The Political Annals of South-Carolina

Burges & James, 1845 - 50 sider

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Side 47 - ... in case of a deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of other powers, not granted by the said compact, the states, who are parties thereto, have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose, for arresting the progress of the evil, and for maintaining, within their respective limits, the authorities, rights, and liberties appertaining to them.
Side 39 - An Ordinance to Nullify certain acts of the Congress of the United States, purporting to be laws laying duties and imposts on the importation of foreign commodities.
Side 26 - Nullus liber homo capiatur, vel imprisonetur, aut dissaisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo destruatur, nee super eum ibimus, nee super eum mittemus, nisi per legale judicium parium suorum, vel per legem terrae.
Side 44 - AN ORDINANCE To Nullify certain acts of the Congress of the United States, purporting to be Laws laying Duties and Imposts on the importation of Foreign Commodities.
Side 34 - Deeply impressed with these considerations, the Representatives of the good people of this Commonwealth, anxiously desiring to live in peace with their fellow-citizens, and to do all that in them lies to preserve and perpetuate the union of the States, and the liberties of which it is the surest pledge...
Side 33 - That it is an unconstitutional exercise of power, on the part of Congress, to tax the citizens of one State to make roads and canals for the citizens of another State. 5. Resolved, That it is an unconstitutional exercise of power, on the part of Congress, to lay duties to protect domestic manufactures.
Side 41 - Their object is disunion; but be not deceived by names; disunion, by armed force, is TREASON. Are you really ready to incur its guilt? If you are, on the heads of the instigators of the act be the dreadful consequences — on their heads be the dishonor, but on yours may fall the punishment — on your unhappy state will inevitably fall all the evils of the conflict you force upon the government of your country.
Side 27 - All laws of force in this State at the passing of this constitution shall so continue, until altered or repealed by the legislature, except where they are temporary, in which case they shall expire at the times respectively limited for their duration, if not continued by act of the legislature.
Side 38 - ... deliberate, as well on the infraction of their rights, as on the mode and measure of redress. * * * If the very worst that can be imagined should happen, and their demands be capriciously rejected, it will be for the several States, and not for the convention to act, upon the subject. * * * \Ve solemnly pledge ourselves to adopt, abide by, and pursue such measures, in relation to our grievances, as the said convention shall recommend.
Side 37 - This scheme, fellow-citizens, of the reduction thus offered, is a gross insult to your understandings and an unwarrantable piracy on your pockets. Fellow-citizens, should congress rivet this system upon us, we do not see how the constituted authorities of our State can refrain from propounding to you, in your sovereign capacity, the alternative of resistance or submission. The State looks to her sons to defend her in whatever form she may choose to proclaim her purpose to RESIST.

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