The Times.

"A handsome volume in which the inception and history of the Musical Festivals in Norwich are fully set forth. All the available authorities have been drawn upon, and the result is a series of records which will be found to possess decided interest for music lovers, as well as for those who have had special opportunity of noting the progress of the divine art' in East Anglia. The volume contains several excellent portraits together with facsimile letters from Mendelssohn and Spohr. . . . A very complete chronicle."-Daily Telegraph.

"A truly magnificent volume. This work, it may be said, possesses far more than local interest; it deals with an important page of the musical history of our country. The volume is so admirably got up that it would be worth purchasing if only on account of the portraits that adorn its pages."-Morning


Peeps at the Past; or, Rambles among Norfolk Antiquities. By the late MARK KNIGHTS. Illustrated by Edward Pococke. Roxburgh binding, 25/- nett; in Morocco, 31/6 nett.

"There is not a dull or unimportant page in the book, indeed, one becomes wholly absorbed as one after another the brightly-drawn pictures of the past are presented to view. Mr P cocke's illustrations lend an additional charm to a volume for which we have nothing but praise."-East Anglian Daily Times.

"From cover to cover it is a book to be proud of. The illustrations are excellent and well chosen, the delicious lightness of the paper makes the book as easy to handle as an ordinary octavo, the print is so good as to make reading a positive treat for the eye. The author writes like a man who has read a great deal. He is so brimful of theories that he helps his readers along by stringing all the isolated facts upon threads of ingenious and rather startling hypothesis. Mr. Knights has divided his book into twenty chapters, all pleasant reading enough."-The Athenæum.

Some Accounts of the Parish of St. Giles', Norwich, with Maps, Parish Lists, and numerous Illustrations. By SIR Peter Eade, M.D. Price 15/- nett.

"Sir Peter Eade has been most indefatigable in his researches, and the result is a work in the highest degree creditable to his energy and perseverance, and of permanent value as a source of interesting reference."-Norfolk Chronicle.


Church Bells of Buckinghamshire. By ALFRED HENEAGE Cocks, M.A., Ch.Ch. Oxford, F.Z.S., F.R.G.S., Great Marlow, Bucks. With many Illustrations. The 8vo Edition is limited to 350 copies, and is offered to Subscribers at 21/- nett. The larger Edition, royal 4to, is limited to 80 copies, at 42/- nett. The prices will shortly be raised to 25/- nett, and £3 3/- nett respectively.

Church Bells of Huntingdonshire. By REV. T. M. N. OWEN, M.A., Rector of Woodwalton. (In Preparation.)

Church Bells of Suffolk. By the REV. JOHN JAMES RAVEN, D.D., F.S.A., of Emmanuel College, Cambridge; Vicar of Fressingfield-withWithersdale; and Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral. With upwards of 90 Illustrations. Half-morocco Roxburgh, 27/6 nett; in cloth, 20/- nett. This Edition is limited to 500 copies. The Large Paper Edition was all sold within a few days of issuing the first prospectus.

"An unexpectedly entertaining book. His researches as to the Norwich founders will be found full of new historical matter. We heartily welcome Dr. Raven's contribution to campanology.”—Saturday Review.

"Have been studied and catalogued in a scholarly manner."—Academy.

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"An invaluable work. From beginning to end, Dr. Raven's book is absorbingly interesting to the churchman, the campanologist, the antiquary, and the historian a monument of patient labour and diligent research into a subject of which the author has long been a recognised authority."-Bury Free Press.

Davies' (G. Christopher) Etchings of the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk. 24 Views in Portfolio.


"A Series of 24 Photo-gravures by Mr. G. Christopher Davies, exhibiting the quiet loveliness of East Anglian waters. The effects are soft and beautiful. Every lover of Nature in Norfolk will seek to possess a copy of these photos which forms a fine testimony to the taste and skill of Mr. Davies."Eastern Daily Press.

Davies' Etchings (G. Christopher) of the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk. 24 Views in Portfolio. (A few copies only on hand.) (Artist's Proofs on India Paper) £2 12/6 nett; or Prints, 30/- nett.

