Easy Astronomy Diagrams


Size, 35 x 30 inches.

Price, mounted on Cotton, with Rollers, and varnished, 3/6 each. A full description accompanies each Plate.

These three large Diagrams show in a simple way, easily understood by children, the form and motions of the Earth and Moon, and give an explanation of Eclipses.

PLATE I. Shows the Form, Size, and Motions of the Earth.

PLATE II. The Form, Motions, and Phases of the Moon.

PLATE III. Explains the Causes of Eclipses.

These Diagrams also explain the cause of the Seasons, Day and Night, &c., and the description at the foot of each is clearly and simply written.

Uniform in Size and Price, 3/6, with the "LANDSEER" NATURAL HISTORY PLATES.


Five Typical Heads, showing the distinguishing characteristics of the Caucasian, Mongolian, Indian, Malayan, and Negro Races; coloured and life size.

Also uniform in Size and Price, 3/6, with the "LANDSEER" NATURAL HISTORY PLATES.







No Plate is genuine unless it bears the imprint “ A. JOHNSTON." "It is evident from the specimens which have been issued that this Series will form a very useful and artistic addition to the schoolroom."-School Board Chronicle.

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Altogether these plates tell, each of them, a tale which is likely to be impressed on the minds of children, and not soon forgotten."-School Guardian. "They are fit to adorn the walls of any schoolroom."-Practical Teacher.

3, Amen Corner, London, E.C.

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"These drawings being intended for teaching are boldly executed and carefully coloured, so that all details shall be visible to the class under instruction."-The Athenæum.

"Every feature is distinctly drawn, and the few notes at the bottom explain clearly whatever is not sufficiently understood even by the aid of such excellent pictures."-The Schoolmaster.

"These are excellent introductions to the coming order of technical instruction."-The School Board Chronicle.

"All the pictures are carefully drawn, well and clearly printed, and, in fact, are all that could be desired for the purpose for which they have been published." -The Practical Teacher.

3, Amen Corner, London, E.C.

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Civilization in Europe.

A series of original Plates, beautifully printed in Colours, size, 35 by 27 inches, price, mounted on Cotton, with Rollers, and Varnished, 5/- each.

List of the series:

I-Homestead at the beginning | VII.-Siege of a City. 14th Century. VIII.-Interior of a Town.

of Civilization.

II. Charlemagne's Tribunal. 8th


III. In the Cloister Yard. 10th




IX. A Citizen's Parlour. 16th



Enlisting Soldiers.



IV. Feudal Castle. 13th Century.
V. Baronial Hall. 13th Century. XI, Camp Life. 17th Century.
VI. A Tournament. 13th Century. XII.-High Life. 18th Century.
A Key to the History of Civilization in Europe, being a descriptive handbook
to the Plates, price is.

These illustrations do not pretend to demonstrate systematically the gradual development of any special feature in the History of Civilization, they are rather intended to present animated pictures of representative periods, which are likely to prove more attractive than any number of detailed sketches.

The present set of plates exceed in beauty and fidelity anything we have ever seen in this direction. They are worthy of being put under glass and in frames, and for fidelity in detail, for boldness of design and for usefulness, are beyond all praise. We prophesy their sale by thousands. It is seldom a practical teacher and reviewer is able to write in such glowing terms, but nothing too good can be said of these pictures either from an educational or art point of view. Let the teacher, the literary lecturer, the workmen's club secretary, journey to 'the Row' and see for themselves."-The Schoolmaster.

"These pictures measure 35 by 27 inches and are really works of art."School Board Chronicle.

"The pictures are not only drawn with fair regard to artistic effect, but they are also most accurate in their details."-The Bookseller.


Beautifully drawn and Printed in Colours. Size, 35 by 25 inches each.
Price, mounted on Cloth and Rollers, and Varnished, 5/-.

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"We are guilty of no exaggeration in describing these plates as the best of the kind which have yet come under our notice. Their educational value is undoubted, and may be described as being dependent on two main qualifications -their size, and the accuracy of treatment exhibited. As for general design and execution, each plate might be described as a work of art. Highly commended' is our verdict with respect to these really beautiful representations of plant life."-The Practical Teacher.

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These first-rate botanical plates deserve a place on the walls of every schoolroom."-The Schoolmaster.

3, Amen Corner, London, E.C.

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