design on title and cover by Beardsley, orig. cl., uncut, 1894, 8vo. (403), April 15, Hodgson

Heffer, 8s. 6d. Douce (F.) Illustrations of Shakespeare and of Ancient

Manners, plates and woodcuts, 2 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., 1807, (22), June 7, Hodgson

Blackburn, 12s. Doughty (C. M.) Travels in Arabia Deserta [with Glossary of

Arabic Words], orig. ed., illustrations, with the rare map in pocket, 2 vol., hf. mor., Cambridge, 1888, 8vo. (246), March 31, Hodgson

David, £9 2s.6d. Dowden (E.) Life of Shelley, ports. and illustrations, orig. cl.,

uncut, 1886, 8vo. (60), June 7, Hodgson Dobell, £1

[£1, hf. cf., Oct. 22, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 161.] Downing (C.) History of the Indian Wars, also Transactions

of a Squadron sent to suppress the Pyrates, old cf., 1737, 12mo. (474), June 10, Hodgson

Edwards, gs. Dowson (Ernest). Dilemmas, 1895-Housman (L.) Pains

and Penalties, 1911, together 2 vol., first eds., cl., 8vo. (139), Jan. 20, Puttick

Shepherd, ios. [Doyle J.) Political Sketches, etc., by H. B., plates 1-850

(wanted plate 754), in 17 vol., hf. mor., g.e. - Illustrative Key to the Political Sketches of H. B., from No. I to 800, 2 vol., together 19 vol., 1829-45, folio and 8vo. (227), Oct. 28, Puttick

Ross, £3 155. Doyle (J. E.) Official Baronage of England, from 1066 to

1885, 1,600 illustrations, 3 vol., hf. mor., 1885, 4to. (1313), June 14, Knight

125. 6d. D'Oyly (Sir C.) The European in India, 20 col. plates by

Clark and Dubourg, with descriptions by Capt. T. Williamson, hf. cf., 1813, large 4to. (474), March 18, Ho son

David, £2 35. £2 3s., hf. mor., March 11, 1914, Hodgson, Lot 318.) Drake (F.) Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the

City of York, plates and maps, old cf., 1736, folio (292),
April 29, Hodgson

£2 II 1os., old cf., June 3, 1915, Puttick, Lot 530.] Drake (F.) Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the

City of York, plates, cf. gt., 1736, folio (1065), April 5,

£i 175. Drake (Sir W. R.) Catalogue of the Etched Works of Sey

mour Haden, presentation copy from the artist, 1880, and Supplement, 1903, together 2 vol., orig. cl. (168), March 31, Hodgson

Quaritch, £ 1 ios. Dramata Sacra, Comædiæ atque Tragediæ aliquot e Veteri

Testamento desumptæ, etc., 2 vol., French mor. gt., g.e.,
Basiliae, 1547, sm. 8vo. (862), July 27, Sotheby

Davis & Orioli, £1 8s. [£3 ios., mor., g.e., Nov. 24, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 202.] Dramatists of the Restoration, a complete set, comprising

Davenant, 5 vol. ; Crowne, 4 vol.; Cokain, Tatham, Marmion, Lacy and Wilson, together 14 vol., orig. cl., 1872-9, 8vo. (190), Dec. 10, Hodgson Mayhew, £3 ios. (£4 25. 6d., orig. cl., Nov., 1913.)

Dramatists. English Dramatists, ed. by A. H. Bullen-Mar

lowe, 3 vol., 1885–Middleton, port., 8 vol., 1885-Marston, 3 vol., 1887-Peele, 2 vol., 1888, complete set, together 16 vol., orig. cl., uncut, 1885-88, 8vo. (113), May 28, Hodgson

Heffer, £8 25. 6d. Dramatists. Mermaid Series of Old Dramatists, thin paper

ed., fronts., 27 vol., orig. cl., t.e.g., n.d., fcap. 8vo. (203), May 28, Hodgson

Beazley, £i 145. Drawings from the Italian Masters in the British Museum,

reproduced in autotype, with note by J. Comyns Carr, 1877- Photographs of Indian Art Work, and others, presented by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Laurence, together

