2 See springs of water rise,

Fountains flow, rivers run;
The mist below the skies

Hides the sun;
Then down the rain doth pour,
The ocean it doth roar,
And dash against the shore,

All to praise, in their lays,
The God that ne'er declines

His designs. 3 The sun, to my surprise,

Speaks of God as he wies;
The comets in their blaze,

Give him praise :
The shining of the stars,
The moon as it appears,
His sacred name declares:

See them shine, all divine!
The shades in silence prove

God's above. 4 Then let my station be

Here on earth, as I see
The sacred One in Three

All agree:
Through all the world is made,
The forest and the glade;
Nor let me be afraid,

Though I dwell on the hill,
Since nature's works declare

God is there.

39. 8's. Altered.

I will praise thee at all times.
Mhadd mayin thy

holy naine
God, my heart with love inflame,
Aloud in songs of praise rejoice,
While I have breaih 10 raise my voice:

No more let my ungrateful heart,
One moment from thy praise depart;
But live and sing in sweet accord,

The glories of my sovereign Lord. 2 Jesus! thou hope of glory, comé,

And make my heart thy constant home;
Through all the remnant of my days,
O let me speak, and live thy praise !
Incessantly I want to pray;
And live rejoicing every day,
And give thee thanks for every thing,

And sing and shout, and shout and sing. 3 In thine embrace I then would die,

And rise to worlds of endless joy,
Till Christ the Lord in clouds shall come,
And Gabriel's trump shall rend my tomb
Then from the dust of death I'll spring,
And shout, “O death, where is thy sting ?

grave, where is thy victory ?'
I'll shout through all eternity.

40. Anon. Behold what manner of love the Father hath beslowed

on us.

W what wondrous

love is this, HAT wondrous love is this ;-O my soul! &c. That caus'd the Lord of bliss

To bear the dreadful curse, For my soul, &c.
2 When I was sinking down,-Sinking down, &c.

When I was sinking down,
Beneath God's righteous frown,

Christ laid aside his crown, For my soul, &c. 3 Ye winged seraphs fly Bear the news, &c.

Ye winged seraphs fly,
Like comets through the sky,

Fill vast eternity with the news, &c.
4 To God and to the Lamb, I will sing, &a

To God and to the Lamb,

And to the great I AM,

While millions join the theme, I will sing, &e. 5 Come, friends of Zion's King, Join the praise, &c.

Come, friends of Zion's King,
With hearts and voices sing,

And strike each tuneful string in his praise, &c. 6 Thus, while from death we're free, we 'll sing on, &c

Thus, while from death we're free,
We'll sing, and joyful be,

And through eternity we'll sing on, &c.
7 And when to that bright world we arise, &c.

When to that world we go,
Free from all pain and woe,
We'll join the happy throng, and sing on, &c.

41 6. 6. 11. Anon.
Hosanna to the Son of David.
OSANNA! to Jesus,

I'm fill'd with his praises ;
Come, O my dear brethren, and help me to sing'

No theme is so charming,

No love is so warming,
It gives joy and gladness and comfort within.
2 Hosanna! is ringing-

O how I love singing!
There's nothing so sweet as the sound of his name

The angels in glory,

Repeat the glad story
Of Jesus's love which is made known to man.
3 Hosanna! to Jesus,

Who died to redeem us;
I'll serve him, and praise him wherever I go ;-

He's now gone to heaven

The Spirit is given,
To quicken and comfort his people below.

Hosanna! for ever;
His grace, like a river,

Is rising and spreading all over the land;

His love, that's unbounded,

To us is extended, And we'll join lo praise him in one social band. 5

Hosanna! is ringing,

For Christians are singing
The praises of Jesus, and tasting his love;

The sound 's gone to heaven,

The echo is given, It rolls through my soul from the mansions above. 6

Hosanna! to Jesus,

My soul feels him precious,
I'm marching to glory, with bright, royal bands :

Come, O my dear brethren,

Let 's all go to heaven,
For Jesus invites us, with crowns in his hands

Hosanna! to Jesus,
My soul sweeily rises-
I'll soon be transported to yon happy clime,

Where I shall see Jesus,

And dwell in his praises,
And with him in glory eternally shine.

42. 8. 8. 8. 6. Salvation realized in experience.

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Nor saints, nor angels, ever can
Unfold the love of God to man,

The boundless love of Jesus!
On Calvary's scenes I wondering gaze;
And raise to heaven the voice of praise ;
But O how faint are mortal lays

To speak the love of Jesus!
2 The deeds that wondrous grace perforins,

Can ne'er be told by mortal worms;
Assist my song, ye heavenly forms,
To praise the name of Jesus :

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Let heaven and earth the tidings spread,
The Saviour died and left the dead;
For sinful man he groan'd and bled,

And from destruction frees us.
3 How welcome is this blissful sound,

To guilty souls in fetters bound !
'Twas in this state myself I found,

And fear'd Jehovah's ire;
Beneath the sword of justice slain,
And sinking down to endless pain,
Convinc'd I must be born again,

Or burn in quenchless fire.
4 Trembling I fell beneath his eye,

And rais'd to heaven the ardent cry
• O Jesus save-I sink-I die-

O hasten to deliver!
Sweet beams of mercy, love, and

grace, O'erspread his charming, smiling face; My soul receiv'd the kind embrace,

That seals me his for ever.

43. 8. 8. 6. Anon.
Ye must be born again. John iii. 7.
WAK'D by Sinai's awful sound,

My soul in guilt and thrall I found,
And knew not where to go:
O’erwhelm'd in sin, with anguish slain,
The sinner must be born again,

Or sink to endless woe.
2 Amaz'd I stood, but could not tell
Which way to shun the gates of hell,

For death and hell drew near:
I strove, indeed, but strove in vain,
.The sinner must be born again,'

Still sounded in mine ear.
3 When to the law I trembling fled,
It pour'd its curses on my head,

no relief could find;

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