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Connoisseur (The), illustrations, many being coloured, Vol. i.

to xviii., bound in 9 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., presented by the Viscountess Galway, 1901-7, 4to. (1783), April 26, Christie, Red Cross Sale

£3 5s. Conrad (J.) Almayer's Folly, first ed., orig. cl., t.e.g., 1895,

8vo. (151), Feb. 4, Hodgson Dr. McIntosh, £3 ios. Conrad (J.) Lord Jim, first ed., orig. cl., 1900, 8vo. (138), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Hatchards, £2 14s. Conrad (J.) Lord Jim, first ed., orig. cl., uncut, 1900, 8vo. (155), Feb. 4, Hodgson

Maggs, £2 12s. 6d. Conrad (J.) The Nigger of the “Narcissus,” first ed., orig. cl.,

uncut, 1898, 8vo. (215), Jan. 27, Hodgson Maggs, £2 145.

[{2 145., orig. cl., Feb. 4, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 153.] Conrad (J.) The Nigger of the “ Narcissus,” first ed., orig. cl.,

uncut, 1898, 8vo. (92), May 6, Hodgson Maggs, £2 8s. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, á Tale of the Seaboard, first ed., cl.,

clean copy, 1904, 8vo. (402), April 15, Hodgson Maggs, 6s. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, a Tale of the Seaboard, first ed., orig.

cl., 1904, 8vo. (101), May 19, Hodgson Shepherd, ios. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, 1904—The Mirror of the Sea, 1906,

together 2 vol., first eds., orig. cl., 1911, 8vo. (140), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Hatchards, £1 18s. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, 1904—'Twixt Land and Sea Tales,

1912, first eds., together 2 vol., orig. cl., 8vo. (182), April 14, Puttick

Maggs, 145. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, 1904— 'Twixt Land and Sea, 1912—

Chance (1914), first ed., together 3 vol., orig. cl., 8vo. (430), June 3, Puttick

Thorp, 155. Conrad (J.) Nostromo, 1904—Under Western Eyes (1911), first eds., together 2 vol., orig. cl., 8vo. (94), May 6, Hodg

Maggs, 145. Conrad (J.) Outcast of the Islands, first ed., orig. cl., t.e.g., 1896, 8vo. (152), Feb. 4, Hodgson

£3 9s. Conrad (J.) Tales of Unrest, first ed., orig. cl., 1898, 8vo. (137), Dec. 10, Hodgson

£2 3s. [I 35., orig. cl., Jan., 1914.] Conrad (J.) Tales of Unrest, first ed., orig. cl., t.e.g., 1898, 8vo. (154), Feb. 4, Hodgson

H. R. Beagle, £22s. Conrad (J.) Tales of Unrest, first ed., orig. cl., t.e.g., 1898, 8vo. (93), May 6, Hodgson

£2 7s. Conrad (J.) Typhoon, and other Stories, first ed., orig. cl., 1903, 8vo. (139), Dec. 10, Hodgson

Gorfin, £1 Conrad (J.) Typhoon and other Stories, first ed., orig. cl.,

uncut, 1903, 8vo. (100), May 19, Hodgson Shepherd, 155. Conrad (J.). Under Western Eyes, first ed., orig. cl., 1911, 8vo. (235), March 25, Hodgson

Maggs, 75. (os., orig. cl., April 14, 1915, Puttick, Lot 183.] Conrad (J.) Under Western Eyes (1911)-A Set of Six (1908),

first eds., together 2 vol., orig. cl., 8vo. (431), June 3, Puttick

Redway, 16s. Conradin, a Philosophical Ballad, with illustrations by P. A. Mairęt, presented by Mr. C. R. Ashbee, Essex House


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Press, 1908, 4to. (1738), April 26, Christie, Red Cross

6s. Considerations Requiring greater Care for Trade in England,

and some Expedients proposed (with a discussion of

Power at Sea" and its relation to the Balance of Europe ''], S. Crouch, 1695, sm. 4to. (185), May 6, Hodgson

Kashnor, £2 II 18s., a similar copy, same sale, Lot 186.] Constable (David). Sale Catalogue of his Library, priced

throughout, hf. bd., 1828, 8vo. (456), March 1, Dowell 8s. Constant (Valet to Napoleon). Memoirs of Napoleon's Private

Life, trans, by Pinkerton, ports., 4 vol., mor. ex., 1896, 8vo. (486), Oct. 21, Hodgson

Maggs, £2 5s. Constantini Porphyrogeniti Excerpta Historica, ediderunt U.

