I 28.

Cosmo III. Travels through England, port. and tinted plates,

orig. bds., 1821, 4to.(217), June 23, Puttick Braun, £1 28. Costumes. Afbeeldingen van de Kleedingen, Zeden en Ge

woonten in Holland, col. plates, bds., Amst. (1811), 4to. (419), Jan. 20, Puttick

Shepherd, 41 9. Costumes. Fashions of London and Paris, col. plates, 3 vol., v.y., 8vo. (148), April 5, Dowell

£5 155. Costumes of Austria, 50 col. plates, with descriptions in Eng

lish and French by Bertrand de Moleville, hf. mor., 1804,

4to. (291), June 24, Hodgson Costumes of Austria, Russia, China and the Punishments of

China, Great Britain, Turkey and the Military Costume of Turkey, together 7 vol., upwards of 350 col. aquatints, contemp. mor. ex., 1800-1818, 4to. (214), June 21, Christie

Maggs, £7 ios. Costumes Belgiques Anciens et Modernes, 124 col. plates after

Madou, with text, Bruxelles, 1830, 4to. (189), Dec. 9,

Maggs, £4 2s. 6d. Costumes du Caucase, 16 col. plates, Paris, n.d., folio (1209). June 2, Sotheby

Spencer, 16s. Costumes of China, 60 col. plates, 1800—Punishments of China,

60 col. plates, 1808-Costumes of Hindostan, 60 col. plates, 1807, together 3 vol., mor., g.e., presented by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald L.aurence, 1800-8, 4to. (1834), April 26, Christie, “ Red Cross Sale

£2 los. Costumes of China, illustrated by 60 col. engravings, with

Explanations in French and English, by George Henry
Mason, 1804--Punishments of China, 22 col. plates, to-
gether 2 vol., mor., g.e., 1804, roy. 4to. (481), Jan. 20,

Braun, £1 45. Costumes Français. Collection des Uniformes des Armées

Françaises 1791 à 1814, 100 col. plates after Vernet and
Lanin-Military Costume of the Turks, with 30 col. plates,
in 1 vol., bds., Paris, 1822London, 1828, 8vo. (119),
June 21, Christie

Davis, £13 Costumes Français, 1240-1820, over 100 col. lithographs, by Delpech, old mor. (c. 1820), 4to. (191), Dec. 9, Puttick

White, £I 125. Costumes. German Military Costume, a collection of 18 col. plates, hf. roan (c. 1840), folio (261), March 10, Puttick

Weyhe, {i nos. Costumes. [Levant.] Recueil de Cent Estampes representant

differentes Nations du Levant, 100 large engravings by Le Hay, hf. mor., Paris, 1714, folio (657), July 1, Hodgson

158. Costumes of the Royal Navy and Marines, 16 col. plates, orig.

printed wrappers, Andrews & Co., n.d., folio (443), July 7, Sotheby

Spencer, £15 Costumes of the Russian Empire, engraved title and 70 (only) col. plates, mor., g.e., 1810, folio (480), Jan. 20, Puttick

fi 12s. [Should be 73 coloured plates, descriptions in English and French. A copy, similar to the above, sold for £1 75.

on Dec. 4, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 525:) Costumes of the Russian Empire, 73 col. plates, including title,

with descriptions in English and French, hf. mor., 1811, folio (460), June 2, Sotheby

Weyhe, 16s. Costumes of the Russian Empire, 70 col. plates (name erased from title), hf. cf., 1811, 4to. (285), July 22, Hodgson

Weyhe, 19s. [55., hf. cf., June 17, 1915, Sotheby, Lot 157.] Costumes. Russian Dress and Manneis, 64 col. plates, mor.

ex., the front cover inlaid with the figure of a Russian merchant in col. leathers, g.e., in case, J. Goodwin, n.d., 8vo. (219), July 22, Hodgson

Roberts, £2 108. Costumes. Russian Military Costume, 70 large col. plates pub

lished by Eckert and Weiss [c. 1825), 4to. (190), Dec. 9, Puttick

White, £2 175. 6d. Costumes. Russian Military Costume, a collection of col.

plates, by Eckert and Monten, in i vol., bds. [c. 1825), folio (531), March 1o, Puttick

Weyhe, £3 7s. 6d. Costumes Suisses. Twenty-nine Col. Lithos of Swiss Costume,

by Haller after F. N. König, hf. mor., 1823, 4to. (294), July 9, Hodgson

43 75. 6d. Costumes Suisses, 40 col. litho-plates by Engelmann after E.