4 vol., folio (1837), April 26, Christie, “Red Cross Sale” £1 Drayton (M.) Battaile of Agincourt, first ed., port. (mounted), modern cf., t.e.g., 1627, folio (575), Oct. 28, Puttick

Murray, 13 Drayton (M.) Poly-Olbion, or a Chorographicall Descrip

tion of Tracts, Rivers, Mountaines, Forests and other Parts of this renowned Isle of Great Britaine, 2 parts in i vol., engraved title and poems, printed titles and maps mounted, port. of Prince Henry, cf., not subject to return, 1613-22, sm. folio (135), July 7, Sotheby Palev, £2 12s.

[£20, mor. ex., July 15, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 523; £10,

mor., g.e., Feb. 25, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 3999.] Drayton (M.) Poems,

from the earliest and rarest eds., ed. by J. Payne Collier, Roxburghe Club, 1856, 4to. (536), June 7. Hodgson

Quaritch, I 16s. Dresser (H. E.) History of the Birds of Europe, including all

the Species inhabiting the Western Palæarctic Region, hand-col. plates, 8 vol., 1871-81, with the Supplement, forming Vol. ix., 1895-6, together 9 vol., mor. ex., t.e.g.,

1871-96, roy. 4to. (681), June 24, 1914, Hodgson £42 Dresser (H. E.) [History of the Birds of Europe), 304 col.

plates, by J. G. Keulemans, bd. in 3 vol., hf. mor., t.e.g., 4to. (287), July 22, Hodgson

Edwards, £2 145. Drummond (H.) Histories of Noble British Families, with

Biographical Notices of the most distinguished individuals in each, ports. in colours, and other plates and text illustrations, 2 vol., hf. mor., g.t., 1846, roy. folio (445), July 7. Sotheby

Quaritch, £12 [£14 ios., hf. mor., g.e., Oct. 15, 1913, Sotheby, Lot

584.) Drummond (W., of Hawthornden). Works, consisting of

those which were formerly printed and those which were designed for the Press, published from the Author's original copies, 6 ports., cf., Edinburgh, 1711, folio (557), Feb. 1, Dowell

[£1 ios., old cf., with inscription in the hand of Robert Mylne, ex dono Geo. Drummond,” Nov. II, 1912,

Sotheby, Lot 204.] Dryden (J.) Fables ancient and modern, first ed., autograph

£5 5s.

of Mary O'Brien and T. Y. Gould on title, old cf., 1700, folio (592), July 14, Sotheby

Crawshaw, 5s. (1os., old cf., with the rare Table with pagination 565-6 (repeated in half title of the Knight's Tale) at end, Nov.

II, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 364.] Dryden (J.) Fables, Bensley's ed., printed in large type,

illustrated with engravings by Bartolozzi, from the pencil of Lady Diana Beauclerc, cf. gt., 1797, and others, together 5 vol., folio (1210), June 14, Knight

£1 6s. [£3 75. 6d., mor. gt., April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 199.] Dryden (J.) The Hind and the Panther, a Poem, 1687—The

Hind and the Panther transvers'd to the Story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse, first ed., 1687—The Revolter, a Tragi-Comedy, acted between Hind and Panther and Religio Laici, first ed., 1687—The New Atlantis, a Poem in three books, with some Reflections upon the Hind and the Panther, first ed., in i vol., old vell., 4to. (236), June 2, Sotheby

Lampson, £1 Dryden (J.) Works, first collected ed. (comprising a Collec

tion of eds. of various dates, with a general title-page), 3 vol., cf. (Vol. ii. wanted title), 1695, 4to. (1590), June 14, Knight

£l 18s. Dryden (J.) [Works.] Comedies, Tragedies and Operas, now

first collected together and corrected from the Originals, port. after Kneller, 2 vol., old cf., Tonson, 1701, folio (472), May 19, Hodgson

Pickering & Chatto, 16s. Dryden (J.) Works, illustrated with Notes and a Life of

the Author by W. Scott, port., 18 vol., russ. gt., g.e., by C. Hering, with arms on es, 1808, vo. (49), July 1, Sotheby

G. H. Brown, £4 [4 12s. 6d., cf. gt., April 6, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 35.) Dryden (J.) Works, by Sir Walter Scott, Scott's second ed.,

port., 18 vol., polished cf., g.e., fine set, 1821, 8vo. (163), Oct. 21, Hodgson

Maggs, £5 55. (Usually called the best edition by Scott, but a reprint of his prior edition of 1808 There are large paper copies (roy. 8vo.) of the edition of 1808, but not of that of 1821.

