The Crystal Fishbowl

AuthorHouse, 29. okt. 2007 - 436 sider
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Anna Westover had no idea at seventeen, still grief-stricken from the loss of her grandmother, and back living with her horrible family, that Victor Spofford, a young charismatic Baptist preacher, would be the wrong choice, the worst choice. On her grandmothers insistence shed refused to even date the boy shed always loved, simply because he wasnt Baptist.

Annas wedding was a dream; her new life in western Massachusetts a wondrous challengeuntil mysterious letters began to arrive. Then Victor changed . . . or was it that he finally revealed his true nature? No one would believe that he abused her. He never hitat least not intentionally. And as the preachers wife, she could confide in no one.

To others, he was gorgeous, enlightened and dynamic. He knew the perfect words to give comfort or guidance. He brought scores of sinners to the Lord with his woeful childhood tales. Who was she but his meek wife, lovely yet subdued, who sat in her accustomed front-row pew each Sunday morning, gazing up at him in adoration?

He was always sorry later: crying, begging forgiveness. And she wanted to believe him. He was so pitiful in his sorrow. But after he lost his job and they returned to New Hampshire, her hopes are firmly and completely crushed when another letter arrives, and she uncovers his lies. Desperate for comfort, she turns to another man. Then the violence escalates and she must take a stand.

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Om forfatteren (2007)

Wendy MacGown’s high tech career provides excellent fodder for her fertile imagination. Though technical writing is her profession, fiction is her passion. She calls herself a writer, and is as comfortable ghost writing technical manuals for engineers, as she is crafting complex tales for the mass market.

While MacGown’s first two novels, “Little Sister,” and its sequel “Big Sister,” deal with the complexities of adoption, “The Crystal Fishbowl,” depicts domestic violence within the Baptist community of the northeast. In this novel, MacGown draws on her childhood experience of growing up Baptist.

Both “Little Sister” and “The Crystal Fishbowl” won honorable mention at the Arizona Author’s Association’s 2005 Literary Contest. “Little Sister” was also a finalist for ForWord Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year contest.

MacGown lives with her two daughters on Boston’s North Shore.

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