Via Crucis, Via Lucis:

Ye who, treading paths obscure,
Well and faithfully endure,
Hear His word who knows each trial,
Secret care and self-denial,

Saying, “ Blessed are the pure !”

Via Crucis, Via Lucis :

Not for us earth's dazzling glare

Who the Master's conflict share ;
Who in lowly contemplation
Find beneath His cross our station:-

Ours the vigil, ours the pray’r.

Via Crucis, via Lucis:

Ambush'd foes about us lie,

Jesu, grant us victory!
Once in dark and awful hour
Thou didst quell the tempter's power;

We are weak, but Thou art nigh.

Via Crucis, Via Lucis:

Through the night-watch chill and damp
Let the virgin trim her lamp,

Till the sun, the east adorning,
And the waking of the morning

Call us forth without the camp.

Via Crucis, Via Lucis :

Then the glory, now the fight

Now the darkness, then the light: Lord that we, through Thy great merit, This salvation may inherit,

Keep us faithful in Thy sight.

“For Thy name's sake lead me and guide me.”

CHOU who wast before me
ola In the path I tread,
Thou who bendest o’er me,

Risen from the dead;
As a true believer

In the Crucified,
Keep me Thine for ever,

Clinging to Thy side.

If the way be lonely,

If the path be drear, Let my spirit only

Find Thy presence near, So shall light returning

Bid the darkness cease; And the night of mourning

End in perfect peace.

When the flesh is failing,

When the heart is numb, And the foe prevailing

Seeks to overcome, From Thy throne all glorious

Hear my suppliant breath, Once Thyself victorious —

Faithful unto death.

When, like solemn dirges

From the moaning sea, Sound the ocean surges

Of Eternity; When the angel, beckoning,

Saith “ the hour is come,

And the Master, reckoning,

Sends to call thee home;"

When, in those far regions

Where around the throne
Shine the burning legions,

I must stand alone;
By Thy cross and passion

Borne to set me free,
Jesu—our Salvation-

Bid me dwell with Thee.

" Then shall the Lord be my God.”

GOD of Bethel, by whose hand o Thy people still are fed, Who through this weary pilgrimage

Hast all our fathers led;

Our vows and prayers we now present

Before Thy throne of grace; God of our fathers ! be the God

Of their succeeding race.

Through each perplexing path of life

Our wandering footsteps guide;
Give us each day our daily bread,

And raiment fit provide.

O spread Thy covering wings around

Till all our wanderings cease,
And at our Father's loved abode

Our souls arrive in peace.

Such blessings from Thy gracious hand

Our humble prayers implore;
And Thou shalt be our chosen God,
And portion evermore.

Scotch Paraphrase.

“ My Beloved is mine and I am His.”

M ONG did I toil, and knew no earthly rest; 14 Far did I rove, and knew no certain home; At last I sought them in His sheltering breast,

Who opes His arms, and bids the weary come: With Him I found a home, a rest divine; And I since then am His, and He is mine.

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