Pingret, in portfolio, 1824-5, sm. folio (154), Jan. 13,

E. Parsons & Sons, £4 ios. Costumes Suisses, 25 col. plates, orig. hf. binding, Lucerne [1827], 24mc. (600), July 1, Hodgson

Rimel.. I Costumes of Turkey. Les Anciens Costumes de l'Empire

Ottoman, par Arif Pacha, 16 col. plates, n.d.---Anciens
Costumes Turcs, par Brindesi, 22 col. plates, together 2

vol., hf. mor., 4to. (491), April 29, Hodgson Weyhe, 175. Costumes of Turkey (Military), col. plates, mor., g.e., 1818, folio (482), Jan. 20, Puttick

Gurney, 145. Costumes (Tyrolese). Erinnerung an Tirol, 35 col. plates of

costume by Czichra (one soiled), in cardboard case, Innsbruck (1829], 8vo. (154), June 24, Hodgson

175. Costumes. Picturesque Representations of the Dress and

Manners of the English, Russians, Austrians, Turks and
Chinese, 274 col. plates, 5 vol., uncut, W. Bulmer & Co.,

1814, roy. 8vo. (166), May 6, Hodgson Halliday, 42 ios. Costumes. Souvenir de Saint Pétersbourg, Costumes Russes, 38 plates, hf. cf., 1825, oblong 4to. (1183), June 14, Knight

£1 55. Cotgrave (R.) Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues,

first ed., woodcut title (margins of a few leaves at each end defective), hf. cf., 1611, folio (94), April 9, Hodgson

Barnard, AI 4S. Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands, col. plates, 4 vol., orig. cl., 1862-5, 8vo. (61), June 3, Puttick

David, 175. ti 16s., Nov. II, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 984; 18s., hf. bd. (worn), May 19, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 510.]

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Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands, col. plates, 4 vol.,

orig. cl., 1863-8, 8vo. (61), July 1, Hodgson Bridger, 16s. Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands, 57 col. plates, 4 vol., orig. cl., 1867, 8vo. (935), July 27, Sotheby

Brunton, £i 25. Couch (J.). Fishes of the British Islands, col. plates, 4 vol., blue cl., 1877, imp. 8vo. (609), July 1, Sotheby

Bridger, ki (128., same state, July 28, 1915, Puttick, Lot 160.] Country Gentleman's Companion (The), by a Country Gentle

man, from his own Experience, 2 vol., cf. (slightly wormed),

1753, 8vo. (615), July 1, Sotheby Gladstone, Ios. Country Life" Library of Sport. Fishing, ed. by Horace

G. Hutchinson, illustrations, 2 vol., 1904---Big Game Shooting, ed. by Horace G. Hutchinson, illustrations, 2 vol., 1905, together 4 vol., 8vo. (623), July 1, Sotheby

Neale, 12s.
Courses de Testes. See Louis XIV.
Court Memoirs. Empress Josephine, 2 vol.—Madame de

Montespan, 2 vol.-Margaret de Valois-The Royal
Family of France, 2 vol.-Court of St. Cloud, 2 vol. -
Louis XV., 2 vol., etc., together 14 vol., orig. cl., Nichols,

1893-5, 8vo. (400), March 4, Hodgson Maggs, £3 6s. Cowper (J. M.) Memorial Inscription of the Cathedral Church

of Canterbury (67 copies privately printed), hf. mor.,

Canterbury, 1897, folio (1406), June 14, Knight 155. [Cowper (W.)? Olney Hymns, first ed., mor., g.e., 1779, 8vo. (452), April 14, Puttick

8s. (16s., mor. gt., g.e., June 30, 1914, Sot eby, Lot 70.) Cowper (W.) Poems, with The Task, John Gilpin, etc., first eds., 2 vol., orig. cf., 1782-85, 8vo. (107), June 23, Puttick