ED.] Dryden (J.) Works, by Sir Walter Scott, port., 18 vol., cf.

(re-backed and some joints cracked), 1821, 8vo. (60), June 10, Hodgson

Edwards, £2 ios. Du Bartas (G. S.) Divine Weekes and Workes, trans. by J.

Sylvester, engraved title by W. Hole and port., mor. gt., g.e., n.d. (1613), sm. 4to. (141), July 7, Sotheby

Tregaskis, £i is. [11s., cf., afterwards returned as being imperfect, July 22, 1915, Hodgson, Lot 494.] Du Boys (A.) Histoire du Droit Criminel, 7 vol., hf. cf., Paris, 1845-74 (427), July 1, Hodgson

6s. Du Cange (C. D.) Glossarium Mediæ et Infimæ Latinitatis,

3 vol., cf., arms of L. C. Voisin de St. Paul on sides, Lutetiæ, 1678, folio (288), July 14, Hodgson

[ocr errors]

Du Chaillu (P. B.) The Viking Age, illustrations and map,

2 vol., orig. cl., 1889, 8vo. (657), March 1, Dowell 198.

[£I 28., Oct. 15, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 43.] Duchesne (J.) See Museum of Painting and Sculpture Du Fail (Noel). Les Contes et Discours d'Eutrapel, par Noel

Du Fail, Seigneur de la Herissaye, 2 vol., contemp. mor. gt., arms of Louis XV., 1732, 8vo. (272), March 25, Hodgson

Davis & Orioli, £2 4s. Dufour (P.) Histoire de la Prostitution, plates, 8 vol., hf. cf.,

Brux., 1861, 8vo. (589), July 1, Hodgson F. Hanna, ros. Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, first ed., ports.

and plates by W. Hollar, mor. gt., g.e., by F. Bedford, fine copy, from the Huth library (421), in case, T. Warren, 1656, folio (143), July 7, Sotheby Quaritch, 114

[Formerly in the possession of Elias Ashmole, with autograph inscription of Dugdale on the title, “ Ex dono Authoris 4o Dec., 1656.” A later owner has written, “Ex dono Eliae Ashmole Armi Mar. 8°, 1681/2.” The proceeds of the sale of this book were presented to the Red Cross

Society.- Catalogue.] Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, first ed., port.,

maps and plates by Hollar, etc. (wanted the map of Warwickshire, Views of Kenilworth Castle, etc., therefore sold not subject to return), old cf., with the arms of James II., Duke of Ormonde, on sides, 1656, folio (530), March 18, Hodgson

13 Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, port., plates and

illustrations, some partly col., old cf. (re-backed), 1656, folio (763), June 2, Sotheby

J. Wilson, £2 Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, second ed., re

vised by Wm. Thomas, port., plates, 2 vol., old cf., 1730, folio (770), June 2, Sotheby

J. Wilson, £7 Ios. Dugdale (W.) History of Imbanking and Draining, first ed.,

folded plans, old cf. (defective), Printed by Alice Warren, 1662, folio (290), June 10, Hodgson David, £i 4s.

