370. C. M.
Baptis'd into the Name of the Trinity.

N thy great rame, Supreme of all,
And whilst to nothing here we fall,

O speak, and bid us rise! 2 Thy name makes all creation fear,

The earth, and sea, and skies; And shall not we that name revere,

And in it be baptis'd ? 3 Into thy name, thou God of hosts,

Thou sacred One in Three, Great Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

We would baptised be. 4 Renouncing all our former ways,

Henceforth would live to thee; And O may all our future days To thee devoted be.

371. S. M. Arise, and be baptised, and wash away thy sin A S water purifies,

And makes the filthy clean; So faith the blood of Christ applies,

To cleanse the soul from sin. 2 “Callid from above, I rise

“To wash away my sin;"
With Christ my Lord to be baptis’d,

And prove my love of Him. 3 Henceforth, vain world, adieu,

You have no chorms for me;
Once I was bound in love of you,

But Christ has set me free. { Aspiring to God, I rise

Above your flattering charms;
To heaven I lift my longing eyes,
To Christ extend my arms.


5 Dead be iny heart to all,

To all below the skics;
My Saviour, I obey thy call,
And rise to be baptis’d.

372. C. M.
Grateful obedience in Baptism.
ALMIGHTY. Saviour adidse hou bleed,
And poor become, that rich indeed

I might for ever be ?
2 Didst thou the cross for me sustain,

And bear my sinful load,
In agonizing sweat and pain,

That I might dwell with God? 3 What can I do thy name to praise,

Who died to set me free?
At thy command will be baptis'd,

Through grace, will follow thee. 4 O let thy Spirit be my guide

Through all my future way;
To keep me near thy wounded side,

Nor let me ever stray.

373. S. M.

Following Jesus.
TESUS, thou dying Lamb,

Take all my sins away ;
Thine is the sacrifice I bring,

And thee I would obey. 2 Within thy book I trace

The way that thou dids“ go ; And by thy all-assisting grace,

I will that way pursuie. 3 Baptisd in Jordan's stream,

Was Christ my blessed Lord! O let me ever follow him,

Obedient to his word.

374. C. M.
Motives of Sinners and Saints Different.

HAT shall I do, the sinner cries,
Believe in Christ, the word replies,

And thou shalt be forgiven.
2 The grateful Saint looks upwards too,

And hopes with Christ to be,-
Saviour, he cries, what shall I do,

To prove my love of thee?
3 Come, follow me, the Lord replies,

Into the watery grave;
He that believes, and is baptis'd,

I pledge my word to save. 4 Follow in all that I require;

Obedience is the road,
By which to heaven you should aspire,
By which commune with God.

375. C. M. Why larriest thou ? arise, and be baptised. Acts xxii. 16. B ELIEVING soul, 'why tarriest thou?

· Arise, and be baptised;' Yield 10 the word—10 Jesus bow;

Let pride be sacrific'd.
2 Bury'd in baptism with our God,

We bid the world adieu ;
Rising like him from Jordan's flood,

Begin our lives anew.
3 Ye gilded vanities depart,

With all your flattering charms ;
I clasp

my Saviour to my heart,
He folds me in his arms.
4 0 may thy arms, Almighty Lord,

Support me through the way,
And while I thus thy grace record,

Let siņ be wash'd away.


376. 6. 6. 6. 6. 8. 8. Follow thou me. John xxi. 22. Matt. lii. 13-17. Acts

xxii. 16. tarriest thou ? arise!

· And be baptis'd straightway;'
This institution prize;
O come without delay;
If Jesus has thy sins forgiven,

This is the way that leads to heaven. 2 This is the way he trod,

He bow'd beneath the stream ;
His Father and our God

Did not account it mean;
But loud proclaim'd, “This is my Son,

And I'm well pleas’d with what he's done.' 3 Down from the shining skies,

Descends the peaceful Dove,
To Jesus' head he flies,

His conduct to approve;
Thus Father, Son and Spirit too,

Unite to teach us what to do. 4 How can we then delay,

Since He our glorious head,
To show our feet the way,

Beneath the stream is laid ?
Believing soul, he speaks to thee,
And kindly says, come, follow me.

377. C. M. Rippon's Selection.
The love of Christ constraineth us. 2 Cor. v. 14.
DEAR Lord, and has thy pardoning love

Then kindly bid each cloud remove,

And bless me with thy smile.
2 Hast thou the cross for me endur'd,

And all its shame despis'd ?
And shall I be asham'd, O Lord,

With thee to be bapiis'd ?

3 Didst thou the great example lead,

In Jordan's swelling flood ?
And shall my pride disdain the deed,

That's worthy of my God?
4 Dear Lord, the ardour of thy love

Reproves my cold delays ;
And now my willing footsteps move

In thy delightful ways.

378. L. M. Francis.
Not ashamed of Jesus.

A mortal man ashamed of thee! Ashamed of thee whom angels praise,

Whose glories shine through endless days! 2 Asham'd of Jesus! sooner far

Let evening blush to own a star;
He sheds the beams of light divine,

O’er this benighted soul of mine.
3 Asham'd of Jesus ! that dear friend,

On whom my hopes of heaven depend !
No; when I blush-be this my shame,

That I no more revere his name. 4 Asham'd of Jesus !-yes, I may,

When I've no guilt to wash away,
No tear to wipe, no good to crave,

No fear to quell, no soul to save :
5 Till then—nor is my boasting vain-

Till then I boast a Saviour slain!
And O, may this my glory be,

That Christ is not ashamed of me! 6 His institutions would I prize,

Take up my cross—the shame despise ;
Dare to defend his noble cause,
And yield obedience to his laws.

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