Moss, £275. 6d, [The Task had the half-title. These volumes were originally issued in half marble paper bds., with rough edges. În that state, £11 Ios., Nov. 20, 1899, Sotheby,

Lot 206.] Cowper (W.) Poems, illustrated with engravings by J. Orrin

Smith from drawings by John Gilbert, 2 vol., mor. gt.,

1841, 8vo. (44), April 5, Dowell Cowper (w.) Works, port., 3.vol., mor. gt., g.e., Pickering,

) 1830, 8vo. (258), May 19, Hodgson Cowper (W.) Works and Life, ed. by T. S. Grimshawe, with

an Essay by J. W. Cunningham, 7 vol., cf. gt., 1836, 8vo.

(35), July 1, Sotheby Cox (D.) Lessons on the Art of Landscape Painting in water

colours, plates by David Cox, 7 of which are coloured,

1828, oblong 4to. (286), May 19, Hodgson Myers, 198. Cox (N.) Gentleman's Recreation, first ed., Directions for

Blowing the Horn and 4 folding plates, cf., 1674, 8vo. (78), June 21, Christie

Barnard, £19 Ios. Cox (N.) Gentleman's Recreation, in two parts: Arts and Science-Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fishing, etc.,

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78. 6d.


David, 4s.


first ed., front. and 86 plates, cf., 1686, folio (267), June 21, Christie

Schwardt, £10 Cox (Raymond). Les Soieries d'Art depuis les Origines jusqu'à

nos jours, col. front. and plates, uncut, 1914, 4to. (231), July 27, Sotheby

Tiranti, 14s. Coxe (H. O.) Catalogus Librorum Impressorum Bibliothecæ

Bodleianæ, 4 vol., orig. cl., 1843-57, folio (511), June 7,

De Vries, £i 25. Coxe (W.) Travels in Switzerland, 3rd ed., folding map and

plates, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., cf., 1794, 4to. (475), Jan. 20, Puttick

David, 8s. (Either a very

inferior copy, or the amount realised was inadequate. Last season a copy on small paper, with the folding map and plates in sepia, mor., g.e., realised £2,

Nov. 3, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 203.] Crabbe (G.) Works, with his Letters and Journals and his

Life by his Son, fronts. and engraved titles, 8 vol., cf. gt.,

by Bedford, 1834, 8vo. (36), July 1, Sotheby Shepherd, 75. Craig (John). A Shorte Summe of the Whole Catechisme,

wherein the question is propounded and answered in a fewe wordes, ed. by T. G. Law, hf. mor., gt. top, uncut, 1883--Story. Dr. John Craig, 1512-1600, hf. mor., 1884,

together 2 vol., 8vo. and 4to. (438), March 1, Dowell Crane (W.) The Baby's Own Æsop, 1887—Flora's Feast, 1902,

together 2 vol., 1887-1902 (115), Feb. 1, Dowell 6s, 6d. Crane (W.) Decorative Illustration of Books, one of 130 copies

on Japanese vell. paper, fac. illustrations, vell., 1896, 8vo. (495), July 1, Sotheby

Wooland, ros. Crane (W.) Echoes of Hellas, the Tale of Troy, etc., with the

Music, 82 designs by W. Crane, 2 vol., vell., uncut, t.e.g., 1887, folio (589), July 1, Sotheby

Blackburne, ros. Crane (W.) Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden, col.

illustrations, 1899-A Flower Wedding, col. illustrations, 1905–The Sirens Three, a Poem, illustrations, 1886, to

gether 3 vol., 4to. (555), July 1, Sotheby Wooland, uis. Crane (W.) Floral Fantasy in an Old Kitchen Garden, col.

illustrations, 1899—Flowers from Shakespeare's Garden, col. illustrations, 1906–Pan-Pipes, a Book of Old Songs, col. illustrations, 1883, together 3 vol., 4to. (562), July 1, Sotheby

