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Chirping Charlie. By the REV. J. JACKSON Wray.

The Voice of the Bells. By the REV. Charles Courtenay. Id.
Old Thomas. By E. L. S. J. d.

The Two Farmers. A Dialogue. By the REV. F. E. MIDDLETON, B.A.,
Rector of Haynford, Norwich.

Changed! A True Narrative.


By P. A. FRY. d.

Also, Uniform in size with the above

Duties. d.

Dwell Deep: a Word for Christians. 2d. Young Men's Christian Associations. Their Rise and Progress. d. Annoyances. d.

By the REV. T. W. THOMAS.







The History of the Cross. By C. L. HOLDEN, of Norwich Cathedral, Id. 8s. per 100.

Buy Your Own Cherries. By J. W. KIRTON. Arranged as a Temperance Service of Song by W. H. BONNER. Old Notation or Tonic Sol-fa, 3d. each. Words of Songs only, 4s. per 100.

Mother's Last Words. The Popular Ballad by MRS. SEWELL. Arranged as a Service of Song by W. H. BONNER. Old Notation or Tonic Sol-fa, 4d. each. Words of Songs only, 4s. per 100.

Our Father's Care. by W. H. BONNER.

4s. per 100.

By MRS. SEWELL. Arranged as a Service of Song Old Notation or Tonic Sol-fa, 4d. each. Words of Songs only,

There's Help at Hand. A Rhyming Story. By MRS. SEWELL, Author of "Mother's Last Words," etc. Arranged as a Service of Sacred Song, in Staff and Sol-fa Notations, by JOHN BURNHAM (Metropolitan Tabernacle Evangelist), Author of "Anniversary Gems," etc., 4d. Hymns only, 3s. per 100.

Led by a Child. A Rhyming Story. Arranged as a Service of Sacred Song, in Staff and Sol-fa Notations, by JOHN BURNHAM (Metropolitan Tabernacle Evangelist), Author of " Song Evangel," etc. 4d. Hymns only, 3s. per 100.

Gems from Mrs. Sewell's Works. Author of "Mother's Last Words," etc. Arranged as a Service of Sacred Song, in Staff and Sol-fa Notations, by JOHN BURNHAM (Metropolitan Tabernacle Evangelist), Author of “Carols and Chimes," etc. 4d. Hymns only, 3s. per 100.

Born in a Winter Hoary. By Rev. J. W. BURGON, B.D. Words only, 25. per 100. Set to music by REV. E. S. MEDLEY. 2d. each, 25 for 3s. 6d. Hymns set to Tunes for Easter, Ascension, and Whitsun, comprising "Veni Creator," "Day of Resurrection," and "Thou art gone up on high." By REV. E. S. MEDLEY. Price 3d.; or can be had separately, Id. each.

Flower Service. Arranged by the REV. G. S. BARRETT, B.A.



Present Signs of the Times. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON.


51st Thousand.

Further Signs of the Times. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON.


15th Thousand.

Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON. Paper 3d., Cloth 6d. 19th Thousand.

A Life Prayer. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON. Illuminated Card. 2d. Leaflets 8d. per 100.

Gospel Teachings. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON. 12 Leaflets, 8d.

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Explanatory Chart. By REV. ROBERT MIDDLETON. Printed in Colour,


Our Lord's Prayer for Unity. By REV. CANON CHARLES D. Bell,

D.D. id.

True Socialism. By REV. CUNNINGHAM GEIKIE, D.D. 3d.

Christ, the Saviour of Society. By REV. M. KAUFFMAN, M.A. IS.

The Weight of the Blood.


Norwich Gospel Leaflet Series, No. 1.) d., 3s. 6d. per 100.

The Church and the Drink Traffic. By DAVID DEVOIR. Id.

A Few Simple Thoughts on the Lord's Supper. By M. E. W.


How to Use the Licensing Act. By H. LEE WARNER, J.P. Id.

When We are Dead We are Done For. By REV. CANON VENABLES.


The Housing Problem in Rural Districts. id.

Educational Books and Appliances.





New Book for Pupil Teachers and Scholarship Candidates.

A Handbook of Algebra. By HERBERT WILLS, LL.D., Author of

"Synopsis of English History," 'Synopsis of Scottish History," "Handbook of Euclid

for Certificate Candidates," etc., etc. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

The main object of this book is to set before students the fundamental principles of Algebra in a terse and methodic manner. Though originally intended for the use of Pupil Teachers and Scholarship Candidates only, the searching nature of the exercises contained make it suitable for students preparing for any examination within the limits of the rules treated


Mere mechanical ability to solve the various problems will not suffice. Definitions, statements of rules, proofs, fundamental principles, and particular applications, must be thoroughly mastered ere a student is in a position to successfully compete in any public examination. To this end the author has striven to simplify the theoretical portions of the subject.

Factors, the key to the Science of Algebra, have been very fully treated, and greatly used in the solution of Exercises where applicable. The use of factors materially abbreviates the solution of problems, and gives a neatness and clearness to examination papers, not attainable when the more cumbersome methods are used.

Almost the whole of the examples contained in this book are taken from examination papers proposed to Pupil Teachers, Scholarship and First Year Certificate Candidates, and from papers set by the College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge Locals, Military, and other Professional examining bodies.

It will thus be seen that one great value claimed for this work is that the student is attacking tests of a similar nature to those he may reasonably expect to encounter on the examination day. Apart from this, the character of the examples is such that it is believed no variation of the rules treated of has been omitted.

Great care has been taken in the selection and arrangement of the questions, so that whilst suggesting clear lines of thought they may gradually lead up to points of difficulty which, in the opinion of the Author, can best be overcome in this way.


