4 But, methinks, a sweeter concert

Makes the crystal arches ring,
And a song is heard in Zion,

Which the angels cannot sing:
Who can paint those sons of glory,

Ransom'd souls that dwell on high,
Who, with golden harps, for ever

Sound redemption through the sky! 5 See the heavenly hosts in rapture

Gazing on this shining band;
Wondering at their costly garments,

And the laurels in their hand :
There, upon the golden pavement,

See the ransom'd march along!
While the splendid courts of glory

Sweetly echo with their song! 6 Here I see the under shepherds,

And their flocks they fed below!
Here, with joy, they dwell together,

Jesus is their shepherd now.
Hail ye happy, happy spirits -

Welcome to the blissful plain
Glory, honor, and salvation,
Reign, sweet Shepherd, ever reign,

159. 11. 8. Rippon's Selection.

Distinguishing grace, Jer. xxxi. 3.
IN praise,

Ye pilgrims, for Zion who press,
Break forth, and extol the great Ancient of days,

His rich and distinguishing grace. His love from eternity fix'd upon you,

Broke forth and discover'd its flame, When each with the cords of his kindness he drew,

And brought you to love his great name. 3 O had he not pitied the state you were in,

Your bosoms his love had ne'er felt,
You all would have liv’d, would have died too, ia

And sunk with the load of your guilt.

4 What was there in you that could merit esteem,

Or give the Creator delight?
Twas even so, Father!' you ever must sing,

• Because it seem'd good in thy sight.' 5 "Twas all of his grace we were brought to obey,

While others are suffer'd to go
The road, which by nature we chose as our way.

Which leads to the regions of woe..
6 Then give all the glory to his holy name,

To him all the glory belongs ;
Be yours the high joy still to sound forth his fame

And crown him in each of your songs.

160. 7's. Rippon's Selection. Adopting grace; or, the privileges of the sons of God.

LESSED are the sons of God;

They are bought with Jesus' blood;
They are ransomed from the grave;
Life eternal they shall have:

With them number'd may we be,

Now and in eternity.
2 God did love them in his Son,

Long before the world begun;
They the seal of this receive,
When in Jesus they believe.
3 They are justify'd by grace,

They enjoy a solid peace;
All ineir sins are wash'd away,

They shall stand in God's great day.
4 They produce the fruits of grace

In the works of righteousness :
Born of God, they hate all sin,

God's pure word remains within:
5 They have fellowship with God,

Through the mediator's blood;
One with God, through Jesus one,
Glory is in them begun:

6 Though they suffer much on earth,

Strangers to the worldling's mirth,
Yet they have an inward joy,

Pleasures which can never cloy: 7 They alone are truly blest

Heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ;
They with love and peace are fill'd;
They are by his spirit seald;

With them number'd may we be,
Now and in eternity.

161. 8. 7. Altered.

Sinners invited to embrace Salvation.

SARK! the jubilee is sounding;
Love and joy, and peace, abounding,

Flow to man through God the Son:
Now we have an invitation

To the meek and lowly Lamb:
Glory, honor, and salvation !

Christ the Lord is come to reign.
Now let each one cease from sinning-

Seek the Lord without delay;
Christ the Saviour is beginning

Sin and guilt to purge away:
Golden moments, we've neglected ;

O, the time we've spent in vain!
But the Saviour long predicted,

Now appears on earth to reign.
3 Happy children, praise your Jesus,

Love and praise him evermore;
Free salvation should constrain us

Praise to sound from shore to shore:
He is worthy to be praised;

He is our exalted King;
Glory, honor, and salvation!

Let the saints for ever sing.

162. Second Part. Sinners invited and encouraged to come to Christ.

, Sinners hear the call and come; Christ in pardoning love abounding,

Now invites the weary home. 2 Though your crimes have reach'd to heaven,

And of deepest die appear-
Ask, and they shall be forgiven,

Seek, and you shall find him near. 3 Cast your load of guilt behind you,

To the Lord for mercy flee,
Though the strongest fetters bind you,

Jesus Christ will make you free:4 Free from hell's eternal prison,

Unbelief's tormenting chain,
Endless woe and dire perdition,

Free from everlasting pain.
5 Broken hearts, with guilt distressed

Yield to Christ without delay,
Poor and needy, lost and wretched,

Come, you need not stay away.
6 Hark! ye blind, the Saviour calls you,

Wait no longer, there is room,
Cast your rags of sin behind you,

Rise, behold, he bids you come. 7 Angels join with saints in heaven,

Sound the praise of his dear name;
Let the world and church forgiven

Eeho back the lofty theme.

163. 8. 7. Altered.

Mourners invited to Christ. VREMBLING mourners, would-be Christians,

Who are seeking Christ the Lord; 'Midst your woes and tribulations,

Hear the gospel's cheering word.


Christ has sent me to invite you

To a rich and costly feast,
Let not shame and pride prevent you,

Come, the rich provision taste.

2 If you have a heart lamenting,

Ånd bemoan your wretched case;
Come to Jesus Christ repenting,

He will grant you pard'ning grace:
If, like Mary, you've been keeping

Seven fiends in your embrace ;
Fly, like her, to Jesus, weeping,

He will bid you go in peace. 3 If your heart is unbelieving,

Doubting Jesus' pard'ning love; Wait before his temple pleading,

Till the Saviour's bowels move. Faith and love, and joy and pleasure,

All are stor'd in Christ the Lord; Heavenly blessings, without measure,

Mourning hearts shall soon record.

4 If, like Peter, you are sinking

In the sea of unbelief;
Wait with patience, constant praying,

Christ will grant you sweet relief:
He will give you grace and glory,-

All your wants shall be supplied Canaan, Canaan lies before you,

Rise and cross the swelling tide.

5 Death shall not destroy your comfort;

Christ shall guide you through the gloom; Down he'll send a heavenly convoy,

To conduct you to his home: There

you 'll spend your days in pleasure, Free from every want and care Come, O come, my blessed Saviour,

Fain my Spirit would be there.

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