Thorp, 12s. Crane (W.) Masque of Days, col. illustrations, etc., 1901—

Red Riding Hood's Picture Book, col. illustrations, 1898
-Blue Beard's Picture Book, col. illustrations, n.d.,

together 3 vol., 4to. (556), July 1, Sotheby Nixon, ios. Crane (W.) Mother' Hubbard's Picture Book, col. illustra

tions, n.d.-Goody Two-Shoes' Picture Book, col. illustrations, n.d.--Toy Books (4), col. illustrations, n.d., to

gether 6 vol., 4to. (557), July 1, Sotheby Shepherd, 6s. Crane (W.) Pan-Pipes, a Book of Old Songs, col. illustrations,

n.d.--Walter Crane's Toy Books (9), col. illustrations, n.d., together 10 vol., 4to. (561), July 1, Sotheby

Spencer, 12s.

Crane (W.) Queen Summer, or the Tourney of the Lily and

the Rose, col. illustrations (3 copies), 1891, 4to. (560), July 1, Sotheby

Tiranti, 6s. Crane (w.) Triplets, comprising The Baby's Opera, The

Baby's Bouquet, etc., col. illustrations, hf. vell., uncut,

t.e.g., 1899, 4to. (564), July 1, Sotheby Nixon, 18s. Crane (W.) Walter Crane's Picture Book, col. illustrations,

LARGE PAPER, hf. vell., 1900, oblong 4to. (670), July 1,

8s. Cranmer (T.) Defensio Veræ et Catholicæ Doctrinæ de Sacra

mento et quorundam in hae Causa Frrorum Confutatio,

mor., g.e., 1557, 8vo. (74), April 14, Puttick Bull, £1 25. Crawfurd (O.) Portugal Old and New, maps and illustrations,

orig. cl., with George Meredith ticket, Kegan Paul & Co., 1880, 8vo. (152), Jan. 20, Puttick

Terry, 6s. Crawshay (Rich.) Birds of Tierra del Fuego, one of 300

copies, col. plates by Keulemans and other illustrations, hf. mor., t.e.g., 1907, imp. 8vo. (590), July 1, Sotheby

Quaritch, £i 155 [i 148., hf. mor., t.e.g., Aug. 6, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 220.) Crealock (H. H.) Deer-Stalking in the Highlands of Scotland,

40 full-page plates and numerous illustrations from drawings by the author (wanted the fly-leaf with description of plate vii.), green cl., uncut, t.e.g., 1892, folio (1181), June 2, Sotheby

Rimell, IIS. [£8 10s., green cl., uncut, t.e.g., July 27, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 168; £12 ios., Large Paper, orig. green cl., uncut,

t.e.g., Oct. 22, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 266.) Crealock (H. H.) Deer-Stalking in the Highlands of Scotland,

40 full-page plates and woodcuts, green cl., uncut, 1892, folio (296), Aug. 6, Hodgson

£6 ios. Creeny (W. F.) Facsimiles of Monumental Brasses on the

Continent of Europe, 80 plates, hs. mor., uncut, presented by Mr. W. Cole Plowright, 1884, folio (1835), April 26, Christie, “ Red Cross Sale

(198., orig. cl., with 2 autograph letters of the author

inserted, Nov. 25, 1912, Sotheby, Lot 375.) Creighton (M.) History of the Papacy during the Period of

the Reformation, Library ed., 5 vol., orig. cl., 1882-94, 8vo. (128), June 7, Hodgson

Harding, ļI 175. Creighton (M.) Queen Elizabeth, col. port., front. ană other

illustrations, hf. mor., cl. sides, t.e.g., Boussod, Valadon & Co., 1896, large 4to. (263), Feb. 18, Hodgson

E. W. Lockhart, £3 Ios. [£5, hf. mor., cl. sides, t.e.g., Jan. 15, 1914, Puttick, Lot

191.) Creighton (M.) Queen Elizabeth, port. in col., plates and

illustrations, mor. ex., t.e.g., Boussod, Valadon et Cie., 1896, 4to. (228), July 28, Puttick

Franks, £3 ros. Creuzer (F.) Symbolik und Mythologie, presentation copy to

Raoul Rochette, 4 vol., hf. mor., uncut, Leipzig, 1819-21, 8vo. (499), July 14, Hodgson

Heffer, 7s.


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