P. Boissevain, c. de Boor, etc., 4 vol. in 3, hf. mor.,
Berolini, 1903-6, 8vo. (112), July 14, Hodgson

London Library, £i 18s. Contreblason, Le. De faulces amours intitulé le grant blason

damours espitituelles et divines ensemble pareillement. Premierement aussi certain epigramme et servantois d'honneur. Fait et compose a la louenge du treschristien Roy de France Loys de Vallois septiesme de ce nom, printed in Gothic characters, full-page woodcut on verso of title and printers' marks at end, mor., sides ornamented with a Grolieresque design of interlacing fillets and arabesques inlaid in various colours, outlined in gold, doublures of blue levant, covered with a semis " of gilt flowers and fleurs-de-lys, silk end-papers, gilt edges, by Lortic, in morocco slip case, Nouvellement imprimé à Paris : pour Symon Vostre, circa 1512, sm. 8vo. (174), April 6, American Art Association

G. D. Smith, $240 [Fine example and a very rare edition, unknown to Brunet. The Robert Hoe copy, with bookplate.-Cata

logue.] Convivial Songster, being a Select Collection of the Best Songs

in the English Language, Humorous, Satirical, Bacchanalian, etc., with the Music prefixed to each Song, first ed., front. and vignette on title, both engraved by W. Angus, old cf., 1782, 8vo. (24), June 2, Sotheby

Bain, 8s. Convoi Funèbre des Victimes de l'Attentat du 28 Juillet, 1835, folding panorama, mor., oblong 8vo. (394), June 3, Puttick

Blake, 5s. Conway (Sir M.) Great Masters, photogravures, text by Sir

M. Conway, 25 parts, in case, as issued, 1903-4, folio (201),
Dec. 9, Puttick

White, £ 1 4s. Conway (Sir M.) Great Masters, reproductions in photogravure,

text by Sir M. Conway, 25 parts, as issued, in case, 1903-4, folio (267), March 10, Puttick

Rimell, 13s. Conway (Sir M.) Great Masters, reproductions, with text by

Sir M. Conway, 25 parts, in case, as issued, 1903-4, folio (615), July 22, Hodgson

Field, 15s. [7s., buckram, July 27, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 66.]


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I 28.

Cook (Eliza). Melaia, and other Poems, orig. cl., R. J. Wood,

Despatch Office, Fleet Street, London, 1838, 12mo. (76),
June 22, Puttick

£iios Contains frontispiece, The Old Water Mill,” and vignette on the title-page, “Moonlight on Sea by Night,”

both in colours, by George Baxter.--Ed.] Cook (E. T.). The Century Book of Gardening, ed. by E. T.

Cook, illustrations, orig. cl., London, n.d., 8vo. (554),

March 1, Dowell Cook (Jas.) Three Voyages round the World, complete, 8 vol.,

4to., with atlas of plates, hf. cf., imp. folio, together 9 vol., 1773-84 (2044), June 14, Knight

£6 6s. (24 43., the 8 vol. 4to. and three folio atlases, cf., not

quite uniform, June 2, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 216.] Cook (Jas.) Three Voyages round the World, maps and plates, 7 vol., bds., uncut, 1821, 8vo. (248), Feb. 18, Hodgson

G. H. Brown, £2 12s. Cook (Jas.) Three Voyages round the World, map and plates, 7 vol., hf. cf., 1821, 8vo. (264), July 9, Hodgson

Maggs, £2 8s. Cook (Jas.) Three Voyages to the Pacific Ocean, etc., maps,

charts, plates, etc., 8 vol., 1773-85-Forster (G.) Voyage Round the World with Capt. Cook, folding map, etc., 2 vol., 1777, together 10 vol., tree-cf. gt., 1773-85, 4to. (36), July 7, Sotheby