On Dutch Waterways.


By G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES, Author of "The Swan and Her Crew." 4to, cloth elegant, 392 pp., with 12 full-page Photo-Engravings, and 38 smaller Illustrations from Photographs specially taken for this work. Few copies left, price 25/- nett.

"The ardour with which Mr. Davies took his instantaneous photographs in the face of wind and rain, a d the embarrassing admiration of the natives, deserves due recognition. Almost without exception they were extremely successful, and the towns and the country districts, the canals, the crafts, and the people are reflected in the pages with artistic fidelity.”—Times.


On Aphasia; or, Loss of Speech, and the Localization of the Faculty of Articulate Language. By SIR FREDERIC BATEMAN, M.D., F.R.C.P., LL.D., &c. Demy 8vo, cloth.

"It is replete with interest to the general reader. It is a book which no student of medicine, of language, or of psychology, can afford to be without."-Norfolk Chronicle.

"It teems with illustrative cases, and is essentially one for the student of aphasia always to have by him. It is so well arranged that it can be read for any part of the subject. We think that Sir Fred. Bateman has made a noteworthy addition to the literature of Aphasia."-British Medical Journal.

"The work is a very valuable contribution to the literature of Aphasia, and will be welcomed by all Neurologists."-The New York Medico-Legal Journal.


Our Wherry in Wendish Lands: from Friesland through the Mecklenburg Lakes to Bohemia. By H. M. DOUGHTY, Author of "Friesland Meres." Illustrated by his Daughters. With four coloured maps. Handsomely bound.

"Our Wherry' is very pleasant and entertaining reading."-Scottish Leader.

"Mr. Doughty has produced an eminently readable book, which teems from beginning to end with novel and interesting information. -Daily Telegraph.

"Altogether the volume is a delightful one."-Saturday Review.

Leaves from the Log of a Gentleman Gipsy, in Wayside Camp and Caravan. By GORDON-STABLES, M.D., C M., R.N., Author of "The Cruise of the Land Yacht Wanderer,' "From Pole to Pole," "Sickness or Health," "Girl's Own Book of Health and Beauty," "Boys' Book of Health and Strength," &c. Demy 8vo, 460 pp., beautifully Illustrated.

"Written to popularise the most healthful and fascinating of all modes of travel-namely, that by caravan The anecdotes he gives are very amusing. The book is handsomely got up, and full of illustrations."-Daily Chronicle.

"A book to read and a book to keep for reference."-St. James Gazette.

Friesland Meres.

1016 nett.

By H. M. DOUGHTY, Author of “Our

Wherry in Wendish Lands."

"This is an admirably-illustrated and most pleasantly written volume. It is impossible to compress in a few lines what was seen in this strange if not eventful voyage "-Spectator.

"Friesland Meres is one of the most charming records of a holiday tour we have read this season." -Observer.

"It is terse without being dry, and full of information without being dull. The holiday was a thorough success, and the book is one also."-The Academy.

"Altogether this is a welcome and original volume and most agreeable reading.”—Daily News.

816 nett.

. Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads. By Payne JENNINGS, with Descriptive Letterpress by E. R. SUFFLING.

Small 4to, Handsome Cloth, 8/6 nett.

People who are thinking of spending their Holidays on the Norfolk Broads, or who desire to preserve some interesting reminiscences of them, cannot do better than obtain Mr. Payne Jennings volume of 'Sun Pictures,' containing 100 illustrations produced from photographs. All are interesting, and some in point of choice of subject and composition highly artistic."---Jolın Bull.


Ewald's Death of Balder. Translated from the Danish.

By GEORGE BORROW. Only 250 copies printed.

Turkish Jester; or, the Pleasantries of Cogia has a Edden

Effendi. By GEORGE Borrow. Only 120 copies printed. A few copies unsold.

Targum; or, Metrical Translations from Thirty Languages

and Dialects. By GEORGE BORROW. The issue limited to 250 copies.