This Algebra should be in the hands of every Pupil Teacher, because :


It has been written expressly for Pupil Teachers and Scholarship Candidates.


It follows closely on the lines of the Education Department.

3. The Definitions, Statement of Rules, Proofs, and particular Applications are concise and clear, and are such as will satisfy the requirements of Examiners.

4. The examples are very largely taken from previous examinations conducted by the Department.

5. No fear or failure need be entertained by a student who has gone carefully through the tests.

6. This Algebra is written by a teacher whose name is a guarantee for a thorough knowledge of the science and a practical exposition of its difficulties.


Arithmetical Tables. id. and d.

Arithmetical and Commercial Tables. Adapted to the Present
Practice of Trade. By Dr. E. C. BREWER.
Cloth, Is.

Thoroughly Revised. 12mo, sewed, 6d.

Book-keeping by Single or Double Entry. By Dr. E. C. BREWER. 12mo, cloth, 2s. each. Key to each, 2s. Blank Books for the above, foolscap folio, 5s.

per set.

Empire Arithmetic. By C. TAYLOR and D. MARWOOD. In Six Books' price 2d. each. Answers to each Book, 3d. each.

Teaching of and Testing in Mental Arithmetic. Crown 8vo,

2s. 6d.

Addition, Swift and Accurate. A Systematic Guide to "Long Tots.” By J. H. YOXALL, M.P., and E. SNELGROVE.


Plane Mensuration, First Principles of. By J. EARP. Fcap. 8vo, 3d.

Key, 4d.

Jarrolds' Practical Table Cards. By JAMES FORD. In packets of

Twelve. 6d. each Packet.

1. Addition and Subtraction, with Crossed Addition and Subtraction Tables.
2. Multiplication and Division, with Multiplication and Division Tables.
3. Tables of Weights and Measures.

Mental Arithmetic (Wollman's Handy Book of). 12mo, cloth, 15.

Reed's Arithmetic for Schools. Part 1 (Standards I. to III.), 2d.; Part 2 (Standards IV. to VI.), 3d.; the Complete Work, 6d. Answers to the above, 3d.

Taylor's "Eclectic" Arithmetic.

Parts I. to IV., id. each. Part Answers to Part V., 4d. The five Parts in

V., 2d. Answers to Parts I. to IV., 2d. each.
one, complete, Is. Complete Answers, 1s. 6d.

Young England Arithmetic. Standards I. to VII.

Series. id. each. Complete Answers, 8d.

Entirely New



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The Day-by-Day Arithmetic. By T. B. ELLERY, F.R.G.S., President

(1895-6) of the National Union of Teachers.

This book has been prepared to meet exactly the requirements of the latest Educational Code,

Throughout, the Author has aimed at (1) intelligence, exercises in problem form being given at every turn, and (2) a great number and a great variety of exercises in all the rules.

As instances of the care with which the book has been prepared, the Publishers point to the plan adopted with reference to multiplication and division, both in Standard III. and in Standard IV., the course in fractions, proportion, and practice, the mensuration exercises, etc.,

The same evidence of novelty, care, and thought will be found in each book of the series ; the methods adopted are those which the Author has used-and used with remarkable successfor many years past in the teaching of Arithmetic in his own school, and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the answers.

The Publishers have great pleasure, therefore, in inviting teachers to examine for themselves the latest work of one who has been termed by the Schoolmaster, An expert in figures."

Part I., 1 d.; cloth, 2 d. Parts II., III., IV., V., 2d.; cloth, 3d. Parts VI. and VII., 3d.; cloth, 4d. Answers to each Part, 3d. The Day-by-Day Arithmetical Test Cards. By the Author of The

“Day-by-Day” Arithmetic. Standards III., IV., V., VI., VII.

This Series has been prepared with considerable care, not a single exercise having been set hap-hazard, but each one being part of an elaborate plan designed to give pupils in Elementary Schools-and indeed, in all Schools-a thorough systematic training both in mechanical work and in “problems.”

On every card there are four complete and distinct Examination Tests of four sums each.

In each packet there are 36 Cards, on each of which are 4 Tests of 4 sums each, that is, a total of 576 sums, and in the whole series, a grand total of 2,880.

The Answers are Guaranteed Correct. Price is. per Packet of 36 Cards with 2 copies of
The' Empire Arithmetic. Scheme B. By J. W. Jarvis, St. Mark's

College, Chelsea.
Arranged expressly to meet the requirements of the Code and Instructions.

As an aid to the Teacher in arranging for periodical examinations, each part is divided into sections.

Problems are given from the first, and in each section these are followed by mechanical examples intended for securing accuracy and rapidity in working.

Standards I., II., III., IV., V., 2d. each; cloth, 3d. each. Standards VI. and VII., 3d. each; cloth, 4d. each. Keys is. each. The Empire Periodical Tests in Arithmetic. Sixteen Complete

Sets of Tests for use throughout the year.

The Series consists of seven books, each book containing 1,152 complete Examination Papers for use during the year. The sheets are perforated, so that they may be easily removed from the books when required for use.

The Tests are progressive, being based on the “ Empire" Arithmetic by J. W. JARVIS, St. Mark's College, Chelsea.

Quarterly Tests are provided for the use of the Head Teacher, and Monthly Tests for the Class Teacher, the set providing all the Examination Tests required during the year.

Each book contains 32 complete Tests, repeated 36 times, or sufficient for examining 72 children on 16 different occasions. With Answers, 25. per Standard.


Barlow's Astronomy Simplified. 32mo, sewed, 9d.

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