[£i 8s., mor. ex., Feb. 2, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 1029.] Dugdale (W.) History of St. Paul's Cathedral, first ed., port.

and plates by Hollar (2 plates shaved), new panelled cf. gt., g.e., Printed by Tho. Warren, 1658, folio (302), Feb. 18, Hodgson

42 [£2, old russ., g.e., Feb. 2, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 1028.] Dugdale (W.) History of St. Paul's Cathedral, second ed.,

port. and plates chiefly after Hollar, old cf., 1716, folio (311), April 14, Puttick

Barnard, gs. Dugdale (W.) Monasticon Anglicanum (abridged in English),

LARGE PAPER, engraved title, plates, 3 parts in 1 vol., old

cf., 1718-22, folio (767), June 2, Sotheby Thorp, 16s. Dugdale (W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, ed. by Caley, Ellis

and Bandinel, plates, 6 vol. in 8, hf. mor., t.e.g., 1817-30, folio (273), June 23, Puttick

Quaritch, £13 [Duillier (N. F. de).] Fruit-Walls Improved by inclining them to the Horizon, plates, cf., 1699, sm. 4to. (352), March 18, Hodgson

Dobell, 18s. Dulwich Gallery. A Series (Nos. I to 12) of Coloured Plates

after Paintings in the Dulwich Gallery, mor., g.e., R. Cockburn, Dulrich, 1820, 4to. (454), Jan. 20, Puttick

Spink, £ I 125. £i 8s., mor., g.e., Jan. 29, 1914, Puttick, Lot 464 ; £5, 50 col. plates, mounted on rardboard, in portfolic, June 10,

1914, Sotheby, Lot 1053.] Dulwich Gallery. Fifty Reproductions of Celebrated Pictures

by R. Cockburn, col., hf. mor., loose (not subject to return),

n.d., imp. folio (314), July 27, Sotheby Edwards, £3 35. Dumas (A.) Bouts Rimés, first ed., orig. wrappers, uncut, 1865, 8vo. (35), June 17, Sotheby

Castlemain, £1 Dumas (A.) Celebrated Crimes, trans. by I. G. Burnham,

Library ed., photogravures after De Los Rios, Prodhomme, etc., 8 vol., buckram, H. S. Nichols, 1895, 8vo. (55), May 19, Hodgson

£1 145. [£2 58., same state, Oct. 22, 1913, Sotheby, Lot 166.] Dumas (A.) Celebrated Crimes, trans. by Burnham, Library

ed., illustrations after De Los Rios, Wagrez, etc., 8 vol., buckram (not clean copy), H. S. Nichols, 1895, 8vo. (428), July 1, Hodgson

Edwards, £1 12s. Dumas (A.) Olympe de Clèves, first ed., 2 vol., orig, wrappers, entirely uncut, 1852, 8vo. (34), June 17, Sotheby

Castlemain, 175. Dumas (A.) Les Stuarts, first ed., 2 vol., orig. wrappers, entirely uncut, Paris, 1840, 8vo. (33), June 17, Sotheby

Castlemain, 195, Dumas (A.) Question du Divorce, orig. wrappers, enclosed

in bds., entirely uncut, presentation copy to Monsieur Chesneau, with signed inscription in the author's autograph, Paris, 1880, 8vo. (36), June 17, Sotheby

Castlemain, 178. Dumont (J.) and Rousset (J.) Corps Universel Diplomatique

du Droit des Gens, with Supplement, 21 vol., çf., 1726-39, folio (1211), June 14, Knight

£2 5s. Duncon (Jno.) Holy Life and Death of the Lady Letice,

Countess Falkland, port. by Marshall, cf., g.e., 1653, 8vo. (120) June 23, Puttick

Dobell, 6s. Duns Scotus (J.) Scriptum in primum Sententiarum, gothic

letter, double columns, with paragraph headings of a large type, initial letters painted by hand, the first page illuminated with port. of a saint, etc., orig. parchment, Venet., Vindelin de Spira, 1472, folio (1702), June 14, Knight

$10 ros. Du Pratz (Le Page). Histoire de la Louisiane, maps, plates of

native customs, etc., 3 vol., cf., 1758, 8vo. (122), Dec. 9, Puttick

Thomas, £2 12s. 6d. Du Pratz (Le Page). History of Louisiana, 2 maps, 2 vol. in 1,

orig. cf., 1763, 8vo. (395), Jan. 20, Puttick Stevens, £3 3s. [43 16s., orig. cf., March 30, 1914, Sotheby, Lot 220.]

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