Quaritch, £5 155. Cook (Jas.) Voyage towards the South Pole and round the

World (Second Voyage), port., maps and plates, 2 vol., old cf. (name on titles), 1777, 4to. (695), June 2, Sotheby,

Edwards, £1 Cook (Jas.) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean (Third Voyage), 3

vol., 1776-80, with the folio Atlas of Plates, cf. (bindings defective), 1784, 4to. (278), May 6, Hodgson

G. H. Brown, £2 (£i ios., cf., bindings defective, same sale, Lot 336.] Cook (Jas.) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean (Third Voyage), plates, 3 vol., old cf., 1785, 4to. (472), June 23, Puttick

Allen, 13s. Cook (Jas.) Voyages : Illustrations of the Botany of Capt.

Cook's Voyages, 1768-71, by Sir J. Banks and Dr. Solander, with Determinations by J. Britten, 3 parts in portfolios, 1900-5 (466), May 19, Hodgson

Quaritch. £i ios. Cook (M.) Manner of Raising Ordering and Improving

Forest and Fruit-Trees, also how to Plant, Make and Keep Woods, Walks, Avenues, Lawns, Hedges, etc., diagrams, old cf., Peter Parker, 1676, 4to. (174), Jan. 20, Puttick

Quaritch, £i is. [£I 145., old cf., June 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 251.) Cook (T. A.) Old Provence, illustrations, 2 vol., orig. cl., Rivingtons, 1905, 8vo. (34), Feb. 1, Dowell

85. Cooke (Alex.) Pope Joanæ, a Dialogue betweene a Protestant and a Papist, manifestly proving that a woman called

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Joane was Pope of Rome, cf., J. Haviland, 1625, 4to. (493), July 14, Sotheby

Ellis & Keene, 19s. Cooke (Jno.) Edition of Select Novels, 56 vol.—British Poets,

21 vol., cf., uniform, together 77 vol., 1794, etc., 8vo. (378), March 1o, Puttick

G. H. Brown, £i 16s. Cooke (Robert). Armorie of the Nobilitie, revised by Robert

Glover (Somerset Herald), MS. on paper, height 16} in., about 500 emblazoned coats-of-arms, contemp. cf. gt.,

Abont 1580, folio (533), June 23, Puttick Davis, £475. 6d. (Cooper Jno.)] The Warwickshire Hunt, from 1795 to 1836,

by "Venator,” front. and vignettes, hf. roan, 1837, 8vo. (418), Oct. 28, Puttick

King, £2 Cooper (Jno.) The Warwickshire Hunt, from 1795 to 1836,

describing many of the most splendid Runs, by Venator, front., hf. mor., uncut, 1837-Smith (Thos.) Extracts from the Diary of a Huntsman, plates, cf. ex., 1838– Sporting Anecdotes, including Sketches of Eminent Persons, first ed., cuts by Bewick, hf. mor., 1804, together 3 vol., 8vo. (438), June 21,

Christie Quaritch, £5 1os. Cooper (Rev. Mr.) History of North America, plates, old marbled cf., 1789, 8vo. (934), June 2, Sotheby

Mackenzie, ris. Cooper (T.) Chronicle. See Lanquet (Thos.) Cooper (W. D.) History of Winchelsea, map and plates, orig.

cl., 1850, 8vo. (342), April 15, Hodgson Edwards, 9s. Cope (Sir W. H.) History of the Rifle Brigade (The Prince

Consort's Own), formerly the 95th, maps and plans, 1877 -O’Callaghan (J. C.) History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France, Vol. i., Dublin, 1854, together 2

vol., 8vo. (1019). June 2, Sotheby J. Bumpus, £1 Copinger (W. A.) Incunabula Biblica, or the first half-century

of the Latin Bible, 54 facs., Quaritch, 1892, folio (585), July 14, Sotheby

Lusell, £2 8s. [£2 18s., uncut, Feb. 2, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 976.] Copley (Sir T.) Letters of Sir Thomas Copley to Queen Eliza

beth and her Ministers, ed. by R. C. Christie (limited to 75. copies), Roxburghe Club, 1897, 4to. (552), June 7, Hodgson

