2 Long as our fiery trials last,
Long as the cross we bear,
O let our souls on thee be cast
In never-ceasing prayer.

3 Till thou thy perfect love impart,
Till thou thyself bestow,
Be this the cry of every heart,
'I will not let thee go,'

333. C. M. Wesley's Coll. Prayer for Tenderness, and Watchfulness. UICK as the apple of an eye, O God, my conscience make; Awake my soul when sin is nigh, And keep it still awake.


2 If to the right or left I stray,
That moment, Lord, reprove,
And let me weep from day to day,
For having griev'd thy love.

3 O may the least omission pain
My well-instructed soul,
And drive me to the blood again,
That makes the wounded whole.

334. S. M. Wesley's Coll. Prayer for wants to be relieved.

JESUS, my strength, my hope,

On thee cast my care,
With humble confidence look up,
And know thou hearest prayer.

2 Give me a sober mind,

A self-renouncing will,

That tramples down and casts behind,
The baits of pleasing ill:-

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3 A soul inured to pain,

To hardship, grief, and loss; Bold to take up-firm to sustain The consecrated cross.

4 Give me a godly fear,
A quick discerning eye,
That looks to thee when danger's near,
And sees the tempter fly:-


5 A spirit still prepar'd,

And arm'd with jealous care,
For ever standing on its guard,
And watching unto prayer.

335. PART II.


WANT a heart to pray,
To pray and never cease,
Never to murmur at thy stay,
Nor wish my sufferings less:-

2 A jealous, just concern
For thy immortal praise;
A pure desire that all may learn,
And glorify thy grace.

336. L. M. Wesley's Coll. Seeking Blessings from Jesus. I fain would walk in thee,

From nature's every path retreat;
Thou art my way, my leader be,
And set upon the rock my feet.
2 Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall,-
O reach me out thy gracious hand!
On thee alone for help I call,
Alone by faith in thee I stand.

3 0 thou, my Saviour, brother, friend,
On whom I cast my every care;
On whom for all things I depend,
Inspire, and then accept my prayer.

337. C. M. Altered. Acknowledgment and Petition.

thee I turn

My anxious longing eyes;

For thou canst all my wants discern,
And grant me rich supplies.

2 O let thy fear within me dwell,
Thy love my footsteps guide;
That love, shall sinful loves expel,
That fear, all fears beside.

3 Since oft. by error's baits allur'd, My blind, my stubborn will, Madly rejects the solid good,

And grasps the tempting ill;

4 Not to my wish, but to my wants,
Do thou thy gifts apply,-
Unask'd, what good thou knowest, grant,
What ill, though ask'd, deny.


338. C. M.
The Request.

FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss
Thy sovereign will
Accepted at thy throne of grace,
Let this petition rise:-

2 'Give me a calm and thankful heart,
From every murmur free;

The blessings of thy grace impart,
'And make me live to thee:

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3 Let the sweet hope that thou art mine, 'My life and death attend; Thy presence through my journey shine, And crown my journey's end.'

339. S. M. Wesley's Coll.
Inability, and Trust in God.
I cannot save,
Myself I cannot keep;
I seek for help in thee alone
Whose eyelids never sleep.

2. To thee, Almighty God,
My soul I dare commend;
For Jesus having lov'd his own,
He loves them to the end.

340. C. M. Wesley's Coll. A Prayer for Purity of Heart.

JESUS, thy all-victorious love
Shed in my

Then shall my feet no longer rove,
Rooted and fixt in God.

20 that it now from heaven may fall,
And all my sins consume!
Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call,
Spirit of burning, come!

3 Refining fire, go through my heart,
Illuminate my soul,

Diffuse thy life through every part,
And purify the whole.

341. C. M. Wesley's Coll. The Image of Christ desired. FOR a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free; A heart that always feels thy blood, So freely spilt for me!


2 A heart resign'd, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer's throne; Where only Christ is heard to speak, Where Jesus reigns alone:

3 An humble, lowly, contrite heart, Believing, true, and clean;

Which neither life nor death can part From him that dwells within:

4 A heart in every thought renew'd,
And full of love divine;
Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of thine

5 Thy tender heart is still the same,
And melts at human woe;
Jesus, I long to know thy name,
And all thy mercy show.

342. C. M.

The Desired Blessing. Prov. xxx. 8.

FATHER, I bow before thy throne,

To thee address my prayer;

Though all my wants to thee are known,
I love to lisp them there.

2 Pure, meek, and patient, may I be,
To thy commands inclin'd;
From every murmur kept for thee,
To all thy will resign'd.


3 Kindly removed from wealth and want,
My simple need supplied:
This blessing, Heavenly Father, grant
And I am satisfied.

343. S. M.


Jesus on the Throne of Grace.
EHOLD the throne of grace!
The promise calls me near;
There Jesus shows a smiling face,
And waits to answer prayer.

2 That rich atoning blood,

Which sprinkled round I see,
Provides for those who come to God,
An all-prevailing plea.

3 My soul, ask what thou wilt,
Thou canst not be too bold;
Since his own blood for thee he spilt,
What else can he withhold?

4 Beyond thy utmost wants,
His love and power can bless;
To praying souls he always grants
More than they can express.

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