Romantic Ballads. Translated from the Danish.

GEORGE BORROW. The issue limited to 250 copies.


Miscellaneous Tales and Translations. By GEORGE

Borrow. Only 250 copies will be issued. [In the Press.]

East Anglia : Personal Recollections and Historical Associations. By J. Ewing Ritchie. Revised, corrected, and enlarged.

Second Edition. Six Thousand Illustrations of Moral and Religious

Truths. Revised and Enlarged. By John BATE. Consisting of Definitions,
Metaphors, Similes, Emblems, Contrasts, Analogies, Statistics, Synonyms,
Anecdotes, etc., etc. Alphabetically arranged, with copious indices.

Twelfth Edition. “This is just the book ministers value, especially when just entering the work. It is a storeho ise of thoughtful sentences, of smart illustrations, of similes, anecdotes, and verses of poetry, which may be used to brighten and light up sermons. It is suggestive, illustrative, and decorative. It is a book to set a reader thinking, to throw lig! upon his thoughts, and enable him to utter them adorned with similes. It is a little library in itself."--Freeman.

Royal Illustrated History of Eastern England. By A.

D. BAYNE. Numerous Illustrations. Two Imperial 8vo volumes. Cloth

Poems and


Ballads. By MRS. SEwell.

In two vols., in case, handsomely bound in cloth.


"Their charm lies in the simple garb in which the narratives are clothed, and in their truthfulness to life in its lowly aspect and everyday experiences.”—Christian.


George Gould (Rev.), Sermons and Addresses by the late. Together with a Memoir by his Son, GEOrge P. Gould, M.A. Photographic Portrait and View of the Interior of St. Mary's Chapel, Norwich.

"These sermons are among the best of our modern pulpit utterances. They are invaluable contributions on subjects of undying interest."--Oldham Chronicle.

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Rambles of a Naturalist in Egypt and other Countries. By J. H. GURNEY, jun.

Jarrolds' Directory of the City of Norwich, including its Hamlets. Containing Street Directory, Alphabetical List of Inhabitants, and Classified Trades and Professional Directory. Published every third year (1897 Edition).

Jarrolds' Directory of Ipswich, together with Felixstowe, Walton, Harwich, Dovercourt, and Villages adjoining Ipswich. Containing Street Directory, Alphabetical List of Inhabitants, and Ĉlassified Trades and Professional Directory. Published every third year.

New 6- Novels.

Crown 8vo, Art Linen, Gilt Top.

The Power of the Dog (1). By ROWLAND GREY, Author of "In Sunny Switzerland," "By Virtue of His Office," "Lindenblumen," "Chris," etc.


"Rowland Grey, the Author of the Power of the Dog, has received a very generous welcome from the critics. Her last novel has scored one of the palpable hits of the season."-Daily Mail.

"In her treatment of character the author is essentially right, she never makes a false touch, she always does and s ys the inevitable thing. We congratulate Miss Grey on her story, and we hope she will not be offended when we say that we congratulate her even more upon the title. It is strikingly original, and admirably calculated to lure the reviewer into reading the book out of its turn."—Daily Chronicle.

"Well and soberly written; we have read this interesting story throughout with pleasure. The style throughout is excellent, and the setting of the story exceedingly skilful and refined.”—Public Opinion.


Admirably written. 'The Power of the Dog' must be pronounced a book of charm and of interest."-Speaker.

Black Diamonds (Authorized Edition.) (2). By MAURUS
JÓKAI, Author of "Eyes like the Sea," "Dr. Dumany's Wife," "'Midst the
Wild Carpathians," "In Love with the Czarina," " Pretty Michal," etc.
Translated into English by FRANCES A. GERARD, Author of "Some Irish
Beauties of the Last Century," etc., with finely engraved portrait of the

"Maurus Jókai is an attractive writer. Black Diamonds' is an interesting story with a charming heroine, and a hero, Ivan Behrend, worthy of her. There are graphic descriptions of aristocratic and commercial life in Hungary. It is maintained throughout at a high level of merit."--Times.

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