£2 Coquillart (Guillaume). Les Euvres maistre Guillaume Coquil

lart en son uiuant official de Reims nouuellement reneues & imprimées a Paris, ruled throughout in red ink, mor., with gilt fioral figures in compartments, and a mosaic design, with red circular inlays, doublures, gt. edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet, small portion of upper margin of title restored, a few underscorings in ink, Paris : pour Galliot du Pré, 1532, small 8vo. (178), April 6, American Art Association

J. F. Drake, $3,250 [This binding was executed in 1874, and is No. 17 in the list of mosaic bookbindings in the Behague Catalogue. The Charles Nodier-La Monnaye-Heber-Robert Hoe copy, with bookplates, stamp, and autograph authentications. In mor. case, with silver clasp.-Catalogue.]

Cordiner (C.) Remarkable Ruins and Romantic Prospects of

North Britain, with Ancient Monuments and Singular Subjects of Natural History, plates, cf., London, 1788-95, 4to. (279), April 14, Puttick

Braun, uis. • Cornucopiae, sive linguae latine comentarii diligentissime

recogniti, limp vell. (an index leaf damaged, few wormholes), Venet · Aldus, 1513, folio (273), March 10, Puttick

Weyhe, jos. Corpus Glossariorum Latinorum, a G. Loewe inchoatum, ed.

G. Goetz, Vol. ii. to vii., hf. mor., t.e.g., Lipsia, 1888-1901, 8vo. (335), July 14, Hodgson

Blackwell, £2 Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum Veterum, ed. F. Linde

mann, 4 vol. in 3, hf. mor., t.e.g., Lipsiæ, 1831-40, 8vo. (336), July 14, Hodgson

Galloway & Porte, 12s. Corpus Inscriptionum Græcarum, auctoritate et impensis

Academiae Litterarum Regiae Borussicae ediderunt A.
Boeckhius, J. Franzius, etc., plates, 4 vol., bds., cl. backs,
Berolini, 1828-77, folio (355), July 14, Hodgson

Salby, £3 175. 6d. Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum ab Academia Inscrip

tionum et Litterarum Humaniorum conditum atque digestum, Part i., Vol. i. and ii., in 8 sections; Part ii., Vol. i., sec. 1-3, Vol. ii., sec. I; Part iv., Vol. i. in 4 sections, and Vol. ii., sec. 1-2, in 18 sections; also the Facsimile Plates to the foregoing in 18 portfolios, together 36 parts, Parisiis,

1881-1914, roy. folio (208), April 9, Hodgson Quaritch, £16 Correggio (A. A.). His Life, Friends and Time, by C. Ricci, illustrations, orig. cl., 1896, folio (665), July 1, Hodgson

Hill, 6s. Correspondance Française, ou Tableau de l’Eurcpe, Nos. i to

118, hf. cf., 1793-4, sm. folio (1543), June 14, Knight £l 155. Corry (Josh.) Observations upon the Windward Coast of

Africa, with Appendix, col. plates, orig. bds., uncut, 1807, 4to. (305). July 27, Sotheby

Carey, £i is. (Corvinus (Ant.)] A Postill or Collection of moste Godly

Doctrine vpon every gospell through the yeare, 2 parts in i vol., black letter, full-page woodcut at opening of part 2 and historiated woodcut initials, cf. (cracked), title and last leaf mounted, and first leaf of preface mended, few old MS. notes, R. Wolfe, 1550, 4to. (406), July 28, Puttick

Sutton, 18s. (Coryat (T.)] Crudities, first ed. (engraved and printed

titles, some leaves and i plate wanting, w.a.f.), hf. bd., 1611, 4to. (195), July 1, Hodgson Quaritch, 42 ios.

[£21, old cf., plates of the Strasburg Clock and Heidelberg Tun backed and mended, pages 1-2 cut down, March

13, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 104.] Coryat (T.) Crudities, reprinted from the edition of 1611,

with his Letters from India, engraved title, port, and plates, 3 vol., mor., tooled sides and back, t.e.g., 1776 (566), July 14, Hodgson

Maggs, £5 5s. [2 16s., cf., Feb. 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 3918.]

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